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.45 acp ranger t - talon bullets awesome in my glock g30sf!!!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by irie111, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. irie111


    Oct 20, 2012
    I would like to thank everybody inthe forum for the tons of excellent reading, I've learned a lot from this site and hope to bea good addition to the community... I had the "as I understand" pretty rare andunique opportunity as of lately to buy some RANGER T AMMO in .45 and the Glock30 that I ran a couple boxes through loved it but the various targets I setupto eat it definitely didn't due to the total and utter devastation that wasunleashed on them as a result of this killer stuff... Long story short I reallycouldn't afford it all to keep and only bought it to try some out, keep a box for defenseand bless somebody with the rest at a profit... I had zero failures through theG30SF and I still am floored at how accurately I shoot with that littleGlock... It surprises me every time, I do better with it than countless other smallercaliber longer barrel pistols even... I have yet to fully understand why, I guess itjust fits right for me... l almost couldn't stop shooting the stuff, I had onebox too much fun over my preset one box limit ahahahaha... What's this stuffworth folks???... I know a GOOD portion of people seem to like keeping at leastsome around haha!!!... :wow:
    I guess the legalway to sell this stuff is through GunBroker huh', is this the best way???.... Ihave an excellent reputation for selling completely unrelated items throughEBay so I do have that as a reference for people... That feedback shows that I am a 100% honest buyer and seller, so since I will be brand new to GunGroker that should help... Thanks guys for any opinions and input given inadvance... :whistling: