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45 Super Chrono Data G30/G21C

Discussion in 'The Big Dawgs Club' started by turbonatr, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I got my 300gr hardcasts in the mail the other day and got a chance to run a few this afternoon. Weather hasn't been too great, but I did get a short break to get out there and run a few of the 300gr loads and a few 275gr loads as well.

    Here's the data I got today:

    275gr Hunters Supply hardcast, 9.8gr 800x @ 1.260": 1,183 fps (17 fps ES!) 855 ft-lbs!!

    300gr LFNGC, 9.8gr VV 3N38 @ 1.280": 1,056 fps (6 fps ES!)

    300gr LFNGC, 8.5gr Longshot @ 1.280": 1,071 fps (13 fps ES!)

    300gr LFNGC, 9.0gr 800x @ 1.280": 1,077 fps (6 fps ES!)

    300gr LFNGC, 9.3gr 800x @ 1.270": 1,125 fps (8 fps ES!) 843 ft-lbs!!

    Glock 21 Gen4 w/KKM 4 port barrel (5") was used along with a 24lb RSA. New Starline brass and CCI LP primers.

    There ya have it. I'm not done with it by no means, but this is today's data. 3N38 was purely off the top of my head as I had no idea where to start with it. I feel it has more potential in the Super, but I needed a base line of where to start and I've got it.

    I wasn't really expecting much to be honest, but I was surprised at some of the numbers I got. 800x really shined today, which is kind of funny since I've not messed with but on two prior occasions in the Super and didn't expect what I got out of it today.

    I didn't really think I'd see 1,100 fps, but I did and I have to say I'm happy that I actually surpassed that with 1,125 fps today. Brass looked good, a tad bit of extractor rash on the case rim, but not much. No bulging in the excellent KKM barrel.

    I don't want to leave out mentioning the 275gr load. I another load idea in mind for it, but getting near 1,200 fps with a 275 bullet is almost unreal, really.

    What about recoil? Yeah there is recoil no doubt. Going from shooting some 230gr @ 870 fps to a 275/300gr load above is noticeable. When you shoot the heavier bullets, the recoil gets noticeably more pushy. No function issues however!

    800x got my attention today, and now I already have some 255gr Beartooth WFNPB hardcasts loaded up ready to go as well as some 250gr XTPs, just to see what 800x has to say about these. If the weather permits I hope to run some tomorrow, Lord willing.

    Here is a picture of the bullet (middle) by itself, loaded in .45 Super brass and compared to a 200gr WFNGC 10mm bullet...

  2. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I'm sorry I never saw this until now... but yes it can handle 1200 fps. Hornady claims it's good for roughly 1500 fps, and I've pushed it close to that out of the .45 Colt with no issues.

  3. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I would like to add a few more, got a chance to play with 800x and some 250/255gr bullets today. So I brought out the Chrony, put it on the tripod, leveled it all up and ran some test loads to make sure it's reading correctly. I'm pleased...

    Gen4 G21 w/KKM 4 port compensated barrel and 24lb RSA. New Starline .45 Super brass and CCI LP primers.

    250gr Hornady XTP, 10.8gr 800X @ 1.190": 1,256 fps (6 fps ES!) 876 ft-lbs!

    255gr Beartooth WFNPB, 10.8gr 800x @ 1.170": 1,261 fps (5 fps ES!) 900 ft-lbs!

    I never did mess with 800x much prior and now I wish I had! Over the past few days it's been very consistent and has turned the .45 Super into quite the powerhouse. The beautiful thing is, not only are the energy numbers high, but the bullets are heavy.

    This is .44 Magnum class performance. I'm not saying it's the equal of it because it isn't, but what I'm saying is, Remington, Federal and Winchester all offer .44 Magnum 240-250gr loads that are slower than my 250gr loads and with less energy than all 3 of my heavy .45 Supers (250-255gr/275gr/300gr). Hornady offers a 300gr .44 that lists 1150 fps (as does Federal), and I'm getting 1125 fps with a 300gr .452" from my .45 Super. Not better than the .44, but in the same general class for sure.

    Brass looked good and the KKM comped barrel helped I'm sure, and even still recoil was there. I'm thinking if I could own one Glock, what would it be? My G21 would be it, it does everything very well, from target .45's, the ability to shoot all the good JHP defense bullets, and then I can take it out and let it roar with the .45 Super.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2013
  4. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    Few more, too nice out today to not shoot a little :)

    Gen4 G21 with KKM 4 port compensated barrel (5" bbl), using stock Gen4 RSA. Shooting through a Chrony F1 tripod mounted and leveled up. Distance approx 10'. Temperature around 65-68 degrees, very low humidity.

    I want to note that in comparing it to a 24lb Gen3 RSA, the stock Gen4 RSA unit felt like it offered more resistance.

    DO NOT USE IN STOCK GLOCK BARREL!! My KKM barrel has fantastic case support, the stock Glock barrel doesn't.
    230gr Hornady XTP, 10.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.240": 1,201 fps (7 fps ES!)

    250gr Speer Gold Dot, 9.8gr 800x @ 1.215": 1,164 fps (16 fps ES) That's 752 ft-lbs

    250gr Hornady XTP, 11.0gr 800x @ 1.190": 1,266 fps (5 fps ES!) That's 890 ft-lbs

    255gr Beartooth WFNPB, 11.0gr 800x @ 1.170": 1,273 fps (11 fps ES) That's 917 ft-lbs

    Brass looked fine on all loads, and all loads were very consistent. I wanted to keep the 230gr XTP and 250gr Gold Dot at or south of 1,200 fps. I feel that any more than that is too fast for these bullets. I could use a little more in the 250gr Gold Dot, but it does very well at the above velocity so it's no big deal. 10gr would likely get around 1175-1180 or so, roughly.

    Recoil is there with the 250gr XTP and 255gr WFNPB load, but the comp helps out a lot I'm sure. Hardcasts soot up the muzzle quicker than the jacketed loads, but that's expected.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2013
  5. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I got around to playing with some of the 185gr XTP's I had bought not too long ago. In general, I don't really care too much about light for caliber bullets, but then again, sometimes it's just fun to play around. I've now got all three .45 ACP designed XTP's, the 185gr, the 200gr and the 230gr.

    The hollow cavities on them are all a little different, basically the 185gr is the most shallow of the three, and the 230gr is the deepest of the three. As you might expect, the 200gr is kind of in the middle, but all three are different. Hornady also rates the 185gr .45 XTP as being as tough as their 180gr .40 XTP, they claim both are good for 1450 fps.

    I didn't just load up XTPs, but I also didn't have any 800x data for any of the XTPs, something I wanted to change. The only three powders I used today were Power Pistol and Longshot, but mainly 800x. Same setup as always, Gen4 Glock 21 with KKM 4 port compensated barrel, using stock RSA.

    All brass is new Starline brass primed with CCI LP primers. Temperature around 80 degrees and relatively humid. Because there isn't much data for the .45 Super, let alone "warm" .45 Super, here's the deal: ONLY USE IN GUNS PROPERLY SETUP TO HANDLE WARM .45 SUPER. Also, drop the loads a little bit and work up to them in your gun since your setup is likely different from mine. Velocities listed are averages.

    185gr XTP, 12.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.240": 1,420 fps

    200gr XTP, 11.5gr Longshot @ 1.250": 1,393 fps

    I'll get around to trying out some Longshot with 185gr, and for what it's worth the same amount of Longshot has always given higher velocity than Power Pistol in the Super, though PP is usually a bit more consistent.

    Next are some 800x loads.

    185gr XTP, 15.0gr 800x @ 1.260": 1,568 fps (1,010 ft-lbs)

    200gr XTP, 14.0gr 800x @ 1.260": 1,455 fps (940 ft-lbs)

    230gr XTP, 12.0gr 800x @ 1.250': 1,298 fps (860 ft-lbs)

    275gr Hunters Supply, 10.5gr 800x @ 1.270": 1,190 fps (865 ft-lbs)

    300gr Beartooth LFNGC, 9.8gr 800x @ 1.270": 1,147 fps (876 ft-lbs)

    All of the 800x loads were very consistent, the 185, 230, and 275gr loads had single digit extreme spreads. A few notes about the loads, with the 200gr XTP, 13.8gr averaged faster (1470 fps) but wasn't consistent at all, with an ES of over 60 fps. I could have got more out of the 230gr XTP, but 1300 fps is plenty fast for a bullet Hornady rates for up to 1250 fps.

    I didn't run any 250/255gr loads, mainly because I'm pleased with them running ~1,270 fps/900 ft-lbs, and trying to squeeze out a few more fps won't make any difference in performance.

    I don't know really what purpose a 185gr JHP at 1570 fps serves, but it was fun to shoot...and loud.
  6. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    Gen4 Glock 21 w/KKM 4 port barrel (5")

    1x Starline .45 Super brass, CCI LP primers

    255gr Beartooth WFNPB, 9.5gr Longshot @ 1.170": 1,189 fps avg (20 fps ES).

    Notes: nicely accurate with moderate recoil.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2013
  7. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    Most of the current data is from the 5" KKM, but I do have a little bit from a 4.6" KKM G21 barrel, the one I used before I went to a comped KKM barrel.

    All loads use new Starline brass and CCI LP primers. I didn't record the temp every time I chronographed a load, but most were done between 70-90 degrees, although some were done in cooler weather.

    Important to note that this is my own personal data and has shot well in my setup, but do not ever drop these in a regular Glock barrel and assume they're safe. The stock Glock .45 barrel has poor chamber support which is why I use KKM barrels for their superior case support.

    It's always a good idea drop by 10% and work up from there. Although some of these loads are hot, they're not all maximum loads either, so in some cases there is still room for improvement.

    .45 Super
    New Starline brass and CCI LP
    (unless otherwise noted)

    (G21sf w/KKM 4.6" bbl)


    230gr FMJ, 8.5gr Longshot @ 1.240": 1,025 fps
    230gr FMJ, 9.0gr Longshot @ 1.240": 1,068 fps

    Power Pistol:

    200gr Speer TMJ, 10.5gr Power Pistol @ 1.220": 1,209 fps (39 fps ES...649 ft-lbs)
    200gr Speer TMJ, 10.8gr Power Pistol @ 1.220": 1,241 fps (20 fps ES...683 ft-lbs)
    200gr Speer TMJ, 11.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.220": 1,278 fps (24 fps ES...725 ft-lbs)

    (230gr), 9.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.240": 1,089 fps
    230gr XTP, 9.5gr Power Pistol @ 1.230": 1,135 fps

    (G21 Gen4 5" KKM 4-port)

    185gr XTP, 14.5gr 800x @ 1.250": 1,470 fps (10 fps ES!)
    185gr XTP, 14.8gr 800x @ 1.250": 1,535 fps (1 FPS ES!)
    185gr XTP, 15.0gr 800x @ 1.260": 1,568 fps (7 fps ES!) 1,010 ft-lbs

    200gr XTP, 13.5gr 800x @ 1.250": 1,418 fps (4 fps ES!)
    200gr XTP, 14.0gr 800x @ 1.260": 1,455 fps (17 fps ES)
    200gr XTP, 13.8gr 800x @ 1.250": 1,471 fps (63 fps ES) 961 ft-lbs

    230gr FMJ, 9.5gr 800x, @ 1.260": 1080 fps (7 fps ES!)
    230gr XTP, 12.0gr 800x @ 1.250': 1,298 fps (4 fps ES!) Note: not max, but this is where I stopped

    250gr Speer Gold Dot, 9.8gr 800x @ 1.215": 1,164 fps (16 fps ES) 752 ft-lbs
    250gr Hornady XTP, 10.5gr 800x @ 1.190": 1,206 fps (17 fps ES) 807 ft-lbs
    250gr Hornady XTP, 10.8gr 800x @ 1.190": 1,256 fps (6 fps ES!) 876 ft-lbs
    250gr Hornady XTP, 11.0gr 800x @ 1.190": 1,266 fps (5 fps ES!) 890 ft-lbs

    255gr Beartooth WFNPB, 10.5gr 800x @ 1.170": 1,229 fps (3 fps ES!) 857 ft-lbs
    255gr Beartooth WFNPB, 10.8gr 800x @ 1.170": 1,261 fps (5 fps ES!) 900 ft-lbs
    255gr Beartooth WFNPB, 11.0gr 800x @ 1.170": 1,273 fps (11 fps ES!) 917 ft-lbs
    255gr WFNPB, 11.7gr 800x @ 1.230": 1,274 fps - 10.33 ES - 7.07 SD
    255gr WFNPB, 12.0gr 800x @ 1.220": 1,320 AVG - 20.44 ES - 14.86 SD (987 ft-lbs)

    275gr Hunters Supply, 9.2gr 800x @ 1.260": 1,075 fps (26 fps ES)
    275gr Hunters Supply, 9.8gr 800x @ 1.250": 1,129 fps (1 FPS ES!)
    275gr Hunters Supply, 9.8gr 800x @ 1.240": 1,132 fps (22 fps ES)
    275gr Hunters Supply hardcast, 10.0gr 800x @ 1.260": 1,148 fps (21 fps ES)
    275gr Hunters Supply, 10.0gr 800x @ 1.250": 1,162 fps (10 fps ES!)
    275gr Hunters Supply, 10.2gr 800x @ 1.260": 1,162 fps (22 fps ES)
    275gr Hunters Supply, 9.8gr 800x @ 1.260": 1,183 fps (17 fps ES!) 855 ft-lbs
    275gr Hunters Supply, 10.5gr 800x @ 1.270": 1,190 fps (9 fps ES!)
    275gr Hunters Supply FP, 10.8gr 800x @ 1.270": 1,202 AVG - 5.25 ES - 3.60 SD (882 ft-lbs)

    300gr LFNGC, 9.0gr 800x @ 1.280": 1,077 fps (6 fps ES!)
    300gr Beartooth LFNGC, 9.3gr 800x @ 1.260": 1,092 fps (1 FPS ES)
    300gr Beartooth LFNGC, 9.5gr 800x @ 1.260": = 1,092 (4 fps ES!)
    300gr Beartooth LFNGC, 9.5gr 800x @ 1.270": 1,121 fps (23 fps ES)
    300gr LFNGC, 9.3gr 800x @ 1.270": 1,125 fps (8 fps ES!)
    300gr Beartooth LFNGC, 9.8gr 800x @ 1.270": 1,147 avg (21 fps ES) 876 ft-lbs

    Blue Dot:

    255gr WFNPB, 11.0 Blue Dot @ 1.220": 1,076 AVG - 7.94 ES - 5.65 SD
    275gr Hunters Supply, 10.0gr Blue Dot @ 1.260": 1,009 fps (22 fps ES!)


    185gr XTP, 11.5gr Longshot @ 1.240": 1,437 (37 fps ES)
    200gr XTP, 11.5gr Longshot @ 1.250": 1,393 fps (42 fps ES)

    230gr FMJ, 9.5gr Longshot @ 1.250": 1,185 fps (15 fps ES!) 717 ft-lbs
    230gr FMJ, 9.8gr Longshot @ 1.250": 1,229 fps (37 fps ES) 771 ft-lbs

    250gr Speer Gold Dot, 8.5gr Longshot @ 1.215": 1,122 fps (35 fps ES) 699 ft-lbs
    250gr XTP, 8.5gr Longshot @ 1.190": 1,124 fps (12 fps ES!)
    250gr XTP, 9.0gr Longshot @ 1.190": 1,164 fps (22 fps ES) 753 ft-lbs
    250gr XTP, 9.8gr Longshot @ 1.220": 1,207 AVG - 13.97 ES - 9.89 SD

    255gr Beartooth WFNPB, 9.5gr Longshot @ 1.170": 1,189 fps (20 fps ES) 800 ft-lbs

    275gr Hunters Supply, 8.5gr Longshot @ 1.260": 1,075 fps (16 fps ES!)
    275gr Hunters Supply Hardcast, 8.8gr Longshot @ 1.250": 1,137 fps (15 fps ES) 790 ft-lbs

    300gr LFNGC, 8.5gr Longshot @ 1.280": 1,071 fps (13 fps ES!)
    300gr LFNGC, 8.7gr Longshot @ 1.270": 1,072 fps (26 fps ES)

    Power Pistol:

    185gr XTP, 12.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.240": 1,420 fps (17 fps ES)

    200gr XTP, 11.3gr Power Pistol @ 1.260": 1,351 fps (51 fps ES)
    200gr XTP, 11.5gr Power Pistol @ 1.260": 1,330 fps (8 fps ES!)

    230gr XTP , 9.8gr Power Pistol @ 1.260": 1,148 fps (31 fps ES)
    230gr FMJ, 9.8r Power Pistol @ 1.250": 1,174 fps (13 fps ES!)
    230gr XTP , 10gr Power Pistol @ 1.260": 1,177 fps (31 fps ES)
    230gr XTP, 10.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.240": 1,201 fps (7 fps ES!)

    250gr Gold Dot, 8gr Power Pistol @ 1.215": 1,031 fps (8 fps ES!)
    250gr XTP, 8.5gr Power Pistol @ 1.190": 1,104 fps (20 fps ES)
    250gr XTP, 9.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.190": 1,128 fps (38 fps ES)

    250gr Missouri PinBusters, 8.5gr Power Pistol @ 1.220": 1,101 fps (25 fps ES)

    255gr WFN (250gr), 8.8gr Power Pistol @ 1.175": 1,125 fps (22 fps ES)
    255gr WFN, 9.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.175": 1,179 fps (13 fps ES!) 772 ft-lbs

    275gr Hunters Supply, 8.5gr Power Pistol @ 1.260": 1,078 fps (29 fps ES)

    280gr WFNGC, 8.0gr Power Pistol @ 1.180": 1,065 fps (24 fps ES) 693 ft-lbs

    300gr LFNGC, 8.2gr Power Pistol @ 1.280": 1,026 fps (27 fps ES)


    250gr RNFP Pinbusters, 17.5gr AA9 @ 1.270" (CCI 300): 1,245 AVG - 26.02 ES - 18.38 SD
    250gr RNFP Pinbusters, 17.5gr AA9 @ 1.270" (CCI 350): 1,248 AVG - 1.03 ES - 1.00 SD

    255gr WFNPB, 17.0gr Lil'Gun, 1.220" (CCI 350): 1,156 AVG - 14.80 ES - 10.63 SD

    I'll remember to come back and update this post anytime it needs it.
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  8. SickDick


    Apr 24, 2012
  9. Inebriated


    Feb 20, 2012
    This is fantastic info! I'm looking to put together both a deer/coyote load, as well as a black bear load. I'm thinking 185gr bonded JHP's for the deer/coyote, most likely a Gold Dot, and a 230gr Hard Cast for the black bear. I'll be running through a 6" KKM barrel and a 24lb spring, most likely, and the 800x looks like the way to go. Where are you getting the data for that from?
  10. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    Sorry I didn't see your post from several weeks ago, but most of the data is my own. Most .45 Super data from manufacturers puts it roughly the same as .45 ACP +P, but .45 Super Starline brass is as strong as 460 Rowland brass, so it can be loaded a good bit higher. KKM has a very well supported barrel, I'm going to order up a 6" version too, so you won't have any issues in that dept. Actually as long as the same bullet and OAL is used (or can be used depending on bullet profile), you can use 460R data in the .45 Super.

    When I do order my 6" KKM G21 barrel I'm going to get the end threaded for a comp and see if they'll extent the throat on it just a bit, like another .05" or so. That way, with the longer OAL's for the WFN designs coupled with the longer 6" barrel, I could get some very interesting velocities from the .45 Super, like a 255gr WFNPB Beartooth to around 1,400 fps, if not more.
  11. RWBlue


    Jan 24, 2004
    I recommend STOPPING at 45Rowland loads.

    I loaded well beyond 45Rowland with a KKM barrel and a suppressor. I have damaged my Glock. I didn't have a kaboom. What I had is a slide coming back and violently beating my gun. I stopped while the gun is still good.
  12. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    Good idea there RWB. It seems to take a good bit of porting/compensating to get the slide speeds down to where I feel comfortable shooting them and not beating up the Glock. But even then, heavy loads aren't something I would ever want to run constantly through the Glock anyways. They can have purpose and be useful in certain situations, but for punching holes in paper I'm just going to keep rockin' the ACP loads.
  13. Lindenwood


    Oct 27, 2011
    I have been following all these .45 Super developments and have started getting into the fun. I did some digging and found a few sources indicating that the .45 ACP case itself is far stronger than estimated, especially in a well-supported barrel.

    The hottest load I have tested is 9gr of 800x behind a 255 SWCBB, in once-fired WWB brass. Out of my stock-length LW barrel I estimated 1025fps based on all the data I have found on 800x in the Rowland and Super. I used to know a guy with a chrono so I never needed to buy one til now haha. I'll add it to the list I suppose.

    I worked up in .2gr increments, carefully examining the brass from the first shot before proceeding with the rest of the batch. I noted the following:
    1) Recoil was still surprisingly mild. Loud as hell for a .45, but not at all uncomfortable to shoot.

    2) I started getting primer swipe at around 8.6gr and it is notable at 9gr. This is from the action unlocking a little earlier than ideal.

    3) I started to get slight impressions of the rectangular firing pin channel on the primer at 8.8gr, which were slightly more pronounded at 9gr. While the rest of the primer looked fine (absolutely no observable flattening around the perimeter of the primer), this would be my first sign that pressures were coming up. Of course, the primers of 9mm WWB looked identical so we aren't talking "Elmer Keith" pressures or anything.

    4) I started running into consistent feeding issues around 8.4 gr, with one at 8.0gr. They were due to the slide outrunning the mag; it was clear that the slide was just barely catching the cartridge, causing the rear of the cartridge to be pushed down as it was stripped from the mag, resulting in the cartridge getting stuck nose-up with the bullet up against the bottom of the barrel hood. I believe this is what others have experienced with the increased slide speeds as loads start to warm up.

    5) I mentioned this in another thread, but I noticed that with the increased slide speed I also got several rounds that wouldnt go all the way into battery. I found that the narrower LW feed ramp was gouging the exposed shoulders of my SWC bullets, preventing them from seating that last couple hundredths.

    6) I tested up to 8gr in the original Glock barrel. Feeding is smoother than with the LW barrel, simply due to the more open chamber and deeper feed ramp. I observed no "glocking" of the brass in the stock barrel.

    7) Brass was thrown a solid 15 feet away.


    8) The now twice-fired standard ACP brass used for the 9gr loads will still freely "plunk" into the chamber.


    9) I just figured out that the slide was actually moving so fast that on several rounds it knocked the primer loose. This is also more evidence that the slide was just barely catching the rim of the round. I had four rounds that would not fully chamber (separate from the ones described above with the gouged bullets) due to the primer sticking out. Two were at 8.8gr and two were at 9gr. I originally chalked it up to a loading issue but the more I thought about it, the weirder it seemed. One, I know I was not that careless loading these, especially being experimental loads. And most importantly, I mark the case head of ever experimental load with a sharpie (drawing a slash, or X, or triangle or whatever to denote different loads). This is so I can't get them confused with regular stuff, even if I spill them or something. So, there is no way I would not have noticed the primers sticking out a full mm from the case head.

    So yeah, we are definitely looking at the upper limit for a G21 with no recoil-reducing modifications. .

    Overall I woukd be very comfortable pushing the cases harder, but the gun itself would need to work to slow down the slide. It is a Gen4 G21 and Id agree with SD that the Gen4 RSA is hard to beat. So, adding mass or porting are really the only options. I probably won't go with porting on my carry weapon so I won't do any more experimenting until I find that 9" LW barrel.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2014
  14. happie2shoot


    Jan 5, 2008
    Keep up the good work and thanks for the good info.
  15. Lindenwood


    Oct 27, 2011
    I think my next project will be one of those Lone Wolf 9" "California" barrels and see how far I can get with that, heh. Would have some sort of heavy steel shroud made to cover the exposed portion of the barrel in order to tame recoil and, more importantly, slow down the slide and delay unlocking. All this Big Bore power talk made me kindof want another Raging Bull, but this would be more fun and get me very close to high-end .44Mag loads. On youtube, Hickok45 played with one of those using Underwood +P loads and was getting more than 150fps increases. So at these Super pressures, I bet you could squeeze 1500fps out of a 250gr bullet, heh.

    Anyways, one step at a time!
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  16. nickE10mm

    nickE10mm F.S.F.O.S.

    Apr 13, 2004
    Wichita, KS
    Wow... i'd missed this thread. Impressive numbers!!!!
  17. NoJoy


    May 4, 2005
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  18. vaquero aleman

    vaquero aleman "ah-lay-mahn"

    Jan 9, 2009
    The Wild Wild West
    According to Glock the G41 weighs a little more than the G30SF, and firing 45 Super from the G30SF works for me. I had to install a G21 mag spring in my G30 mag to get it to feed, but I have, successfully, fired 45 Super from it. I would say that it would definitely be an experimental situation that there will not be a lot of advice for.
  19. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I think it would work, maybe not the best for "full power" .45 Super just because the slide weight is probably rather light. I think the G41 weighs less than the G35, and I know the G35 when shooting 180gr bullets past 1300 fps can get a little snappy, that's why I'd be hesitant to shoot a "warm" .45 Super in something that weighs even less.

    However for shooting the .45 Super you might buy online at UW/BB/DT, you should be good to go. It would probably be a bit snappy still as I think they rate their 185gr Gold Dot/XTP at 1300 fps (from a 4.5-5.0" barrel I think), so from the longer G41 you would likely pick up some free velocity, but I don't expect that it would cause any real issues.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2014
  20. NoJoy


    May 4, 2005
    That's what I was thinking. I don't reload right now, so it will be "factory" loads. Extra velocity out of the 5.3" barrel would be nice though. I believe the 41 weighs in at 3 ounces less than the 21. Same frame, but the slide on the 41 is a little thinner for sure. I know the frame can take the higher pressures of the Super, (and the aftermarket barrel), but my concern was the slide itself.
    Hopefully adding the 22lb recoil spring/guide rod combo will work out.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2014