40S&W 155gr XTP - Blue Dot or Long Shot?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by PrecisionRifleman, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    I understand fully what you are saying, and I do use faster burning powders like Accurate no. 5. A faster powder is typically going to have higher pressures at similar velocities, and they just can't keep up with BD or other slower burning powders like A9. I have tested several dozen distinct workups with 6 different powders under numerous bullet combos in 10mm. BD groups like an absolute champ in my G20, and it is a very good performer when I feel like getting some higher velocities.

    So a bit of muzzle flash that is imperceptible in the day is just more of a side note than a problem.

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  2. Taterhead

    Taterhead Counting Beans

    That is my experience too. I used it for IDPA for a few years (I am not a "gamer." I run my G20 for fun.), and the SOs hated it during the stages that are simulated hallways where the sound could reverberate a bunch. Tee hee hee!

  3. I love running BlueDot with a 180XTP for hunting. A warm load in the 6" barrel sounds almost like a rifle. It definately barks.

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  4. DRT


    G35 - 20# spring and non-captured guide rod. TLR3 light.

    Federal brass
    CCI 500 primer
    COL 1.125"

    155gr XTP w/ 8.8gr of Longshot = ~1325fps, w/9.6gr of Longshot = ~1400fps (10.0gr is max)

    180gr XTP w/7.5gr of Longshot =~1175fps, w/8.0gr = ~1220fps (8.0gr is max)

    Longshot + 5.3" barrel = amazing velocity without exceeding SAAMI pressure specs.

    No pressure signs but approach top loads with caution. Neither bullet can handle these speeds (core/jacket separation) when firing into water behind 4-layers of denim.

    No malfunctions and very accurate.

    SDGLOCK23 was correct. With the correct powders, the .40 can crank it out. After reading his postings over the years, I finally got some equipment to load .40, including, longshot powder. It performs just like he said. wow. I'm afraid to try 800x.
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  5. SDGlock23

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    Those are some very good numbers DRT! I'm glad to see you post this, I loaded up some loads to run but the weather around here hasn't cooperated enough for me to get to run them. I will be using my G35 also, and have a 6' KKM barrel on it's way.

    Included are some Longshot loads, mainly 165gr, as I'm feeling there may be some room to play with there. Hodgdon's 165gr Longshot data seems like an oddity, and the 165gr Sierra is kind of long compared to the 165gr Gold Dot. Anyways it should be interesting, plus I have some nice 3N38 loads waiting. I may load some 155gr XTP's over Longshot as well, I've got a newer batch of Longshot to play with, so it may be better than my last batch.

    I mainly messed with Power Pistol last go around, but the book load of 7.2gr for 180gr did ~1150 from the G35. Not bad, but your Longshot load that did ~1220 fps has got me wanting to try out Longhsot again. 9gr of 3N38 got me ~1200 from the G35 with a 180gr with an extreme spread in the single digits.

    Very solid performance, and with the 6" barrel my past experience is that 180gr can get close to 1300 fps, although it's not really necessary since ~1200 fps is plenty potent and as you said, takes full advantage of pretty much every 180gr JHP bullet known. With that kind of performance I decided I didn't need my 10mm anymore.
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  6. Longshot does put up some good numbers. I'm going to load some 165gr JHP Montana Golds with Longshot today and see how they run. Thanks for the report with your G35. I've been seriously kicking around the idea of getting one myself.

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