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  1. Hi all,

    Of the more knowledgeable persons than I here (and it don't take too much with me) in Caliber Corner, please school me on this round.

    On paper, a 200gr JHP round appears to be similar to the .45acp... very similar in size and speed.

    As always, Thanks in advance!

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  3. SCmasterblaster

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    I never thought to make such a comparison, but it sounds about right. The SD is heavier in the .44.

  4. .44 special is an oft overlooked but very effective round, and "bulldog" type .44 snubs are pretty easy to find. It's essentially the .45acp of the revolver round with similar diameter and cartridge weights. .44spl might be able to achieve slightly higher velocities due to its greater cartridge capacity. If you want to carry a revolver, can reasonably carry a larger weapon, but don't want to carry a magnum round like .357, then .44 is an excellent choice, and generally comes in a more compact package than .45lc.
  5. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    great round for personal protection....5 shot snubbie in a small package like the Taurus 445 is a great carry package.

    id like to trade a non locked 642 i have for one....
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  6. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Generally the .45acp comparison is a good one.
    Most common found .44sp loads are very soft, intended for Cowboy action shooting with round nosed lead 200-246gr bullets loaded 650-700fps.
    The 200gr Gold Dot loaded in Blazer aluminum cased is good for about 850fps in a 3-4" revolver. A decent load.
    Federal also loads a 200gr lead hollowpoint to similar velocity, also a fair defense load.
    Winchester's 200gr Silvertip is loaded pretty light on velocity, but has performed well in jello testing. Light recoil.

    Corbon loads an all copper 200gr DPX that should be a good load and gets 900fps range velocity, and Hornady offers their 180gr XTP in the same velocity range. Accuracy was good in my taurus 431.

    If you want more honest .44sp loaded closer to potential, Buffalo Bore has a few, each looks pretty stout....I like the hardcast wadcutter load.
  7. One of my favorites to handload yes similar to the .45 acp but I think a bit better in factory and a whole lot better in hand loads.

    If you look at the .45 you have a full ,45 cal diameter and the "standard" bullet is a 230 gn. In the .44 you are actually a tick under .43cal with a standard "heavy" of 240gns and, as someone pointed out, it gives you a better sectional density and ballistic coefficient. What that basically means is that, with their heaviest standard bullet you will get more penetration out of the .44 at the same velocity yet be throwing a bit more weight. If you go to the same weight, say 200 gns, you still get more penetration with a similar bullet due to less resistance because of a smaller frontal area.
  8. Depends on the barrel length. In a snubby only the Corbon DPX and Win. ST mushroom consistently. Even the 200 gr. Gold Dot fails the 4 layer denim/gel test.
  9. 44 speical will fit a lot of uses. I have used it as a snake doctor enough to full a pickup truck bed I bet.

    Those 240 hard cast WC have enough Blue Dot behind them that I want admit it i public. I shoot cowboy loads a cottontail and beer cans.

    Some times I load up a bunch of 200 gr cowboy loads. A friend and I go out and practice "shoot where you look. You ouwld be surprised how fast you start hitting 8" baloons at 7 yds every time.

    44 special I like it. I got 2 SSA Colts 44 special from the early 50"

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  10. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    rusty, wouldyou be willing to trade that for a s&w 642?
  11. Awesome, thanks to all!!!

    Local shops only had Hornady 165gr & Blazer 200gr available. Midway has few choices too... now is probably a good time for me to start reloading.

    Thanks again!
  12. cowboywannabe

    cowboywannabe you savvy?

    whats great about a revolver is you dont have to shoot 200 rounds or what ever to break it in. a few cylinders to get the load and sights regulated and a few more for familiarity..... the rest is just because you want to....
  13. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    that ANYONE finds ANY ammo. :wow:
  14. I have a nice S&W 21-4 Thunder Ranch .44 Special. It is one of the best handling handguns I've ever owned. The standard 246 gr. lead load is very useful for target shooting, etc. The Blazer aluminum case 200gr Gold Dot load is simply excellent.

    As to availability, it varies. Any well stocked gun shop will have the round on the shelf. Yesterday I went to a fairly local (30 mile trip) gun shop. They had just about any type of ammunition one might want. They had several varieties of .44 Special. You just have to look and buy it when you see it.
  15. You and I think alike on the topic. given that the biggest cause of semi auto failure is magazine related, eliminating that, and not having to test each new mag, makes the revolver much more practical.
  16. Silvertips in my snubbie.
  17. BuckyP

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    Seriously, around here .44 Special is non existent. Guess I'll have to mail order.
  18. The 44sp is a great old round, but consider few guns & even fewer good SD loads, I would probably go up to a 44mag instead or down to a 41mag. The 44sp will be at it's best handloaded. A good 250grLSWHP @ 900fps is a pretty effective load on anything that needs shooting.
  19. SCmasterblaster

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    Any in your area?
  20. Cbwb - when Ya have a caliber like the 44 special you end up vested in the caliber. it is hard to trade or sale a gun. 1000 plated bullets. 2000 240 gr kswc gc. 500 cases. 1000 large pistol primers. A carry Holester, feild Holester, cleaning kit.

    Well ya get the idea. Sorry I do like your offer but I am vested in the 44 special

  21. BuckyP

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    No .44 Special, but can find .44 Magnum. I have a 29, so I am not without ammo. At this point, I think I'm going to order some dies and start rolling my own. :dunno:

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