.45 ACP Small Primer v Large Primer loads

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Buckeye Glocks, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. It's just not possible, they don't fit. Push on the handle, feel resistance, stop & find out why, simple. It doesn't take much force to seat a primer.

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  2. Exactly! When I feel the extra resistance jamming the press (Dillon) I stop pushing! Remove the sp brass and continue. It happens and I move on. I don't see a problem.
    You can "Hope for Change" but the manufacture of sp 45ACP is not going away.

  3. Zombie Steve

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    Couple things from another thread on this subject that just deserve to be quoted here:


  4. Well, the guys that like small primers probably like girls w/ small hands for the same reason?????:supergrin:
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  5. SP 45acp just seems so unAmerican to me.
  6. Zombie Steve

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    Not to late for write-ins, guys. This will be the leading part of my plan to rebuild America.

    ZS 2012!

  7. dkf


    Girls with small hands usually do not have adams apples.

    Don't worry I won't judge you for liking the large handed "girls" Fred.:pjmn:
  8. I also have some issues with S&B cases (although only their 9mm cases) and I am a federal primer man. I am willing to put up with the inconvenience for the sake of using the most reliable primer on the market;)
  9. Snap!!:wavey:
  10. njl


    One of many reasons you should sort your brass by headstamp and load one type of brass at a time. If it feels different, you know there's a problem.

    The few times I've loaded mixed brass, it's been really disconcerting with some primers practically falling into the pockets and others needing to be seriously mashed in to fully seat.
  11. Who really does this though? I never sort handgun brass, unless it's for hunting loads in my 44mags. There just isn't much diff for me to sort for shooting out to 25yds, any caliber.:dunno:
  12. Any vote other than Romney is a vote for the snake in the grass Obama. 4 more years of him in which he will appoint 2 or 3 very Liberal Supreme Court Judges. So can we really afford to vote for anyone else?
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    The most beautiful woman in Thailand is a dude.
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    For 9mm, I always sort...though sorting means Win, FC, RP all get separate containers. Other headstamps I'll mix certain ones together. There's too much crap brass out there to do blind mixed. For .45acp, I sort my WCC Match brass separately and mix good stuff together and toss bad stuff to a separate bin.
  15. I'm so manly and ultra-American, I forge my own 45acp brass with the entire head being a primer pocket, and produce my own XLP primers to fill it. My XLP primers pack more punch than rifle primers. I figure I'm pushing a 230gr bullet at about 3500 feet per second. It makes a sonic boom before it leaves the barrel of my G30. I had to stop using hollow points because the petals sometimes opened up in the middle of the barrel.
  16. I want to know how you & dkf know thses things????:wow:
  17. I just don't bother w/ service calibers, but then I am never running max loads either. I can't complain, most of my stuff shoots under 2 1/2" @ 25yds from decent guns, even a couple Glocks.:faint:
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  18. sellersm

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    So you're going to do away with SP primers? What else is on your 'platform'? :supergrin:

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