365 days with Ruger SR9

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Nestor, May 1, 2012.

  1. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

    I'll be heading to the range on Sunday, so hopefully a short range report will follow.
    I cleaned the gun today and have some more pictures and observations for You.
    The sights on the SR9 are adjustable for both windage and elevation and pretty easy to acquire even to my "getting older" eyes. I know that the fixed sights are available from XS Sights if that's your preference (maybe some other producers are also offering their products for this pistol, but this I don't know).


    I like the fact that the rail is nearly invisible on this pistol - I personally don't like the rails, but I can see some use for them at times. Anyway - it's there is You need it.
    Pistol has very low bore axis and good pointability - it comes on the target in quite natural way - not like the Glock pistols which are anything, but natural pointers to me.
    I don't understand the safety idea really. I don't like it and I wish Ruger to remove it sometimes down the road. No problem with disengaging it though - I just can't see much use for it on the combat pistol with Glock-like safeties.
    Pistol is absolutely safe without one. Huge loaded chamber indicator is overkill in my opinion as well.
    Another thing - I wouldn't mind to see some more positive gripping areas on the slide. Slide serrations are fine while the hand is dry, but a bit of oil, sweat or...blood and it's quite difficult to rack the slide (at least on the new pistol).
    Magazines have a nice feature though - flat ledges on each side, so the magazine can be easily removed from the gun in the event of a double feed. All You need in such case is to unload and reload the gun without need to lock the slide open before stripping the magazine. Could be a life-saving idea.
    Quality of machining is ok, but I've noticed a few rough spots here and there, however it shouldn't affect the function.
    After disassembly the pistol reminds me Glock platform a lot.


    Process of taking the pistol apart is fairly easy probably similar to M&P 9 from what I was reading except for removing the slide stop pin. That's it for today. Thanks!


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  2. I bought a SR9C a couple of weeks ago and so far so good. Pops

  3. The ghost rocket connector is a great addition to this pistol. Really makes the trigger crisp.
  4. Really sleek-looking gun. Much less blocky than a lot of H&Ks and SIGs. The SRs hold a lot of rounds (with full-capacity mags) for the frame size. That rear sight is HUGE.

    Looks great with the black slide. :thumbsup:
  5. Nice looking gun. Have never owned a center fire weapon from Ruger, but the quality of the rim fires I own is top notch, so am curious.
  6. At least equaled, and shouldn't hesitate on any model you like of theirs. All well made, quality pieces. I wouldn't say most of their stuff is top notch kimber ed browns, but it's definitely still great value for the money. Their revolvers are built like tanks. As I said, can't go wrong with anything they make.
  7. I've had an SR9c for over a year now. I shoot it better than my Glock, and I think the reason is because the SR series really has a tiny grip compared to other double-stack 9mm pistols (much slimmer than a Glock anyway). If my hands were bigger that probably wouldn't be an issue.

    Anyway, according to my records, I've put just over 1000 rounds through it so far, without any failures. I like the short trigger pull. Even though it's somewhere around 6 pounds, IIRC, hickok45 calls it almost a hair trigger because it doesn't travel far before it breaks. Probably the other reason I shoot it better.

    If the newer full-sized SR pistols have the same trigger as the compact models, I wouldn't hesitate owning one. I prefer the C model, though, because it takes the 17rnd SR9 mags (with mag adapter for a full grip) so IMO I have the best of both worlds. The only downside with the big mags in the compact gun is it's easy to pinch your palm between the grip of the gun and the adapter when you slam the mag home (the pain helps you learn to avoid doing that after a couple of times though :rofl:).
  8. what is really nice is in 2012 we have so many good choices out there...glocks, xd/xdm, sigs, CZ, M&P etc. I can remember not so many years ago when we didnt have NEAR the choices. I am a glock fan but that SR9c is a great gun, I wouldn't question owning one, or using for home protection. I feel since Old man ruger died that they have came out with some really nice small guns...LCP, LCR, LC9, SR9, etc. I think the SR9 is a big step up from the clunky P series pistols.
  9. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

    Back from the range. 200 rounds today, with not even a single problem.


    Again, I'm not an expert with the pistols in general, but I'll slowly learn.
    Trigger was just fine to me, very much Glock like, maybe even less spongy than Glock is. Very positive reset with loud "click" (took me about 2 magazines to remember that I actually can use the reset to my own good).
    I couldn't feel any recoil at all. Very mild shooting pistol - probably thanks to very low bore axis. I really like it.
    Here is what I don't like: every second or third empty case was ejected in very positive way right at my forehead and if not for the hat that I was wearing I would be even more ugly today than usual.
    I was shooting at close range and moved the target to 10 meters (11 yards) and 15 meters (16.5 yards) later on. This particular target was used at 10 meters (head, torso and pelvis) and 15 meters (torso).


    Certainly it's combat accurate even in my hands.
    That's it for today. Thanks!
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  10. I think as long as you got the model with the trigger that came out after the SR9c was introduced you will be pleased. I have a SR9c and consider it a upgrade from my Glock 23. Its just as reliable, feels better in my hand,pretty much fully ambidextrous(mag release and safety on both sides only thing thats not is the slide stop..but then again its a slide stop not a slide release so it really does not matter) fully adjustable sights and thinner than a Glock..win/win all the way around. After a cleaning and breakin period its got around 1500-1600 flawless rounds through it now.
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  11. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

    Cleaning day. No excessive wear noticed, pistol was fairly clean actually. 200 rounds in and the very first, quite sophisticated modification was done. With my long fingers the grip was just a bit too thin for my liking. Slip-on Pachmayr grips with the price tag of $8.99 fixed that. Jeeezzz...I almost passed out trying to put that thing on. Quality rubber feels good though...You know :whistling:

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  12. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

    I was wondering about the reason behind controllability of this pistol during the range session. There was nearly no recoil and very little muzzle rise (having both arms injured with the left elbow badly hurting in nearly any position I'm more recoil sensitive those days than usual). I did measure the bore axis position and it seems that my initial observation was correct. It's low. Actually the web of the hand is only 0.75 of an inch below the centerline of the bore. That explains a lot.


    To give You an idea how low it really is, here is my 1911 in comparison. The same measurement shows 1.70 of an inch.


    Speaking of the web of my hand. For some reason the pistol scratched it during the last shooting session. It's not really typical thing for 9mm, so I inspected the frame closely.
    Here is what I found...


    There was a small, sharp piece of plastic sticking out from the frame and cutting into my hand. Leftover from the frame molding process I guess. Sandpaper corrected the problem.
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  13. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

    Back from the range.


    270 rounds total today:
    50 of American Eagle 147 grain TMJ
    50 of American Eagle 124 grain FMJ
    10 of Remington Golden Sabre 124 grain JHP
    10 of Federal Guardian Dog 105 grain EFMJ
    100 of Winchester White Box 115 grain FMJ
    50 of reloads 115 grain FMJ
    Zero problems to report. 100% reliable. Trigger is smoothing up and I'm starting to have better feel for it. Only one in five - six empty casings were ejected at my forehead this time, so big improvement there. I like the slip-on grip a lot. Having much better control of the pistol is always nice. It seems that the pistol has slight preference for 124 grain loads with most consistent accuracy noticed. Those two groups were fired from 7 meters away using 124 grain ammo. 1 round fired every 1-1.5 seconds. I'm sure that the pistol is far more accurate than I'll ever be. So far so good.

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  14. uzimon

    uzimon team ftp

    went to the range yesterday with a guy had the ruger. me with my new g17 gen3. hate to say it but i shot beta with the ruger:shocked:

    i still wont switch to ruger due to to my owning a g26 and owning a buttload of mags that fit both guns:supergrin:
  15. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

    Thanks Guys!
    Since it's time for cleaning I decided to touch the base on disassembly of the pistol.
    Step one: remove the magazine...

    Step two: lock slide back...

    Step three: press the ejector down...

    Step four: press takedown pin and pull it out...

    Step five: remove slide assembly....

    Step six: remove recoil spring and the barrel...

    Pistol is field stripped now. Again, no unusual wear was noticed. So far, so good.
  16. Berto

    Berto woo woo

    Great job on the review and shooting, Adam.
    The latest generation of polymer guns really do bring the bore axis down, the undercut tangs and more aggressive grip angle make a difference.
  17. Good write up I love my sr9c
  18. Nestor

    Nestor Lean & Mean

    Thanks again :wavey:
    Here is what I don't like. I already mentioned about the huge loaded chamber indicator. Overkill, but look at the barrel here:


    This is the spot where the indicator is resting between the two small, lugs. It's real pain trying to clean that spot. I wish to see the indicator to be smaller and located somewhere else really.
    On the positive side. Case is fully supported in the chamber.


    I also like the design of the magazine. Look at that:


    It's very easy to grab the magazine and pull it down if for whatever reason it will stuck inside the grip. Ejection of the magazine is very positive though with the both release buttons working very well so far.
  19. Just use some Hoppes(or what ever cleaner/bore cleaner you use) and a old toothbrush and that area where the loaded chamber indicator cleans up VERY easily. And according to the Ruger rep at a gun show the reason on the gun the loaded chamber indicator is like it is is because they wanted it to be able to be FELT in no/low light situations where you may not be able to see the indicator..Im not a giant fan of it either to be honest and the mag safety is long gone(think I removed that first week I had it) but I dont let that one feature ruin it for me :) .
  20. oh no. are you storing your new ruger too close to your late GEN3 or early GEN4 Glocks? is the "ejected to my face" disease spreading?! quick!! separate them immediately and get that ruger on some anti-biotics!!!! :whistling:

    my first new pistol was a ruger P89 in early 90s and loved that gun. some may say, 'cheap taste, cheap guns', but i didnt care. i shot it well and never let me down. maybe its time to look at ruger again. looking forward to more updates in the future. in the mean time, i'll visit my LGS and handle one of these just to see how it feels in my hand.


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