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329 Night Guard

Discussion in 'Smith & Wesson Club' started by skidplate, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. skidplate


    Jun 25, 2009
    New Jersey
    329 night guard 2 1/2" barrel. Does anyone have one? Or have they shot one? I'm wondering how it handles. Is the recoil all that bad? I like recoil, but would I be able to put 100 rounds through it at the range and still be able to drive home? Any help?
  2. G33

    G33 Frisky! Millennium Member CLM

    May 29, 1999
    With G29
    Have the 325....45 acp.
    It is brutal.
    Want the 310...10mm.

    The 329 has to be aweful.

  3. jdeere_man

    jdeere_man CLM

    Feb 25, 2007
    NW Missouri
    I have a 3" steel-framed RB 44mag Smith and it is a handful. I put SB grips on it and that helped.

    That 2.5" 44mag would be a beast!
  4. Danny Reid

    Danny Reid

    Sep 11, 2005
    No experience with the Night Guard, but I have shot a 329PD...I can only assume the Night Guard would be very similar

    And yes...the 329PD hurt!! It wasn't even particularly fun with my light handloads.
  5. DustyJacket

    DustyJacket Directiv 10-289

    Oct 16, 2008
    Missouri, East of KC
    I would shoot .44 Specials in it.

    I had a 5-shot 44 back in the 1970s. It was light weight and nice with rubber grips and highly accurate with specials.

    No way I'd shoot full-house magnums out of it...
  6. MSgt Dotson

    MSgt Dotson

    Sep 30, 2006
    Hold out your hand, ask a friend to smack you with a baseball bat in the web of your hand. Less expensive, similar feeling....

    .44 Mag and '26 ounces weight' do not really mix...

    Neither do .357 mag and thirteen ounces weight. (340PD)
  7. hedrok


    Dec 9, 2005
    northern ohio
    I have a 327 TRR8 357/38 and love it. Recoil is ok with either 38+p or 357mag. I also have a 325 Thunder Ranch 45acp that is a little too much for me. I like the gun, the balance, moon clips, accuracy, "6 for sure," all of it...except the recoil from one handed shooting. The really short barrels might be a different story on the accuracy out to 35-50 yds. My 325 is for sale on this forum for that reason...otherwise, it would be a keeper.
  8. Historian

    Historian NRA Benefactor Lifetime Member

    I'll let you guys know on Friday...I just bought one. :supergrin:

    I have a 629 with a 3 inch barl...and it's a handful with the right loads. With specials it's not bad.
  9. jdeere_man

    jdeere_man CLM

    Feb 25, 2007
    NW Missouri
    Awaiting the report!
  10. Historian

    Historian NRA Benefactor Lifetime Member

    I'll wear roller skates and fire rapidly. We'll see if I can shoot and retreat at the same time. :supergrin:

    Really, for a proper test I should get some Barnes Copper solids or some 300+ grain .44s and a doctor to splint my hand. :supergrin:
  11. MSgt Dotson

    MSgt Dotson

    Sep 30, 2006
    The 629 weighs 41 ounces....

    The 329, ...only 27 ounces...
  12. Historian

    Historian NRA Benefactor Lifetime Member

    Yeah. Should pack a pouding for the shooter. My bet is specials are the best load for it...and that's why I bought it. I wantd a .44 special.
  13. Brent10mm


    Apr 6, 2009
    Spo, W.A.
    love my 329PD 4"

    and the recoil...
    come on guys, its not that bad. :dunno:

    my dealer looked at me funny when ordering it, and asked if my wrist was still intact the next time in, I just laughed and said, "yep :supergrin:, love the gun!"

    Off the top of my head my loads are;

    240gr lead @ 1300fps - target
    240gr GD HP "+"
    300gr GD uni-cor @ 1150 fps...:wow: 4 the big tooth critters

    but the beast is probably
    200 gr GDHP 44 spl @ 1700+ fps... can you say muzzle flash!
    SD load to end em all.:shocked: