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.40 HP ?'s

Discussion in 'The Browning Hi Power Club' started by D.S.Brown, May 15, 2010.

  1. D.S.Brown

    D.S.Brown Millennium Member

    Dec 24, 1999
    North Texas
    Who owns one (or several), and why do you like them? Just curious because they've entered my radar to represent single action auto's in my small but growing .40 caliber collection, (see below).

    Thank you.



  2. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    I love classic Hi-Powers, which doesn't include any chambered in 40S&W.
  3. Brian Dover

    Brian Dover

    Jul 31, 2002
    SW Ohio
    I actually like the .40 S&W BHP better than the original 9mm, although I do own more than one of each. (In other words, both are nice choices!)Browning/FN got the .40 caliber version right in my opinion. Increasing the slide width/mass, installing a heavier recoil spring* and adding the third locking lug to the barrel showed good thinking on their part when they upsized the gun for the new offering.

    (This space reserved for spurious comments about how some other companies shoehorned .40 S&W offerings into 9mm platforms with mixed results. Nah, there's no need to go there... :whistling: )

    *Okay I admit that heavy recoil spring makes the gun somewhat harder to re-assemble, but recalling that old saying about "There's no such thing as a free lunch" gets me through the process without angst.
    Last edited: May 17, 2010
  4. Cliph


    Apr 28, 2008
    The .40 is made slightly heavier and wider than the 9mm, though the same holster will fit either. The BHP is a very concealable, fast pointing pistol and one of the fastest with follow-on shots. A 9mm barrel can be fitted to the .40 giving you a heavy duty 9mm.
  5. Bret

    Bret Crimping Master

    Jan 21, 2003
    North Georgia
    I own a 40S&W Browning and a 9mm FN. If you're ever going to carry it, get the 40S&W. If you just get it for the joy of target shooting, get the 9mm because the ammo is less expensive.
  6. dnuggett

    dnuggett PRO 2A

    Feb 28, 2005
    DFW TX
    Same here. Love the .40, just not in the HP.
  7. Poohgyrr

    Poohgyrr trout fear me!

    The .40 Hi Power is sweet.

    But then I like the .40 Glocks too, so there is no accounting for my taste. ;)
    Last edited: May 25, 2010
  8. DAT85


    Mar 15, 2009
    The only .40 I own is a Novak Home defense package HP.I never really warmed up to the .40 in any other platform I have tried it in,but for some reason,with the HP I can actually get decent groups out of any load that I run through it.

    Go figure......:upeyes:

  9. I have always liked Hi-Powers so naturally had to get one in .40 S&W.
    It's almost too pretty to shoot with the high polish blue and the French
    walnut grips.
  10. Azjeeper


    May 28, 2007
    Well i own 2 9mm brownings and one .40 browning and i do prefer the 9mm to the .40. The 9mm has a better feel but love the .40 enough that i put ebony grips and a no bite hammer on it and do carry the gun, had a chance to do it over would have bought the gun in 9mm but that doesnt stop me from enjoying the .40 hell do they make a better looking .40? And NO the .40s not for sale.
  11. I traded today for a Browning Hi power in .40S&W. The mfg date is April 2003, polished blue finish. The gun is a Sport model with an adjutable rear sight. It came with the fired casing and 2 magazines. On the way home of course I went to the range and man it shot great. When I got home to clean it I realized the recoil spring takes 2 grown men and a small boy to get out. I think I scored a somewhat rare and nice piece.
  12. Poohgyrr

    Poohgyrr trout fear me!

    Congrats on your .40; FN did it right when they made the Hi Power in this round.
  13. chance3290

    chance3290 Fear Dli

    Feb 7, 2005
    I have one that was customized by Jim Garthwaite. Its really my only custom gun. I don't carry it anymore.....but its too pretty to sell.
  14. ChicagoZman


    Jun 29, 2010
    Have a mid-90s vintage HP Practical in .40S&W. It remains one of my favorite handguns as well as the hands down favorite of almost anyone who shoots it.
  15. Retired Squid

    Retired Squid

    Jul 7, 2007
    Sure would love to convert a 40 cal to 10mm and have a real stopper instead of the 10mm short. I think it would go better with my 10mm SA Omega, Dan Wesson RZ10, and Colt DE that's for sure. :tongueout:
  16. rgregoryb

    rgregoryb Sapere aude

    Oct 20, 2004
    Republic of Alabama
    Then you could wear it also...I have converted several 40's to 357 Sig for customers... now that's a sweet shooting piece of iron
  17. Retired Squid

    Retired Squid

    Jul 7, 2007
    I agree with you on 357 Sig, but I been rolling my own 10mm lot longer then 357 Sig has been around. Around here 10mm is easier to find as factory ammo then the 357 Sig and would probably be like 10mm if not for some PD's still using them. Is TX DPS and TX Rangers still using them??

    Another sweat round when loaded right is 38 Super, but it's straight walled which is easier for reloading. The bottle neck 357 should be uber reliable for reloading. But IU went nwith 38 Super in my new DW RZ I have on order.
  18. Poohgyrr

    Poohgyrr trout fear me!

    You could just order a Bren Ten.. :tongueout: