35 year old businessman shot dead!

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  1. So is the gun ban effective????
    This plus mega mall incident. More to come!!!
    This will be a long 4 & 1/2 mos


    MANILA, Philippines - A Chinese-Filipino businessman was shot dead in broad daylight in San Juan City on Monday.

    Police said that a lone gunman shot dead Kelvin Tan, owner of construction company KT builders, at the corner of Ortigas Avenue and Madison Street in Greenhills.

    San Juan City police chief Superintendent Bernard Tambuan said that Tan died from seven gunshot wounds.

    Tambuan said that based on initial investigations, Tan withdrew P800,000 from China Bank and handed the money to his friend's bodyguard on board a Starex van.

    Tan had just boarded his parked vehicle in the area when the lone gunmen approached and shot him several times.

    According to witnesses and based on a footage of a CCTV camera installed at the area, the shooter was wearing a violet long-sleeved shirt. After shooting the victim, the gunman casually crossed ortigas Avenue and walked to a waiting motorcycle driven by another person.
    Nation ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

    Tambuan, meanwhile, said that police investigators are looking at business rivalry as the possible motive behind the shooting.

    He said that crime scene investigators found the victim's personal belongings intact.

    The shooting followed the daring heist at nearby SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City on Saturday night.

    Three gunmen hit a jewelry store on the upper ground floor of the mall, which was then packed by customers.

    The gunmen, whose faces were caught by the mall's surveillance cameras, escaped with the loot.

    The incidents happened even as the police is implementing the Commission on Elections' gun ban

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  3. sigh... :( we're sitting ducks to this :( even if you were "armed" after you've defended yourself... your still in deep crap for illegal possession :(

  4. yes very effective!!!

    sa mga outlaws
  5. itch

    And according to DZMM, the PNP said that the Gun ban is indeed effective despite the "Isolated" crimes that has happened. What the... Wake up guys!!!
  6. And politicians have bodyguards. Oh well.
  7. smoothisfastmanila

    smoothisfastmanila packn'Thunder

    Pls take note, per COMELEC Resolution No.9561-A, provisions have been made to exempt disbursing officers, and persons handling large sums of money on a habitual basis frm the 2013 Gun Ban ICOW National & Local elections. The said COMELEC Resolution is downloadable frm the COMELEC website. Kindly review w/ your counsels if you are legible to submit an application for exemption.

    Also, pls take note that crooks often defy any Gun Ban. However, if crooks are caught armed during this period, the effect of punishment is far severe.
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  8. PNP is afaik not really pushing for the gun ban naman diba? it's just they have to enforce it since it's the law, law na pakana ng Comelec.


    Anyway, may info ba if Kelvin had a PTC? If he had one then we can argue that he surely was rendered defenseless because of the ban.

    We need to find the stories that will help our cause.
  9. may gun ban ba sa Davao City?
    mababa ang crime rate dun
  10. smoothisfastmanila

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    Furthermore, due to the uniqueness of the situation brought in by the election period, Law Enforcement Agencies and Military are under the direction of COMELEC.

    Pls refer to COMELEC Resolution No. 9589 and Memo No. 52 signed by Exec. Sec. Paquito Ochoa on Jan. 9, 2013.
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  11. smoothisfastmanila

    smoothisfastmanila packn'Thunder

    Gun ban is enforced throughout the country. Lalo na sa mga urban centers (i.e. NCR, metro-Cebu-Mactan Island and Davao City).

    Sa Marawi City pa lang this quarter, in one incident - may kakahuli na apprx. 15-assorted firearms (HPR & GL) via checkpoint. Walang firefight na nangyari. Surrendered agad yung mga armas sa gov't forces makatapus i-para yung Fortuner na walang plate number. all FA's confiscated in this particular incident had no appropriate documentation while in the hands of the apprehended individuals - in effect violating the Gun Ban.

    So mga kapatid. Ingat lang po lagi tayo. Lalo n ngayung election period.
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  12. of course gb rin sila.

    but even when walang gb, mas mahigpit enforcement of gun regulations...for instance even mil/leo not allowed to carry inside public shopping spaces, unless pulis ka na beat mo talaga ang sm ecoland (woohoo for you. naka aircon ka brod)

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