.357 Sig... G33 or G32?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Inebriated, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I'm hoping to grab a Glock in .357 Sig, but I'm struggling here... I like the performance of it out of a 4" barrel (4.02" in the G32), but I like the size of the G33 (3.43"), and I don't know if the .59" difference in barrel length makes a big difference in the .357 Sig load. So can anyone tell me if it'll make much difference in velocity, or point me to some info?


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    32. I just don't care much for the tiny Glocks.

  3. I don't think the small difference in barrel length makes much of a difference.

    I chose the G-32 because I never warmed up to having to curl my pinkie underneath the baby Glock magazine. It might work for 9mm (G-26) but with the stronger .357sig caliber I thought it best to have a firm purchase of the weapon. (Geez, thanks again to the GT member who I first noticed used this great vocabulary/description)
  4. I'm iffy on the baby Glocks... I can deal with the grip, just holding it, but I haven't shot any, except a few rounds through a 26... I just know it conceals easier, which is why I'm considering it. Local range rents them, though, so I'll try one out first.
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  5. The G33 w/ finger ext is about the same length as the G32. So if you are getting a mag ext, just get the G32. I have a G26 & G32. A 1/2" bbl diff is more significant w/ the 357sig than other calibers.
  6. I don't plan on using the grip extension. And do you (or anyone else) have any data on it? I mean, I can't imagine it'll make much of a practical difference, but then again, I'm still learning about .357 Sig.

    EDIT - found on another site
    G31, barrel 4.49 inches
    G32, barrel 4.02 inches
    G33, barrel 3.46 inches

    G31 Cor-Bon 125 gr 1431.2/586 velocity/energy
    G31 SpeerGD 125 gr 1378.8/527

    G32 Cor-Bon 125 gr 1402.4/546
    G32 SpeerGD 125 gr 1355.8/510

    G33 Cor-Bon 125 gr 1350.2/506
    G33 SpeerGD 125 gr 1278.2/453"

    So that's a substantial difference in velocity from the 3.5 - 4, and not very much from 4 - 4.5. Question now becomes "do I want velocity or a shorter grip?"
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  7. A 125gr gold dot rated at 1350fps from the factory will run around 1280fps out of a G33 and around 50 fps faster in the G32 4" barrel. A G32 barrel can be dropped into the G33 if the velocity is your concern.

    I shot a .357sig HST into wetpack from my G33, was into the 3rd jug and had a little over .700" expansion at the widest point of the bullet.

    I have both the G33 and G32 but I carry the G33 the most. I'm a big guy and can conceal both but the G33 is far easier to conceal for me and nicer to carry IWB. I carry while I work and bump the end of the grip a lot less on the G33 in a days time. I have the GAP plates on all my G33 mags which helps to get a more secure grip on the gun and a better draw but doesn't add to the length or capacity. I just keep my pinky off the grip, there really is no reason to put the pinky under with the gap plates.

    I still like having both. Depending where I go its nice to have the larger G32 for the bigger grip, longer barrel and more capacity but the G33 is easier to conceal. I'm still going to pick up a G31 to have another option.
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    I have said many a time here that gripping and controlling the weapon takes priority over concealability. But, if you have no issues with that, then take advantage of a weapon that's easier to conceal. :cool:
  9. Again, the diff in size isn't much if you have anything but factory G33 mags in place. I can get 124gr+P to go 1220fps in my G26, so for 30-40fps, I would rather have the 9mm in that platform. The longer bbl takes advantage of the great charge of slower powders used in the 357sig. Since they are pretty close in size, I went G32. IMO, if you can't conceal the G32, you probably can't conceal the G33 in an an IWB holster.
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  10. Yes, if 9mm with the +P or +P+ ammo is your preference for CCW I can't agree more.

    I like the .357sig caliber a lot, and one of the reasons is that the sig starts its velocity window where the 9mm approaches its upper limits which may come into play in certain outlier scenarios. I carry my 9mm loaded with +P ammo about 75% of the time, just to make that clear.

    My reasons for going to the 9mm for primary CCW was my dislike of not having all fingers on the grip with the baby Glocks. That said, all the guff about 9mm being underpowered for self-defense is just that --- guff. And for all I can tell this holds true whether you're loaded with standard pressure or +P/+P+.
  11. one thing I found was that when I picked up a sub glock the grip doesn't feel very secure, but when I fired it I was surprise of how secure the grip felt while fireing one.
    for me I would get a 32 for the 357sig but for the sub I would buy a 26 and use some hot 9mm ammo. when I carry the 357sig round in a sub I use my 27 with a 32 barrel in it for the added velocity. the extra barrel length makes no difference for carrying.
  12. Get them both. Problem solved :)
  13. If that works for you so be it but cannot justify that.

    It doesn't make any sense to me to buy a G32 and then buy a G26 that uses different ammo, different mags, different barrel and etc. So many parts are interchangeable between the G32 and G33 it makes lots of sense to me to own both just in the inventory sense. The standard .357sig is still going faster out of the 3.5" barrel than a 9mm +P or +P+. If you already have other 9mms its not as big of a deal, I've just never a been a 9mm fan.
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    I have one of the earliest Glock 33's. The early 125 grain 357 Sig ammo was rated at 1350 fps from a 4 inch barrel. From the 3.46" Glock 33 barrel it go about 1250 fps. It lost about 100 fps. Some of the newer 125 grain 357 Sig ammo is rated at 1375 fps and 1400 fps from a 4 inch barrel. It will go about 1300 fps from the Glock 33.

    9 mm and 40 S&W seem to lose less from a shorter barrel. I have a G23 I have been thinking about buying a G32 barrel for but the newer 9 mm ammo runs pretty fast. I also have a G26 and a G19. In the G19 the 115 grain +P and +P+ loads are faster than the 124 grain +P and +P+ loads. In the G26 the 124 grain loads go exactly the same velocities as the 115 grain loads. The 127 grain +P+ Winchester load goes 1246 fps from the G26. The Federal 124 grain +P+ load is nearly as fast at 1237 fps. The Speer 124 grain +P load is right behind it, around 1200 fps. The Winchester load shows signs of overpressure but the Federal load does not. For whatever reason, the 115 grain +P and +P+ are no faster than the 124 grain loads in the G26, even though they are faster than the 124 grain loads in the G19.

    The 357 Sig has a lot of muzzle blast in the G33. I still carry the G33, but mainly because it is what have been carrying for years. I think I will buy a G32 barrel for my G23 but I like some of the current 9 mm ammo too.
  15. You can buy after market 9mm conv bbls for either & use 9mm mags & shoot 9mm in either. I have bbls in 9mm & 40 for my G32. I can then shoot any service caliber I can find in a SHTF scenario.
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  16. Yeah I already have .40 barrels mainly because the .357sig work in .40sw mags and vise versa. If you buy a G26, G19 or G17 you obviously do not have that option. Another reason why I went with the G33.
  17. barth

    barth six barrels

    I've got a G27 with an extended 4.16" dual ported barrel.
    My understanding is that the 357 Sig round
    is generally standardized at 125 gr and 1350 fps from a 4" barrel.
    Winchester Ranger T-Series 1350 fps
    Federal HST 1360 fps
    Speer Duty GDHP 1350 and 1375 fps

    Chronograph data I've seen looks like ~1300 fps from a 3.46" G33.
    So you're talking ~50 fps.

    You really don't need to struggle though.
    The G32 4.02" barrel will drop in and work fine in a G33!
    Plus you can use a G32 holster and enjoy the short grip for carry.

    I've got G23 4.02" 40 and a G23 4.02" 40-9mm for my G27.
    Along with my G27 4.16" extended ported Isonite QPQ 357 Sig barrel.
    You really can have it all...

    I am Barth Six Barrels and I approve this message:
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  18. when i bought my G32 i also had a G26 and G27 (and some others). i was debating on getting the G33 to go with them but didnt shoot those quite as well as my 23 or 19. Grabbed the G32 and it was my favorite Glock that i ever owned. sold all my baby glocks. then everything in .45acp. then all glocks except the G32. that may be the only one i regret selling.
    if i were to ever own another glock it would the G32.
  19. The G32 by far. However, as mentioned, you can get a G32 barrel and drop it into a G33 and get G32 ballistics. I have even got extended barrels for my G32's. Barrel length makes a difference with the 357 sig.
  20. You nailed it, man... That's the route I'm taking... a G33, because I can make the 33 bigger, but I can't make the 32 smaller. I am thinking the 33 will work great for CCW, either IWB all day, or in a pair of gym shorts and pocket holster to run to the gas station. I can (and will) put the 31 or 32 barrel in for when I carry it in the woods, and I can use the 31/22 magazines with it. I really think it'll give me the best of both worlds, with only a small amount of money added.

    As for 9mm, well... .357 Sig starts where 9mm is maxing out.

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