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44 Mag power from G30...

Discussion in 'The Big Dawgs Club' started by flyandscuba, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Anyone else using a 460 Rowland conversion in their G30? After successfully converting a Springfield "Compact Tactical" XD 45 to 460 Rowland -- I picked up a used G30 and dropped in a 460 Rowland conversion this weekend.

    I hope to range test it this week. Like the XD -- I'll see if it will run 45 ACP, +P. 45 Super, and 460 Rowland without changing components.

    My buddy Mark Lucas of Deadeye Luke Holsters already fitted a custom kydex holster for it (with the comp installed), and it carries very comfortably.

    Johnny Rowland's "Personal Carry" ammo has been clocked at 1560 fps and roughly 1000 ftlbs - so I'll see if it will run some of that reliably as well. If so, a 10+1 "44 Magnum power" G30 will make a very nice and comfortable to carry woods gun/hunting sidearm in areas with serious four and two-legged predators.

    Here's the review on my Springfield XD 45 "Compact Tactical" 460 Rowland conversion:

    I'll post a similar review after I have a chance to shoot the G30 460 Rowland conversion this week.
  2. maximus1079


    Oct 3, 2012
    New England
    How hard is that to convert? Could I do it with my G30sf? I don't see why not right? Sorry for all the questions!

  3. Yes, it works the same for the G30SF. Buy the conversion kit from - install the barrel, recoil spring assembly, and compensator provided - and you are good to go!

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  4. maximus1079


    Oct 3, 2012
    New England
    Jeez that's pricey, but I guess that's what comes with customizing guns right? Thanks for the info! :)
  5. I admit.. I find the setup intriguing. I guess for me though I just can't justify another boutique/obscure round...

    Again though.. Certainly intriguing.
  6. If it weren't for Underwood, Buffalo Bore, Cor Bon, and even Georgia Arms providing factory loaded ammo - I might not have jumped on board.

    The fact that you can still run 45 ACP, +P, and 45 Super through the gun after conversion - as well as use regular 45 ACP dies for reloading - made it a no brainier for me.

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  7. Here's the promised range report:

    After my success with the XD Compact Tactical 460 Rowland conversion, I decided to do something more CCW-friendly...

    I spoke with Johnny Rowland at the Tulsa Gun Show this past weekend. He raved over the G30 conversion he has been personally using - so I decided to go ahead and pick up a conversion kit for one. It includes the barrel, compensator and a replacement RSA.

    I located a used G30 in excellent condition (CDNN currently has them for $399) and dropped in the conversion when I returned home.

    Today, I had a chance to take it to the range at Nashville Armory for a test run. Pics to follow - but I gave it the same test sequence as the XD Compact Tactical. 2 rds of 45 GAP, followed by 2 rds of Blazer ball, 2 rds of Winchester Ranger T +P, 2 rds of 45 Super, and finally 2 rds of 460 Rowland - all from the same magazine.

    The 45 GAP would fire but not eject - nor would the Blazer Ball. The +P, 45 Super, and 460 Rowland all fired and ejected without difficulty.

    I ran a total of 50 rds of 460 Rowland through the G30 - no problems whatsoever. It does shoot with "authority" and would not be for the recoil sensitive. Even with the compensator and RSA installed - it has more recoil than my G29SF with the hottest 10mm Auto loads.

    Of course, I was shooting Johnny Rowland's "personal carry" loads that have been chronographed at 1570fps from a 5" barrel for the 185 gr Nosler bullet. Even if I lose 100-150 fps from the shorter G30 - that is impressive power from a small, easily concealed handgun.

    Johnny, his partner Thomas, and I were discussing the Springfield XDS - and that several of us have been running 45 Super through it unmodified. They indicated that they are planning on a 460 Rowland conversion for the XDS! Yep, you read that right... What a hand cannon that will make if it is successful.

  8. What's the scoop. You loctite the compemsator on so basically it's pretty much locked in there (the barrell).
  9. Yes, they supply you with a tube of Loktite (red). You can heat the comp to soften the Loktite and remove it if you choose -- or just clean it as best you can without removing the comp.
  10. reflex264


    Jul 7, 2009
    Very cool. I just got done with one of their conversions on a 21sf. I went the full route on this guns since I hunt with it. I have changed trigger group, sights and a bunch more junk and it is driving tacks. reflex264