.357 magnum out of short barrel

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  1. I just picked up a ruger sp101 with a 2" barrel. I love the gun. Anyway, after looking up some simple ballistics info, it appears that a good .357 mag load really shines out of a longer barrel. The short barrel doesn't allow the round to meet its full potential. It appears that 124gr +p gold dots are more effective out of my glock 26. Any insight would be appreciated.

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  2. More effective, measured how? My sp101 still gets 1250fps+ w/ factory 125grJHP. Can I hit better w. my G26 & 124gr+P, yes. So easier to get good hits w/ yes, the G26 is more effective. Try the 145grWSTHP, makes 1150fps out of the same gun & seems easier to shoot than the hot 125gr. Expansion is good too. That or the 158grLSWCHP+P 38sp is my carry load.

  3. i was thinking in regards to energy. Some .357 loads were rated at almost 600 ft lbs at the muzzle. Where as the 124 +p gold dot is around 410 ft lbs at the muzzle. Im not sure what to make of it all.
  4. Berto

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    Even from a snubby, a good .357mag load will trump 9mm. The trade off is blast and recoil.
    125gr @ 1400+fps
    158gr @ 1300+fps

    You won't get that from a short 9mm and very hard pressed from a longer one with 124gr.
    Forget heavy bullets.
  5. Berto

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    Energy is one of a whole bunch of factors in determining what is 'effective'...and well behind 'placement' in any measure.
    That's one potential big advantage with the G26, they are generally much easier to get fast and good hits compared to a magnum snubby.
  6. i don't know what .357 loads can throw a 125gr at 1400+fps out of a 2'' snub. i have clocked many out of my 640 2 1/8'' and the best i ever got was 1260 fps from corbons.
  7. i would like to see this load also [600 ft lbs.] out of a snubby.
  8. Mid 1200's is what I would expect from a full-power 125gr load (like Remington SJHP's) out of a snubby. Clocked some myself many years ago. Not bad, but the recoil as compared to a hot 9mm maybe 50+fps less is not worth it IMHO.
  9. 125 gr gold dots in my sp101.
  10. Yeah, but you are not even sniffing those vel numbers in a snub. Some 4" guns, maybe.
    125grXTP factory loads go 1270fps in my sp101, same load goes 1350fps in my 4" M27 & 1445fps in my 6" M686.
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  11. Berto

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    Those are Buffalo Bore, they actually are more than that taken from a 3" J frame, plus some 100fps subtracted for the assumption of a 2" snubby. And a chronograph.


    So yeah, you can get that from a snub.:supergrin:
  12. Well, I would have to see my own chrono testing. I have yet to get manuf vel in specified barrel lengths. When it comes to ballistics, you can not assume anything.:dunno: After all, they are selling a product, it better get hyped up to get you to pay the price for it.
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  13. Berto

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    True, but BB has been pretty good about making the numbers they advertise.
    I know it's top end .357mag too, not typical big box stuff which is watered down, IMO.
  14. glock2740

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    I agree. 125gr Gold Dots out of my SP101 are definately more powerful than 124+P Gold Dots out of my G26. I get twice as many rounds with the G26 over the Sp101, but that's just the difference between a semi and a revolver.
  15. My SP 101 has the 3 1/16 inch barrel. Buffalo Bore really does run the 357 Magnum at the upper end. So does Double Tap. For penetration the 180 grain BB hard cast is one hot load. There is no way any 9mm load is going to match this one. The DT 158 grain load with the Gold Dot bullet is another 357 Magnum out of a snub that really shines. I do not think any 147 grain 9mm load would be even close. I have a really good handload with the Speer 158 grain UniCore that will give the DT load a good run. Again these are some pretty hot loads. Plus the SP 101 is a very tough revolver. Heavy weight loads are no problem in the SP. When you look at the better 125 grain standard factory loads the bullet design is hard to beat for SD. Lots of exposed lead to help with expansion. Quite a few of us like the old Federal 125 grain JHP in the 357. Not sure about the velocity out of the 2 inch but I would trust my life to this load.
  16. Usually for ft-lbs in a short barrel, you'll want to go with the heaviest bullet since it doesn't have the barrel length to keep burning and pushing a lighter bullet to its highest speed. Depending on what you want to do with it in the real world, it will affect your actual choice. Hardcast, JHP, etc.
  17. GreyEclipse

    GreyEclipse TheGreyEclipse

    That's the cost of concealment.
    But don't worry, it'll get the job done so long as you do your part.
  18. Depends on how much BANG & BOOM you can handle. Want a load DESIGNED for snubbies? Check out Federal/Speer's .38SPL +P. It's easy to shoot and designed for those 2". Want more? Go heavy 158 or more with any premium hollowpoint GoldDot, Ranger - check DoubleTap.

    Glock 26 - 147Grain HST, Ranger, GoldDot, Saber. Look at the ballistics in the LAW Enforcement sections on manufacturer's websites.

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