.40 S&W ammo for those who complain about .40 being too "snappy"

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by greenlion, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. I read posts all the time discussing the fact that .40 S&W recoil is uncomfortable for some folks to shoot. Hornady is now making the perfect practice ammo for people who are new to the .40S&W, or need a lower-recoil round to practice with. Its also great for anyone who wants some quality range ammo to have fun with that does not cost an arm and a leg.

    Hornady's 180 grain Steel Match traveling at 950fps is some very soft shooting ammo, and accurate to boot. Handguns magazine just had an article on it which prompted me to buy some to try out. I have never run across any .40S&W (that I didn't load myself) that shot any easier in my GLOCK 23. It was very accurate and well manufactured. The cases aren't re-loadable, but then if you reload, you can already load up any velocity you want.

    Note: I shoot full power ammo in my .40 and have no real problem with the recoil level. I also own a Glock 20 in 10mm, and shoot full power loads in it. So, please save any macho lectures that are bubbling up inside some of you for another time. Soft shooting ammo can be fun for the shooting public as well.

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  3. nice to know, now maybe my girls will shoot it more than the .38's
  4. I plan on using it at the GLOCK Shooting Sports Match in Nov, since I won't be able to recover my brass anyway at that indoor range. The sights track really well with that load. The Handguns magazine article chrono'd that round at 911fps, so it may be going a bit slower than what is listed on Hornady's site.
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  5. What's it roughly priced at?
  6. Russian cases imported by Hornaday. :upeyes:
  7. The ableammo site listed above by dkf advertises it at 862 fps.
  8. I am not recommending it as the cheapest ammo on the market. It isn't. Its not bargain basement FMJ ball ammo. It is loaded with Hornady's HAP competition hollowpoints which are designed to be accurate, and it is reportedly very consistent, dependable ammo.

    I'm saying it is excellent for SOME people because it is accurate, soft recoiling, and not overly expensive.
  9. Camu Mahubah

    Camu Mahubah 9=Fine

    I see it for $22 bucks on CTD. Anyplace have it cheaper? Because by the time I pay shipping...ah well the lowered recoil impulse would sure make me smoother in the three gun shoots...I'll have to give it a try...
  10. Federal had a nice load in their American Eagle line that was a 165gr bullet doing 980fps. That was a great load to pick up for competitions if you didn't have any homemade loads cooked up. However, about a year ago they pushed the speed up to 1000fps, and it feels like most other 165gr loads now.
  11. Just a thought... I don't know what it's actual velocity might be, but the WWB 165 gr. FMJ load in .40 S&W works well for me in my G-22. It does not seem to have as much recoil as normal 180 gr. loads. That's just my impression. You might want o give it a try.
  12. Oh, I don't need any. I reload whatever combo I need for whatever task is at hand. I was just letting others know that this new line is nice shooting ammo.
  13. Another good one, and much cheaper, is the Tula 180 grain FMJ. It feels almost like a stout 9mm load; at least the box I shot did.
  14. +1 on the Tula 180gr. fmj. It is very soft in recoil. Makes the .40 much more pleasant to shoot.
  15. DWARREN123

    DWARREN123 Grumpy Old Guy

    I shoot what is equal to my carry ammo. I do not want have to relearn my carry ammo all over again.
    If folks thinks the 40 S&W is too snappy then perhaps they should go to a different caliber. :supergrin:
  16. Tula made my .40 feel like an airsoft gun
  17. Now that I think about it, the Tula may have been even more pleasant to shoot than some of the stouter 9mm loads I've shot. Why? Because, although there was a little more muzzle rise, the recoil felt more like a push than a snap.
  18. I bet they pushed the velocity up to 1000fps+ to make major.

  19. I do. I did. .45 GAP or ACP! :supergrin:

    Why compromise? :dunno:

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