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460 Rowland

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by antimatter, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. antimatter


    Apr 9, 2009
    N KY
    I've been thinking about another Glock, and while I am a fan of 9mm for a lot of practical reasons, sometimes you want more bang. My first thought was 10mm, but doing ssome research it seems the 460 might be the ticket. So I started thinking about a G30 to slap the conversion onto. That way I could play around with 45acp, or get a10mm barrel and have that option.

    But then I saw someone talking about Glock lowers somewhere in another forum. I believe the 460 upper will chamber and fire 45ACP with no problem. Since I have to buy a new upper to get 460, would buying a G30 lower rather than a complete pistol work? It would save about $300.
  2. AKRover

    AKRover 10MM Fanatic

    Jun 22, 2012
    Kenai, Alaska
    The 460 Rowland will chamber 45 ACP, 45 Super and 460 Rowland. The 460 Rowland case is about 1/16" longer than 45 ACP or 45 Super to prevent it from being chambered in standard 45 ACP guns that can't handle the pressure. The overall length of all three cartridges is the same.

    What are you going to use the gun for?

    To convert a G30 to 460 Rowland it should be a matter of barrel, recoil spring and possibly a compensator if your barrel isn't ported. Shouldn't need to replace the entire upper to do the conversion, from what I've read. If you we're converting a G20 or 29 you would need a new upper due to the smaller breech face for the 10mm.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2012

  3. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    The 460 Rowland has a longer case than does the .45 ACP, but roughly the same OAL. I'm not saying it will not chamber a .45 ACP, but that would be like a 10mm chambering a .40...yes you can do it, but probably shouldn't.

    Now the .45 Super has the exact same dimensions as the .45 ACP and it will, obviously, chamber .45 ACP since they're externally the same size. The .45 Super has, IMHO, better ballistics than the 10mm. The 460 I think requires a 460 barrel and probably a compensator. The .45 Super you can just use an aftermarket .45 ACP barrel (I use KKM) that has better chamber support.