.45 GAP in GSSF Competitions

Discussion in 'The Bull Dawgs Club' started by PerfectionSeeker, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Any GSSF competitors here?

    I'm trying to get an idea of how many people would be interested in competing with any of the .45 GAP Glocks.

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  3. When I think about getting another gun, I usually talk myself
    out of it pretty easily however, .45 GAP intrigues me. If I could find a good deal on one I'd probably grab it.

    All the Best,
    D. White

  4. I've used a GAP in GSSF competitions.
  5. AKR

    AKR GAP'r

    I shot both my G37 and G39 at the recent GSSF match in Northern Colorado. Nobody really notices or asks you if it is hard to find ammo.
  6. I see good deals on Glocks GAP all the time, seen the 38 as low as $350.00 WHY? because can't find ammo :rofl:
  7. Please keep the comments coming. I am trying to assess if there is a willingness to compete in .45 GAP. If there are enough supporters, we could ask the GSSF to create a special division for the caliber.

    Glock might be interested in supporting the idea, because it would provide much needed publicity for .45 GAP.

    Ammunition availability and prices are a function of demand. Sport shooting is of course a great way to increase demand.
  8. 45 GAP is Heavy Metal or Major Sub already. I shot my G38 in Heavy Metal at 2 events this summer. I find plenty of ammo, and reload as well. I prefer my reloads as they are lighter shooting, and still knock down plates.
  9. If you want the low down on 45GAP @ GSSF, talk to DannyR, our GSSF guru and GAP aficionado.

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