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.40 200-grain FMJ for Glock 20

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by rattinox, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. After Hornady discontinued their 200g TCFMJ bullets, I threw myself a fairly serious hissy. Full-power loads is all I ever shoot. The Korporati at Hornady weren't losing money on those bullets, they just weren't making "a profit commensurate with their preferred lifestyles" :steamed:

    Ooopps-time for my Meds- this is going to be a happy post! :supergrin:

    For those fans of the original full-power loads, here are some substitutes gleaned from tips and searches over the last year or so:


  2. I owe you one, Wisky :cool:

    To quote my Uncle Boggs: "Well-I-will-be-just-eaten-and-****!"

    Must be a recent decision for Hornady to go for bulk-only, 'cuz there was no production of this bullet for awhile. Which was pure stupidity on their part; they must have some serious money invested in dies alone for that bullet.

    Well, this calls for a celebration!! Thanks!!
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