40 S&W Effective Range

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  1. Given an SBR'd and shoulder fired Glock 22 or 35, what would be the maximum effective range of the 40 S&W for defensive situations? Assume a Federal HST or some other premium defensive round.

    I have a specific scenario in mind, no matter how unlikely.

    Thanks guys and God bless,


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  2. SCmasterblaster

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    I'd limit it to about 50 meters. After that the penetration will be limited by too much velocity loss.

  3. I've seen guys shoot out to 100 yards. Not very reliable or accurate, but I would think that's the limit.

    On the other hand, my dad has an associate that can shoot a .44 mag out to about 250 yards and hit a coffee can. Wow! That's knowing you equipment. He says it takes him 3-4 shots to walk it in.
  4. Coming from a SBR length barrel, I would probably say the effective range would be closer to 100-125 yards based on the 100-150 FPS increase in velocity. By the time it reaches 100 yards, velocity would probably be 100 FPS or so below the manufacterers advirtised velocity which is well within the performance window.
  5. If you can hit @ 100yds, it would be at least annoying if not effective. The wound would be minmal,. JHP would not expand, etc. Service pistols are poor long range weapons, but better than throwing rocks. Even the 44mag starts running out of gas at 200yds. Still, get a hit w/ that large a bullet, it's gonna leave a mark.
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  6. A monkey could walk the shot in after a few sighters. The trick is doing it on the first shot OFFHAND. No hoodlum, let alone a deer, is going to stand still and let someone walk in shots.
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    Depends on barrel length, but factory rounds like the 180gr might not get you as much extra velocity out of the longer barrel as would a lighter weight bullet like a 165 or 155gr. On the other hand, the heavier 180gr would retain it's energy better than a lighter weight bullet. At roughly 1000 fps at the muzzle, the 180gr bullet will likely still be above 900 fps (around 920+ fps) at the 100yd mark, and I suspect would still operate (expand) at that velocity with ease. Any extra velocity, depending on bbl length, is only going to raise that number.

    However hitting the target is what counts. Velocity wise, I'd say 150 yards is no problem...that is as long as you can hit accurately at that distance.
  8. http://www.speer-ammo.com/ballistics/ammo.aspx

    Here are the ballistics for the speer gold dot out to 100 yards. Click the links to see ballistics of the different loads and cartridges.

    Looks like all of the major calibers would be very lethal at that range and that is from there pistol length barrels. All three of the .40 loads deliver 325 ft/lbs KE or more at 100 yards.
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  9. c01

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    2 yotes w/ pass through at 50 yards with the G27.
    Im not going to stand in front of it until about 150 or so. I carry it bird hunting and shoot yotes that may come along. I also practice at 100 yards. Really not hard if you practice.

  10. A full power .40 out of a SBR should be good to 100yds for anti-personnel work. Whether the shooter is that good is another matter of course.
  11. Bear in mind you are talking about the identical ballistics of the 38/40 which was a popular carbine round as well as pistol. Now given the velocity difference between a pistol barrel, and figuring that the 38/40 made kills beyond 200 yds, I wouldn't be too comfortable with a good shooter popping of at me with an SBR at 200 yds.
  12. c01

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    Good post CG
  13. Thanks for the info gents, it looks like the round is up to the task I have in mind, just have to do some paperwork first. . .
  14. toshbar

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    125-150 yards. I've shot 300+ yards with my G24 and also my 16" KT Sub2000.
  15. Its the Indian, not the arrow. How far can you hit with it?
  16. SCmasterblaster

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    True, the bullet is capable of doing alot of damage out to 100 yards, if the shooter can actually hit anything beyond 50 yards.

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