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  1. A week? I'd venture most don't shoot 50 rds. in a year!! They lug it out for deer season, check POA with a cylinderful of rds. & hit the brush!

    I reload for .44 Special but after years of tinkering around I've become lazy and now only use the Skeeter Skelton load in my Ruger. I do not use that load however in my Model 696 "no dash" as it's a little too warm for that rare jewel. :whistling:

    I will add that I have a CA Bulldog and in its chambers lie five Corbon 200 gr. DPX SCHP's that are impressive. I haven't shot anything with these bullets, but every test I've seen shows storybook performance in short barrels.





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  2. SCmasterblaster

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    Nice links, Thanks.

  3. I finally gave in and picked up a non TR Model 21-4 to augment my CA Bulldog and I do not regret either choice. I hesitated for a bit because of the IL, but I don't even notice it and it's become a non issue. Both are a pleasure to shoot. As far as ammo, I'm contemplating becoming a reloader, but I'm not there yet. WHEN I get started, GT is the first place I'll look for guidance.
    Thanks to the wonders of the internet, locating ammo really isn't an issue. Mastercast Bullet Company was my primary source of reloads, but they no longer offer loaded ammo for sale. I've had good experiences with Georgia Arms, Underwood Ammo and PBR Ammo Companies for both practice and carry loads. Check Ammo Seek for current prices on the more popular commercial ammo to include Federal, Speer / Blazer Got Dot, Buffalo Bore, Corbon, Winchester, etc. CTD carries a BVAC 240 gr JHP load, which I haven't tried as of yet. With that being said, I wouldn't feel under gunned carrying a 240gr LSWC for self defense. Experiment with the load that works best in YOUR weapon system and utilize that. There is a TON of experience here on GT and the members are always willing to pass along some good advice....:wavey:
  4. Ajon412,

    A NJ refugee here. Contact your state reps now over this steaming hot mess: http://www.guns.com/2013/01/10/new-...-psychological-testing-for-all-gun-purchases/

    Where is west new york, nj anyway? A mental health exam AND on-site home inspection?!? Wha da. My heart goes out to all y'all in NJ. I have resolved to only cross the border of NJ for a funeral... which is a shame really. There some really great things to see and do in NJ.
  5. Very true. I used to shoot my 44mags a lot, like 100rds of full power ammo a week. Enough to mess up the forcing cone in my first RSBH ashooting jacketed. Now I shoot maybe 50rds a month, mostly midrange stuff, all lead. I enjoy the M29 in any flavor but really like the 4" guns. If I could only have one handgun, it would be a 4" M29. Mild to wild, mice to moose, concealable & with good 250grLSWCHP @ 925fps, a definitive man stopper.:supergrin:
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  6. http://maps.google.com/maps?oe=utf-...&sa=X&ei=TMvwUIKaF-qy0QGCmIHYCA&ved=0CIgBELYD

    W. NY is in Hudson County (Northern NJ) and borders the Hudson River across from NYC. Yea, I saw this the other day.....Typical lib....As is stands now, a Consent for Mental Health Records Search is part of the process when you apply for a Permit to Purchase,(6-8 weeks, if you're lucky) here in PRNJ. Seems she wants us to undergo an additional psych background and / or testing.....Next, they'll be asking for blood and urine samples....:faint:..I'm not sure if this legislation is going anywhere, but ya never know...
  7. SCmasterblaster

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    You got that right, sir. I have been reloading in APTs since 1980.
  8. Cool to reload in an apt. Awesome! Once again Thanks!

    I guess now was not the best time to get into reloading. The equipment is easy, it's the components that are a little more scarce.

    Has anyone used H110 in .44spl? Have not found a recipe and not sure it's worth playing with.
  9. Zombie Steve

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    H110 / 296 has a really narrow window it operates well in... that being full power magnum loads. I've heard it described here as a "dragster" powder - throttle is open or it's closed, nothing in between. Normally, start data for H110 is about 1 grain off from max. Not much room to work IMHO. I tend to give up 50-100 or so fps off the top end in magnums using 2400, but I get a lot more flexibility.

    Anyway, back to .44 special - you'll have a hard time finding something that performs as well as Unique, particularly with cast loads.
  10. SCmasterblaster

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    Unique IS a good powder for .44 SPL.
  11. I feel the same about H110/296. To me it is about as close to a "controlled explosion" as you can get. I refer to it as a "one trick pony" it does one thing-operate at maximum. I keep a container around just to see if it gives better accuracy in a heavy hunting load in a given gun/bullet combination, than my more "progressive powders".
  12. Zombie Steve & Countrygun,

  13. Just a casual reader of this thread but if you had to pick between the .44 Special and .357 Magnum which one would it be for overall range and effectiveness when considering multiple scenarios?

  14. Loaded question. It depends on whether one is a reloader. Both are highly reloadable in a cornucopia of power factors. The .44 Special really comes into its own in a Ruger SA, IMO. The N frames are just too big for anything less than a full house magnum, IMO.
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  15. Sorry for the confusion but my question doesn't pertain to reloading but only to overall range and effectiveness in multiple scenarios.

    Pick which caliber you'd want to have as the sole choice.

  16. It's an apples to airplanes comparison. The .44 Special is loaded weak intentionally by factories as there are many old handguns extant.

    What scenario? Shooting bad guys? Hunting buffalo? Your question is too broad. However, if you don't reload you'll go broke shooting factory .44 Special. I have both calibers and reload.
  17. Of course it's a broad question, and I made that clear at the outset. If you could only have a .357 Magnum or a .44 Special revolver which one would you choose?
  18. The selection of available ammo would make my choice 357. I even know the pistol if I just had one


    Luckily I did not have to choose just one.

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  19. You are not kidding!

    I have been gifted by a generous soul with all the .357/.38 stuff I will need, so I'll start with that. However, .44spl/mag are not far behind. Powder seems to be the hardest thing to find right now. I was lucky enough to find the 1lb. of Accurate No 9. hmmmm.... anything like Magic Hat's No. 9? This one shall NOT mix the two, of course.
  20. I would go with the .44 special all day long. even in an "N" frame. My general .44 mag handload is much closer to what Elmer Keith wanted that the marketing coup Remington and S&W delivered.

    In reality, a 240-250 gn .44 (.429) bullet @ 1,200 fps will accomplish as much as a 158 gn or 125 gn .357 diameter bullet pushed to it's max. I find no need to push a magnum to knockdown anything I can hit with a handgun. If I needed "more"in handgun that my 1,200 fps I'd put a heavier bullet in

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