45 ACP and SWC difficulty

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Tony999, May 4, 2010.

  1. Tony999

    Tony999 Member

    My challange is with my .45 ACP Glock 30 & SWC.
    I will try to make this as short as possible, and still give enough information for you to make opinions on my problem.

    I am trying to reload 200g SWC (Barry’s Plated). I am at 5.3grains of AA#2.
    I have tested the CAOL at 8 different lengths ranging from 1.199 to 1.275".
    After shooting a round, the extractor starts to pull back the spent casing, as the next round tries to make its way up from the magazine. It appears that the rim of the spent casing is hitting against the lip of the SWC causing it to be torn from the extractor and either stove-piping or causing the empty casing to be pushed back in the chamber.
    This is happening on almost every round, but the longer the CAOL the better it gets, say only 3 out of 10 rounds.

    Any Ideas how to overcome this problem? I have attached an image of two rounds with the damage evident. (if it works)

    PS. I have tried hotter loads up to 5.6g of AA#2, but with the same results.

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  3. Try using a bullet with a crimp groove and a heavy tapered crimp- I used some 200 gr LSWC crimped into the grease groove and 5.2 gr AA#2 and it functioned in 4 different Gov'ts with no probs.

  4. Tony999

    Tony999 Member

    I can try a heavier tapered crimp, but I don't think that would stop the empty brass from bouncing off the lip on the SWC. But it is worth a shot.
    Thanks, Tony
  5. GioaJack

    GioaJack Conifer Jack

    Some people have had luck with SWC in a G30... most have not. They just don't like 'em.

    I couldn't get 'em to feed through the stock barrel or a LW barrel even after having it rethroated. Only .45 I've ever had that wouldn't feed 'em.

    Switched to a 225 grain RN mould, no more problems.

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  6. Tony999

    Tony999 Member

    I hope some of the people who have had luck will chime in.
    I have considered trying to change the angle of the follower in the magazine so the up and coming round was at a different pitch. But than I could open up another can of worms.
  7. G30 doesn't like SWC's. Thats pretty much says it all. You may get lucky but I would trade those bullets away and get something else. G30 is a defensive handgun try some bullets shaped more along those lines. Thats a nice way of saying it's not designed for that kind of bullet.
  8. Same issue w/ the XD in 45, they do not like SWC bullets. Some can get them to run, but it's more luck than science. Switch to a RNFP or RN or TC bullet for bet results.
  9. PCJim

    PCJim Senior Member

    I don't own a Glock in 45acp, so the advice of the others on this particular model not liking the round should be considered sound advice. I would suggest that you crimp a bit more. In reviewing those pics, the round on the left round sure looks like it has some crimping room remaining before becomming excessively crimped. If you can get that case down tight against the bullet, it "may" help your problem.
  10. The problem seems to be the rim of the extr case catching on the shoulder of the next round up in the mag. SOme have been able to tweek OAL to solve the problem, but it seems to be more the rarety than the norm. I shoot a lot of 200grLSWC in 45acp, but switching to a 200grLTC was only a mold purchase away & they are just as accurate, didn't even have to change my powder charge. If you shoot 230grJHP, then 230grRN are a great practice bullet. If yo ubuy Ranier or Berry's, the 200grTCFP works well as does the Berry's 185grHPRN.
  11. PCJim

    PCJim Senior Member

    Fred, I read the OP as a different scenario.

    ETA, nevermind. (lip)Shoulder of bullet, not case. My bad....
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  12. My g30 will not function with any swc I have tried. My g21 will eat them all day.
  13. Tony999

    Tony999 Member

    Striker6126, will you look at the angle of the round coming from the magazine and tell me what the difference is between the G30 & G21. That might give me a hint as to what is going on.
  14. That was my experience as well with the G-30 and Rainier 200 grain plated SWC's. Fed them fine, just wouldn't extract over another SWC in the mag. I varied COL, crimp, no luck. Mine once failed to extract firing Mag Tech 230 ball. The top cartridge in the mag had a rough edge on the case mouth and no apparent crimp. That was enough to cause a stoppage.
    If I still reloaded for the G-30 I would probably use at cone shape bullet and some taper crimp to keep the case mouth smooth.
  15. Not the follower, tweek the feed lips. It's the feed lips the set the angle; not the follower. On my 45, SWC feed w/o problems with one brand of mag; no joy from another.
  16. As others have already said the G30 and SWC bullets are a no-go. I could never get mine to run them, period.

    However, my .45ACP XD gobbles them up like candy. And a lot of folks can't get a SWC to work in theirs. Go figure.

    If a guy wanted to hedge his bets he would be best served by reloading nothing but 230grn. RN slugs if he shoots a variety of .45ACP pistols. They'll run in anything, are accurate, effective, and usually shoot right to POA.
  17. I;ve found the truncated cone (TC) or flat point (FP) feed almost as good as round nose.

  18. WiskyT

    WiskyT Malcontent

    I had the same problem with SWC in my G17 and G27. They aren't even close to working. The empty jams up on the SWC shoulder below it in the mag. I don't see how they could work under any circumstances, yet some say they work fine. Both molds I bought for my Glocks are TC.
  19. I couldn't make 'em work in mine. I shoot 230 FMJ or 230 plated in mine instead. Good luck with the SWC's!
  20. I tried lots of things to get my Glock 30 digest SWC...nothing worked
    RELIABLY... Load them for another pistol or give / sell them to someone else..
  21. Tony999

    Tony999 Member

    Thanks guys, I may try and mess with it a little more, than move on.
    But I sure do like how easy it is to see the holes in paper with the SWC !


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