357SIG proving to be an unbelievable manstopper???

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by glock20c10mm, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Some of those tests show the .357 SIG to have a wider stretch cavity than the vaunted
    .357 Magnum.

    Not that I'd want to shot by either on of them:)

    As for the much hyped HST. That testing shows the HST to actually fragment,
    and have a more narrow stretch cavity than the more impressive PDX .357
    SIG load, or at least it looks like that to me.

    I still think the TAC XP is the best bullet on the market.

    100% expansion and weight retention.

    No need to shop for bonded or non-bonded.

    More than adequate penetration with
    no worry of the jacket/core will separate.

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  2. With regards to penetration, the FBI mandates 12-18" so 16" is just about ideal, IMO. That's just over halfway in the acceptable range.

  3. That is it. The 357 Sig HST is not hyped. However, while we are talking about the PDX1 or Winchester Bonded Ranger, it does have a larger diameter at the end, however, it takes almost 2" before expansion starts. Penetration is less than the HST, and in my opinion the damage cavity is less in overall size. The fragmentation you get off of the HST is not worth mentioning. If it were an issue, why does it penetrate more that the PDX1.

    I have tried to love the TAC XP bullets, but it is diffcult. The real nice thing about it is that it expands through anything, even leather. The only other bullet that comes close is the HST.
  4. SCmasterblaster

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    will be in .45 caliber, where I'll not be concerned with bullet expansion. :cool:
  5. Nanuk


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    This thread is getting complicated.
  7. I think my S&W 642 firing standard pressure .38 Special is louder than any pistol I have, including .357 Sig. Maybe not but that's the impression I get, maybe it's just the blast.
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    About the snubbie being the loudest. The powder charge burns outside the barrel, mostly.
  9. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  10. Funny how the FBI spent millions to get a better round than the 147 gr. 9 mm,
    and went to the 10mm, then the weaker FBI loads.

    That they now carry .40s but the best caliber is a lighter weight ( 125) Magnumized version of the 9mm. Plenty of stopping power and tactical penetration, even if
    most data is from full sized duty guns.

    The .357 SIG is both interesting and very authoritative!

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  11. I seriously doubt a hot 125gr 357 sig @1400fps is going to make any difference over a 155gr 40S&W @1300fps. I'll take a larger, heavier bullet going fast over a smaller/lighter bullet going a little faster. Really if anything its a wash, but the 40 is more versatile in loads and bullet weights. What evidence do you have showing the 357 sig as being any better?

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  12. Texas and other depts could switch to the .40 but they don't.

    The .357 SIG offers this over the Forty:

    Lower recoil.

    Improved accuracy

    superior tactical penetration.

    Superior Stopping Power with most loads than any other common police

    Or at least us .357 owners think so.
  13. SCmasterblaster

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    just how many police departments use the .357 Sig? :cool:
  14. Chuck TX


    Who is still making 357sig models besides Sig and Glock?

    ~20 or so agencies seem to have it as the issued caliber. Many seem to be Highway Patrol who were nostalgic for the .357Mag. Guess they couldn't handle the 10mm. :supergrin:
  15. I like the 357 Sig, but prefer the 40 cal. I think they are about equal in performance on self defense issues. And those are about 15 yards and less 99% of the time!!! Longer then about 25 or 30 yards and the 357 Sig might have a slight advantage and shooting through barriers of different kinds.

    I prefer the 45 ACP and Super over both. Even over the 10mm .

    But PghJim stated quite away back that "No round is perfect but I think even comparing it to a +p+ 9 would be rediculous."
    How is comparing a 357 Sig to a 9MM +P+ ridiculous? Isn't that just what a 357 Sig is!! A 9MM +P+, or a very little more then that. A very fast 9MM. Yes, that is very good but that's all it is.

    OK, the 357 Sig is about exactly like a 9MM +P++. Comparable to a 9mm +P+. But with a very close 9MM+P+ you can hold more rounds of ammo.
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  16. uz2bUSMC

    uz2bUSMC 10mm defender

    I don't think you're going to find a 9+p+ with over 600ft lbs.
  17. Same comparison would be 38 v. 357mag. We all no which one is superior. Same with 9mm v. 357sig.

  18. There is no doubt that the 357 Sig is superior to the 9MM +P+. I did not mean to infer otherwise!!

    It's just that I don't think it is the great panacea that some are calling it. And I have never heard it called an "unbelievable man stopper". :upeyes:
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    Odd, I have never thought to make the comparison. But you are correct about a full-powered 10 mm being a death ray. :cool:
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  20. I think its the best all around handgun self defense round on the planet. We carried the 9mm back in the day for my first 5years. Were very unpleased by performance in a few shootings. Granted, that was 15-20 years ago and ammo has improved quite a bit since then. We switched to the 357 sig in around 1997 and have had close to 10-12 shootings with it. Mostly with gold dot and a few with hst. We are very pleased. I also think the 40 is a fantastic self defense round as well. Just feel the 357sig is slightly better. Especially if you have to shoot thru car doors/windshields.
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