45 Gap and 9mm - The Perfect Combo?

Discussion in 'The Bull Dawgs Club' started by parados, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. We all know that Glock developed the GAP to fit their 9mm/40 sized guns... has anyone else realized the other economies of shooting both rounds. (These come from shooting a G19 and a G38)

    Guns: Same frame size and grip. Same site radius.

    Ammo: 9mm nice and cheap for practice - 45 gap nice and powerful for carry.

    Holsters: Almost the same fit - G19 a little looser in hard holsters but fit well in leather.

    Mag Holder: Same size.

    Reloading: this is where I think 45 GAP really pairs well with 9mm... both use small pistol primers. So unlike reloading 45 ACP I don't have to stock two types of pistol primers.

    Recently I also upgraded to a Horndady L-N-L with an auto powder dispenser and because the 45 GAP case is the same height as the 9mm, I don't have to adjust the activation mechanism when switching calibers - just the powder charge. Nice!

    Anyone find anything similar between the 45 GAP and 9mm (or other calibers you shoot for that matter)?

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  3. Sheepdog689

    Sheepdog689 NRA Life Member

    That's one of the reasons I bought my 38, same basic pistol as my 19. I started reloading the 45 GAP to save money, but I'm going to reload 9mm too. That way I can get plenty of practice with both of them and no matter which I'm shooting grip and sight picture is the same. When we do off duty qualifications I'm going to qualify with both of them, that way I can carry either pistol off duty...although I have a funny feeling the 19 is going to spend most of it's time in the safe if I'm not at the range.

  4. fasteddie565

    fasteddie565 Combat Diver

    You make a lot of good points. I have all three calibers (9mm 45 ACP and 45 GAP) I would assume your same posture, however I have 1911's that require the ACP variety of ammo. Additionally, I think 45 ACP ammo will ALWAYS be available in hard times or at least more readily available than the GAP. (No, I have no problems buying it now)

    I too am starting to reload again and am faced with buying multiple types of primers. My holster experience is similar however I put my GAP pistols in my Glock 45 ACP holsters with good results.
  5. Numismatist

    Numismatist 5-Stand!

    Have the 26 & 37; love them both. They make a nice pair. MY carry is the 9mm, and home is the .45 GAP
  6. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    I use my 19 and 37 for competition and my 38 and 39 for carry. Reloading is much simpler using just small pistol primers. I just reloaded 1,000 rounds of match 9mm ammo, and am now loading 1,000 rounds of match GAP ammo. I do use Blade-Tech and Raven pistol specific kydex holsters.
  7. I think so.
  8. Really? While I do agree it's nice not to have to stock large primers there is really no hassle to swap out the primer tray on my Lee Classic Turret. Takes 4 seconds.

    You could always just use SPP brass with ACP too, if it's that big of a deal.
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  9. TSAX


    The Glock 19, 23, 32, 38 fits my hands best. It is a good combo. :wavey:

  10. Took 2 Glocks to the range today to compare while I tested out some reloads: my 38 and 27.

    I was shooting Federal 180's from the .40, and 230 grain .45's. My GAP reloads were 5.0 and 5.7 grains of Power Pistol. Every one of the lighter GAP ejects hit me in the hat or face, but I could hear the brass from the hotter ones tinking off the 10' ceiling at the range. I think I'll try 5.4 grains of PP next.

    I wished I'd taken my G17 to compare, but the 45 recoil was a lot less than the 40.

    Have been shooting the 27 @ IDPA & consistently reaching SSP Marksman scores (big deal?) but plan to run the 38 next week if I can build 100 or so useable GAP rounds.
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  11. 19 x 2 = 38 ??:whistling:
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