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Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by DeLo, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. So I have a J frame 442 sitting in the safe since 2009. It hasn't been fired but I want to give it to my wife now that she is starting to get into shooting and getting her CCW permit. Does anyone know anything about D&L sights? Or would you just recommend a laser? She shoots by g19 well but she won't carry something that big on her. She'll have to get more range time with revolvers but she prefers the size. Any ideas?

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  2. TN.Frank

    TN.Frank Glock4Life

    Everyone seems to like the Crimson Trace Laser grips for these little guns. Personally, I don't like to trust my life to anything that takes a battery if I can help it. My 2/D Cell Mag light is probably the exception but then again I've got a crank up flashlight sitting right next to it too for a back up.
    Either get a trigger job done or do it your self by installing a Wolff Spring kit to get the DA pull down to something workable, let her practice with some low power stuff like 148gr wadcutters until she gets the hang of it then load up with some good HP for carry and I'd say she'd be as well armed as she'd want to be. JMHO, YMMV.

  3. I just bought a 442 Pro and having XS front sight installed. Pro takes moon clips and is 38+P
  4. Gregg702

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    Keep the standard sights on it until you know she likes it. Lightweight DAO J Frames are tough to shoot, and have a lot of felt recoil due to their size and weight. You don't want to spend $200 on a laser if she ends up hating the gun.
  5. Oh I thought you were talking about the old muscle car Oldsmobile 442..
  6. Indy_Guy_77

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    Has SHE ever shot that 442?

    That's the most important thing.

    They're light. Standard grips are small. Ergo, they have a LOT of felt recoil.

    All "gun guys" everywhere would be wise to let their wifes, girlfriends, mistresses, and daughters pick the firearm that THEY want....IF they want one.

  7. My wife hated it, I did not like to shot it. Its painful and if you put a decent hp in it its going to be worse. That's just our opinion and everyone I ever let shot the gun, they are nice and will go bang every time, but they are NO fun to shot
  8. fnfalman

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    What about the Quad 442?
  9. collim1

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    I would definitely put a set of larger grips on it. I do not enjoy shooting my 442 I think my wife would definitely be turned off by the recoil.
  10. Have her shoot it before you start spending money on sights. I got one when my wife first got her permit. She fired 3 rounds through it, put it down and said she hated it and wanted nothing to do with it again. It's all I can do to get her to fire any revolver now. No problem with her shooting 9mm, she likes to shoot.
  11. USDefender

    USDefender Lay Them Waste!

    When I gave my wife her first gun, a Smith 642, I put CTs on it because I know her, and I know she won't practice as much as she really should... Yet, she needed the protection (at the time there was a known stalker frequently spotted around and in her place of business). While I would never depend on laser-sights for MY accuracy skills, I think it was a good compromise I made for her.

    (FYI, I check the 'battery status' in her gun pretty frequently--about once a momth, since I know she doesn't.) :upeyes:

    There's nothing like the 'proper motivation' of having a stalker at her place of business... *lol*
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  12. This would be my suggestion, as well. Also look at getting a set of Hogue grips for it, instead of the plastic factory grips. The Hogue grips do help a little with the recoil
  13. She does like it and doesn't mine the recoil. It is a Talo edition that has magna porting. I would be happier with her carrying the 19 but she thinks its too big. I guess now I have to find a nice single stack 9mm if the 442 doesn't work for her.
  14. The 442 is +p rated also. The moon clips would be nice.
  15. Your wife's 442 will not accept moon clips without some serious machining work, unfortunately. Invest in a few speedloaders, and teach her how to use them.
  16. I know that, I was just saying that they would be nice.
  17. I just shot a 442 with the CT grips on it for the first, and last time, today.

    That thing was down right painful to shoot.

    Friend had bought the gun for his wife to carry. After 10 shots her had was bleeding right at the base of her thumb.

    FWIW I've been deer hunting with .44 mag and heavy .45 Colt loads for 29 years. I'm not afraid of shooting heavy recoiling handguns. But that little thing with those CT grips was like shaking hands with Satan.

    I'd recommend you look at the Ruger LCR with the laser grips.
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  18. USDefender

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    Hey VA,

    Were you shoooting +P's? Because, my wife (and I) had a similar experience with her 642 shooting .38+P's. After that, she switched to regular .38's--problem solved. :dunno:
  19. TN.Frank

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    It's not so much the recoil, I've also shot handguns with a lot more recoil, it's more the velociety that smacks you in the thumb and kind of hurts. I think a good set of grips would go a long way to taking the "sting" out of these little guns.

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