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    Charter Pitbull 40 S&W 21 oz D size frame
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  2. Hows it handle? Im a huge 40 cal fan.Ive never seen the pitbull in 40.I thought last I saw,the pitbull was a 9mm federal.I almost bought it,but was told the ammo is too hard to come by,and I do not reload.I would also like to see a pic of it next to other pistols and or in your hand for size comparison if possible please.I am really interested in this pistol now......

    Found this thread too... http://glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1354678

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  3. Chup

    Me too!! I would like to see a range report. How dose it handle, how is the recoil, and do the rounds elect easily?

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