.357 for Whitetail deer?

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  1. I don't know if you reload or not, but they offer bullets in 170 & 180 grain as well...I use a JSP 158 for deer in Oklahoma just fine, but I don't shoot past 50 yards. I would not use a hollow point ( I have, and deer died, but long trail and didn't pass through) just my experience...good luck & as mentioned, shot placement is key

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  2. One of my best friends uses an 8" Dan Wesson with a scope for whitetails. Shooting 158 grn hp's. Says they never go more than 30-40 yards.

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  3. If you've been a responsible and successful bowhunter you should have no problems with using the .357 Magnum for whitetails. Stick with 158 grain or heavier loads and keep your range under 100 yards (or the range you can consistently keep all your shots on a paper plate), whichever is less!

    Also try to stick to broadside or mildly quartering shots, (no steeply quartering or lengthwise shots)!
  4. I agree with this above... Treat each shot as if you were shooting and arrow, but with the option of double the distance if the shot is clean and ideal..
  5. My deer hunting tomorrow will be done with a 6" S&W 686. I am using Federal 180 grain hard cast hunting loads.
  6. Use the 357, and be ready to potentially need to make a follow up shot. I've taken a doe @ 50 yards with a 180gr XTP 10mm pushing the bullet along at 1300fps. I figure you can get the job done with the 357 Mag and a hot loaded 158 SP so long as you make a good hit on the vitals.

    Handgun hunting is fun, and is a rich hunting experience when you make your first harvest with one. I've been debating on whether I want to get a 44 Mag, or 454 Casull for a dedicated hunting revolver. I figure I can load them down for practice or just use 44 specials or 45LC's depending on what I end up with. I think I'd really prefer the 454 Casull, but handloading components are so much cheaper for the 44Mag....
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