357SIG Kahr?

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  1. Has anyone else at least thought about an aftermarket barrel in 357SIG for their Kahr 40S&W pistol?

    I can't find any aftermarket barrel availability for that idea. Has anyone had an aftermarket barrel custom made for their Kahr 40?


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  2. ehornad

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    Barsto was willing to do it, but we never got enough people together to make a run.

  3. Couldn't you buy a 9mm barrel and ream the chamber to 357SIG?
  4. I suppose, but I'm not set up for any reaming, or machining at all (ok, I have a dremmel tool :supergrin: ). So if I used a Kahr 9mm barrel, which I suspect isn't available aftermarket, it would probably have to be purchased from Kahr, and this is all assuming 9 & 40 Kahr barrels are the exact same profile (I don't know), and then sent out be be reamed aftermarket anyway, and by that time it could be that I might as well call Barstow anyway. And, I suppose I'ld call Barstow anyway for a complete custom job, as the platform will be a PM40 (3" barrel), and I want the barrel 1" longer than stock at 4", though, there are 4" barreled Kahrs, and I don't know if they are all designed alike where they lock up in the frame. Hmmmmm. :headscratch:

  5. I know that people have reamed 9mm barrels to 357SIG for other guns.
    I don't think I would want a PM, but the K/P series would be nice!
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  6. Thanks for the links.

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