.357 for Whitetail deer?

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  2. Corbon had 357mag 180 JSP ammo that did wonders on hogs. So a 6" bbl 357magnum should be more than enough for VT-WT deers. You can find numerous of loaders that have this ammo or similar available


  3. I've shot several deer with a 4 5/8" Ruger Blackhawk .357 loaded with 158 grain JHPs over 296. Good shot placement makes 'em just as dead as the ones I shot with my .308
  4. Get a glock 10mm model 20 sf and load it with underwood ammo in the 180-200 grain bullet loading and have at it! I have shot deer with a 45 1911 at 50 yards and it only took one well placed shot. A 357 is a bit more powerful and should be fine if that's what you want to roll with I would load it with a mid to heavy weight bullet and make sure its accurate.
  5. I would use a 158 grain JSP or 158 grain Gold Dot in the 357. Double Tap has a very good loading running 158 grain Gold Dot. The 180 grain CorBon bonded JSP is another good suggestion.
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    357 is not marginal for deer. Keep your shots vital and the deal is done.

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    OP, I assure you that a 4" smith with 180gr JSP's or 180gr HC or 200gr HC bullets all work well, and kill deer in 357mag. One of mine is a 4" Smith 686.

    Go have a good time and shoot straight. Dang, they even work great out of the 3" Ruger SP101 with 180 HC bullets. (my hand loads).

    Good hunting!

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    .357 is perfectly fine for deer. I suggest a 180gr WFN cast bullet. If you are a handloader and need a few to load, I can cast some for you.
  9. Even in new york wich has tons of stupid laws/regulations we can use any center fire hand gun. thats saying something about other states! lol
  10. I would certainly say that allowing people to use a .32 acp is a sign of intelligence
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    I wonder if anyone has been successful with a 25ACP

  12. It's really a better varmint round. It's OK for women and young shooters with an experienced hunter along who has a .32 in case it gets nasty.
  13. We have that same regulation here in louisiana, and something needs to be done about it... There should be a little more effort put into deciding what is acceptable and what isn't... Let's just think that a pocket .25/32acp is legal with a 2.5" barrel, but a 20" .22 long rifle is illegal -- ridiculous...

    Now back during hard times of my previous generations, many of my elders in their younger years would skirt the edges of their own large vegetable/fruit gardens with a light and pop deer with .22 caliber rifles... This was for meat obviously, but also to protect the decimation of the harvest and these shots were mostly less than 50 yards and straight to the head... These earlier generations grew up with rifles in the hands from grade school, were very good marksman... Ammunition wasn't plentiful and not wasted, and from what I've been told the shot-to-kill ratio was nearly 100% given the scenario and advantage to the hunter...

    The only saving grace is that the vast majority of hunters here use a solid choice of caliber on their own accord, which leaves most of the wounding threat coming from lack of marmanship and judgement that can't be regulated I'm afraid...
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    I know of a guy who killed one with a .22 LR pistol, according to all sources (poaching, out of season, close range). We used to kill hogs with a single shot, 22 rifle. In Africa they kill elephants with AK's and FMJ ammo. Any caliber will do at close range, against something standing still.

    My cousing who killed one with a 4" .357 used all his ammo (12 rds) - about the same way they kill the elephants with AKs.
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    Having seen deer killed with a 22LR, I will tell you shot placement is key.

    I don't think it can be done with any 25ACP I know of without just unloading into the deer.
  16. I have a .22 right at hand here that has killed more deer than any other gun I have ever laid hands on. It fed my family during the depresssion.

    Night, flashlight, shot placement.

    I don't recommend the method nor do I practice it myself.

    I still wouldn't try it with a .25. Although I have always though a .32acp carbine would be kinda cool:whistling:
  17. I've been on the road for business, so I haven't checked this thread in awhile. Thanks for all the additional input. I'll reload some JSP and head to the range before gun season.

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  18. 357 mag is plenty. Shot placement is key just as it is for most rounds. Practice is your best friend. Learn your limits and stay within them and you'll be fine.
  19. In my experience, .357 Mag is excellent deer medicine. I would limit my ammo selection to 158grain softpoints, and make sure any shots were well within my capabilities with the wheelgun, and then wrap the backstrap medallions in bacon, skewer with a toothpick, and grill till perfection!
    Many hollowpoint designs will kill fine, but will not exit, leaving you with slight, to nonexistent blood trail. Good Luck.

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