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.460 Rowland kit in Glock 21, load data and chronograph results?

Discussion in 'The 21 Club' started by 21Glock, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking of converting my Gen 3 21 or Gen 4 21 that I'll get in Jan.2013 to a .460 Rowland. Anyone have load data that they have used in their 21 converted to .460 Rowland and chronograph results for185gr- 230gr. bullets?
    I have used .45 Supers in my Gen3 21(properly set-up, of course) before and wonder if there is that much increase in power going to the .460 Rowland over a .45 Super? I know the operating pressures are a good bit more in the .460 over the .45 Super.

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  2. WeeWilly


    Nov 12, 2011
    200 fps for the 230gr pills (300fps the way I have been loading 230's in my 45Super/G21SF package).

    I am going to give the kit a try as well.
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  3. That's impressive! I talked with Thomas, Johnny's partner and manager yesterday. I like the fact that I can shoot .45 ACP, .45 Super and .460 Rowland from the same set up.

    There is a guy with a new video on You Tube who tests the kit in his G21 with various .460 factory ammo. Type in Glock 21 in 460 Rowland. His You Tube name is Mr. Redbull. He chronyed the 185gr. .460 at 1500 fps, 230 1360-1375fps from Underwood ammo.
    What surprised me most was how effective the comp was on his gun. Recoil very manageable for a gun with .44 Mag. ballistics. It looks like the ultimate woods carry gun. More potent than the 10mm and .45 Super for sure.
    I would like to get some load data when I get my kit so I can duplicate the velocity of the Underwood ammo or at least get close enough.
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  4. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    It's faster than the Super, but by how much seems to vary. What I'm seeing is:

    185gr JHP between 1500-1550 fps
    200gr JHP between 1400-1450 fps
    230gr JHP between 1300-1350 fps
    260gr JHP around 1150 fps

    I've not messed with it myself, but in my .45 Super setup, a Gen4 G21 w/ 4 port KKM barrel (5" barrel), I'm getting:

    185 gr JHP - ?? I haven't tried any, but don't see 1450fps as being a problem, since...
    200gr JHP @ 1375 fps
    230gr JHP @ 1200 fps
    255gr WFN @ 1150 fps

    I have chronographed all my .45 Super loads. I know that the 460 Rowland offers a little bit more, but I always keep this in mind:

    The .45 Super is throwing .45 ACP bullets quite a bit faster than the .45 ACP can. In a way this is good, but then again, you end up pushing a bullet faster than it's designed to operate. .357 Mag has bullets specifically designed for the extra velocity over the 38 Special. 357 Sig has bullets that are specifically designed for the extra velocity over the 9mm. This isn't the case with the .460 Rowland/.45 Super and the .45 ACP bullets they use (or 10mm vs. .40!). Granted, you can use some .45 cal revolver bullets in the Rowland/Super, but there aren't tons of options there.

    So...since a 185gr .45 JHP will work well at ~1100 fps, it has poor sectional density. Drive that bullet 350-450 fps faster and it will act like a grenade and give poor penetration. It's my belief that all .45 ACP JHP bullets work their best at under 1200 fps. That's just my .02, however, but it is fun to mess around with the .45 Super, and I'm sure the 460 Rowland too.
  5. Yes, I agree on the bullets for sure. The factory .460 ammo is using some Nosler bonded HP bullets from what I understand. the .45 revolver bullets might be an option as well. I think this round is just now coming into it's own and more bullets and ammo designed for it will be coming out soon.