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.45 Super for Deer hunting, experiences?

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by 21Glock, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. I have a Glock 21SF I have outfitted to shoot .45 Super rounds(22lb. recoil spring, SS guide rod and 6" Lone Wolf barrel, .45 Super brass)

    I plan on using it this Fall for Georgia Whitetails.

    Anyone out there used this round for deer hunting and how did it perform on the deer taken?

  2. Never used a 45super, but use the older thing called a 45colt :cool: And both are about equal if you look at the looker in of the 45colt and non 45colt Ruger-only loads.

    If it was loaded within a respectable power range and w/ a bullet 220-280 grains, then I would say it would be a good round for WT-deer. I would wonder how accurate this round would be in auto vrs a revolver.

    About 5-6 years back, I individual in this forum name "ban" something had posted some load data with using 260+ grain .453dia bullets in the super with good published results. I have some of his load data that he drafted up when I briefly had a SS aftermarket bbl and a glock 21.

  3. Thanks. I have heard about the 230-260gr. .45 cast slugs going around 950-1100fps having good effects on deer size game. I imagine my Glock 21SF with a 6" barrel and the .45 Super loads would give fairly hot .45 Long Colt performance at ranges 50yds. and under.
    I was wondering what were the real world experiences that someone might have had with this load. I know the 10mm is an effective round on deer, so the .45 Super, should be just as good or better, considering it throws a bigger and heavier slug at about the same velocities.
  4. Get out and try it out and report back.

    If you can search on ban login name, he was taking the right direction with developing the 45super in a super performing round.

    I don't think it has caught on the handgun hunting crowd & reports would be sparse if any for real life results, due to stiff competition against the 45colt , 45colt ruger-only loads and 44magnum. Then factor in the new magnums that have came up ( 460 and 500mag )
  5. I also have no experience with the .45 super but have used heavy loaded .45 colt in the TC Contender and Ruger Blackhawk.

    From what I can see of .45 super handloads compared to my old loads the .45 super is running about 50-100 fps slower. But, it still should work fine on smaller eastern deer inside 100 yards.