357SIG proving to be an unbelievable manstopper???

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by glock20c10mm, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. UGH!!!, don't even get me started on political correctness... :notlistening: :fist: :soap: :rant:

    Otherwise, nice post. :supergrin:

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  2. Yeah, there's a fair amount of difference there. It's more noticeable when you take a sheet of paper, or whatever, and cover the first 3" (according to the 3" mark of the rulers) of penetration in both pics at the same time.

  3. If anything, the 357SIG round was less traumatic. Kindof suprising.
  4. Yeah, but I see it as a result of bullet design. Too bad we couldn't see what total penetration depth would have ended up being. Seems the Gold Dot bullet design didn't allow for much retarding force at 357SIG velocities, or at least the Gold Dot bullet (don't know the weight) in the 9mm worked better for more retarding force. I see it as simply a function of individual bullet design. The Gold Dot bullet may not be the best choice in 357SIG for those of us that want maximum energy transfer while still reaching an acceptable penetration depth.
  5. N/Apower

    You cannot underestimate the phsycological effect of having confidence in one's weapon, I'm glad you have confidence in yours. I have many calibers and, given the right load, I feel comfortable with any of them. Is one better than the others? Not in my opinion. There are always trade-offs, even with the 357 Sig.

    I really have to wonder what would have happened if Sig had decided to market it as the 9mm Sig Magnum. They sure have taken advantage of the 357 mystique.
  6. I agree, just don't mistake it for over-confidence. I understand it's a pistol, not a howitzer. I feel the 357SIG has an edge, though.

    I think the marketing was good, the ONLY thing that went wrong was what often does. The product was not QUITE as mature as it should have been when it hit the market. If setback had been taken care of already, and better bullets were on the market (such as the Gold Dot, instead of the Federal load), I think the round would have done a LOT better, popularity-wise.

    Whether it deserves it or not, the 357 Magnum was/is a legend. To capitalize on this and follow in it's footsteps, SIG had to have gotten it perfect. Right fron the start. When you are following a legend, you can't stumble. You can't even slip. The 357SIG slipped a little, and it lost the momentum that its name and claimed purpose gave it initially.
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  7. Much more often than not, psychologically not having confidence in a weapon is brought on by one psychologically talking/thinking themselves out of it based on misconceptions they have or lies (not necessarily on purpose) they've been told.

    Not saying this to argue what you posted, just saying, as reguardless what I posted, I see what you posted still being true.
  8. I know this is an old thread but I just stumbled across it so it's new to me :)
    I have a friend in the NC Highway Patrol and they switched from the .40 to .357 sig a few years ago because they had several instances of the .40's deflecting off windshields. For LEO's barrier penetration is more of an issue than it is for civilian SD so I can see why they switched. I currently shoot 9mm, .40 , and .45 but I'm going to get a .357 sig barrel for my Glock 23. For some reason people seem to have a knee jerk reaction to .357 sig, either they love it or hate it. I love all calibers! I think it is itonic however that a lot of the 9mm only lovers will trash .357 sig and then go on other boards and tell how "light and fast" is better than "heavy and slow" if that is true for them then you would think that all pro-9mm folk would love .357 sig because it's light and FASTER!
  9. I have noticed what you mentioned towards the end of your post also.

    The above gel photos of 9mm GD vs .357sig GD is completely backwards to what I have seen with MANY other tests. Looks like they put the round on the wrong gel for the photos.
  10. If the bullet doesn't exit the body then ALL of the energy HAS been transferred.
  11. "I carry 357sig, so I do like the round and would like to hear of popularity among Law Enforcement."

    No offense to the author of this comment, but I think he accidentally revealed the psychology behind these kinds of posts: he carries it, and is looking for validation of his choice. Nothing wrong with that. Couldn't tell if the OP was leading with a statement, a question, or... a commercial.
  12. Ahh-choo! The dust from the old thread!

    Well it's a good thread, despite the title. It does seem the .357sig is well liked by almost everyone who actually has one, whether it's joe blow, a enthusiast, law enforcement, ect. If all it were was a "hot nine" I think there would be a lot more let down by now. Those who show such protest for it usually are the caliber fanboys (one in particular) who don't even own one. I think if all it were is a "hot 9" or a fad there would be a lot more let down by now.

    I wish these caliber fanboys would grow up. They all seem to think they are the smart one's that have seen some kind of light with their way of thinking that the majority of us are too stupid to see.
  13. I carry a S&WM&P357Sig daily or with a barrel change S&WM&P40 and occasionally a Gen4 Glock22.
  14. Roering

    Roering Sorting nuts

  15. Love the 357 auto, it works for me.
  16. Anyone know the original source of these pics? What 9mm load was it? Do even know know for certain those ARE Gold Dots?
  17. Well they are in black and white.....
  18. SCmasterblaster

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    I believe it. The .357 Sig with the 124gr bullet achieves a similar power level as the legendary .357 magnum 125gr load.
  19. Seems that the 357 Sig's potential has not fully been discovered. I safely loaded some 124-5 grian basic Rem. HPs at an average of 1530 fps out of a 5" 357 Sig barrel in my G-35. That's more than "just a little faster" than a 9+p+ or what not, and even faster than some 125 grain 357 mag factory loads out of some 4' revolvers.
  20. I agree. I'd like to see this cartridge take hold a little more. Hopefully, if it does, the full potential of this cartridge can be exploited.

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