.357sig (Range Heads) ?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Rev.357, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Guys,

    What range heads are you using? I need some good but cheeper range lead.



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  2. I've been buying .357sig range ammo online for the good prices.

    Federal 125-grain AE running around $17/box of 50. Some online dealers have free shipping if you order a certain amount, say 250 + rounds.

    Fiocchi sometimes has cheap range ammo for sale on the Internet. There are a half-dozen Internet dealer you can check out for prices, and I think the trick is to just be patient and wait for the bargains. Once you see them jump on them because the .357sig ammo deals disappear fast.

  3. You can still pick up 1000 rounds of Federal frangible ammo on gunbroker for around $235 shipped. That is probably the best deal going right now. Next would be Georgia Arms reloads.
  4. That does look good. I've never shot frangible rounds; how do they compare with the normal FMJ range ammo as far as duplicating the recoil and "feel" of normal .357sig rounds?
  5. If any of you have saved some brass, drop me an e-mail or pm. I would like to get some more, I roll my own..
  6. Once fired stuff is really quite cheap. As to factory, I load my own, but bought some GA for a friend. It is high quality remanuf for a good price.
  7. Don't know, I never shot any. That stuff usually goes for $45-$50 per 50 so I never tried it before. It uses a 100gr more than likely over 1350fps so its probably snappy, without bad recoil. Probably close to regular 125gr FMJ ammo. I thought about buying a case but I'm reloading .357sig now and I would rather not have Federal brass for reloading.
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    I have some of the 100gr frangible I bought off a guy over a year ago. I wonder what it would do fired into a gelatin block, just act like FMJ?
  9. Frangible loads fall into two categories, dubiously effective things like the Glaser Safety Slug or Magsafe, and then all of the practice frangible loads which are designed to break up easily and quickly when they hit solid objects like steel plates, eliminating or reducing the chance of injury by ricochet or damage to the backstop. Typically the first ones don't penetrate much in people and shoot to odd points of impact, and the second act like any other nonexpanding solid in tissue.
  10. +1 for Georgia Arms. Some of the most accurate ammunition I have ever fired out of my P229R, and the price makes sense...plus you get those cool ammo cans. Fiocchi can be found cheap sometimes too, but it feels woefully underpowered.
  11. I've read a lot of positive testimonials for Georgia Arms, but at $155/500 rounds vs $235/1,000 rounds for frangible I'll go with the frangible since this is for the range only. That's why I asked about the recoil characteristics. If the frangible doesn't have a "normal" .357sig recoil then the range time using that ammo won't be productive.
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  13. The compressed copper like the Federal we were talking about is designed to turn to dust when it hits a hard targets.(like steel) It should act like an FMJ in gel and stay intact.

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