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31b military police

Discussion in 'US Army Forum' started by adam101, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. i dont post much but i am on here pretty much everyday to check things out, i just signed my papers and am goin in to be an mp, im shipping to fort lenaord wood in MO im very excited but nervous. any other mps on here? ill be in the WI national gaurd when i graduate about this time next year.
  2. Bravo-Four

    Bravo-Four 11B3PB4

    Oct 20, 2005
    Im not an MP, but I just wanted to offer you some words of encouragement by saying, don't be too nervous. You are obviously motivated if you just signed up! Just stay that way. Focus on the day at hand, and every day you tally up is just that much closer to graduation. You will be very very happy when it is all over with, trust me, its crappy but its also some of the coolest times you will be through. Good luck, just stay motivated and you will have 0 problems.

  3. RENEA

    RENEA Black Rifle guy

    Mar 9, 2005
    Stay motivated , listen to your NCO's and work on PT and Common Soldier Tasks. Everything else will take care of itself. :thumbsup:
  4. eyesnorth


    Jun 9, 2004

    Former MP here. For short time at least.

    PM me if you have any questions.
  5. GlocknAK


    Jan 17, 2000
    Congrats on the career choice. Learn what you can about basic stuff like rank structure before you go. It will help keep you off the radar a little.

    It's always, "Yes," not, "Yeah," when speaking to the cadre. NEVER say "Sorry, Drill Sergeant," when you've screwed up and are apologizing. The response will always be something along the lines of, "Are you calling me a sorry Drill Sergeant?! I'm a sorry Drill Sergeant? Do pushups until my arms are tired!"


    Its not that bad. Remember, the cadre is just going to try to push you in order to expose you to stress and see how you react to it. Stay tough.

    31B can be a great MOS. It has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. The different missions make it pretty easy not to get too bored with what you're doing. If you wind up working the road, it gives you a lot of authority. NEVER ABUSE IT. Those are fellow Soldiers that you are responsible for both protecting and policing. They signed up to make the same sacrifices you did, and even if they have just met you because they screwed up, you should not forget that.

  6. thanks i just got back from MEPS today and got a ship date of sept. 20th. i passed everything with flying colors and now i just have to get my security clearance.
  7. RENEA

    RENEA Black Rifle guy

    Mar 9, 2005
    God bless and thank you for your service to this great nation.:thumbsup: :patriot:
  8. bwcaw


    Jul 12, 2005
    Yeah, i just got back from ft. leonard wood, aka fort lost in the woods, or fort whole bunch of *******ing rocks.:tongueout: as a newly minted MP. You will find out that MP stands for Mop Pusher while you are there. You will clean things until you think you couldn't possibly clean them any more and then you will clean them some more. There is a lot of really fun stuff too. You get to shoot lots of pretty high speed weapons systems (liket the mk19:supergrin: ) and drive humvees and police cars. You will probably live on the nicest barracks on post (affectionately known as the "starships") and you will learn to hate the "pit". Overall its not a bad time, going in september might suck a little though because you will be there in the coldest part of the year (think negative numbers) and you will also have to go home in the middle of ait for christmas exodus which may or may not suck depending on how motivated you are to come back. Just remember that the cadre is there to train you, not to make freinds, i had some of the best drill sergeants on post in my opinion and they really motivated me to succeed. Its a great time to really learn about yourself and what you can do both physically and mentally. You dig down into reserves of strength you never knew you had and you are able to do things you never dreamed of in your civilian life. The drill sergeants love to play mind games with you though so be prepared to deal with lots of seeming bs while you are there, just remember that even if it seems rediculous, it probably has a purpose, and when you are done and out of there you will see what they were trying to teach you through that. Good luck!
  9. thanks for the posts i appreciate it.mop pusher hey? haha
  10. Penrod

    Penrod Millennium Member

    Aug 26, 1999
    KY, USA
    Retired 95B/C(MP)here. Yes 95B, I'm old school, Army retired me in '92. MP actually stands for multi-purpose. We can do anything asked of us. Not sure how the PC-generation boot camp is but back in the day ('84 in Anniston, AL)it was a blast. Make sure you're in good physical condition and start running daily now, don't wait until you get there and end up in remedial'll lose a hour or so of free time at night doing push-ups, sit-ups and what ever other type of physical pain the DI's can think of. Hope you like T-bones.....and I don't mean steaks. Most of all enjoy it, when you reach 40 you'll look back on the experience with fond memories. Take care. Oooohh, make sure you break in your running shoes before you get there.
  11. walkin' trails

    walkin' trails

    Apr 24, 2005

    Best wishes and God's hand on you in your service. I was never MP qualified (was 11 bang-bang), but I was CO of a reserve MP detachment from '88-90. They were great people to work with. Highly motivated and inovative. Things have changed since then, and have gotten a lot more high speed, as I understand. Its still the Army, however, so expect to experience first hand what "hurry up and wait" means.

    Give it your best and don't quit. Pay attention to your NCOs and watch the backs of the guys and gals you serve with.

    Good luck!
  12. meshmdz

    meshmdz OBAMA 2012

    Mar 12, 2006
    Fort Knox, KY
    Adam, way to go!!! I am in ROTC and am going to branch MP. I cant wait. And the same advice applies to you and it does to me as a cadet and future officer... LISTEN TO THE NCO's and the entire platoon will be more fluid, run more smoothly, and get far more done! HOOOAH!
  13. taco101

    taco101 Son o the hound

    May 31, 2003
    Desert Southwest
    Another old school MP here. E/10 at Fort McClelland 1986. Run a ton before you go. Do as many pushups as you can stomach. Then when you get there shut up and listen. Attention to detail will be your mantra. Figure out just what that means ASAP. Listen to the instruction and do it just like they told you. Those are the grading criteria.

    Don't ever feel superior to the grunts(or any other MOS) and dang sure don't treat anyone like you wouldn't like to be treated.

    Take pride in your job and do your very best. Good Luck Mud Puppy.
  14. eisman

    eisman ARGH! CLM

    Jul 28, 2002
    Moving Target
    My experience at FLW, which ended in Aug 04, was a world away from what you are about to go through. (I was a unit 1SG). However, some things remain the same. It will be hot when you first get there, and rainy. Possibility of a late tornado, but slim. Snow starts in October.

    You will be billeted the entire time (basic and AIT) in one of the newest facilities in the Army. It doesn't get better than that. Unfortunately that means you get the same NCO's all the way through. Don't piss them off!

    Use the time you have to get used to running. MO is hilly, so plan on that. Practice pushups, situps and pullups. Get a light pack and walk at least one 5 mile walk a week.

    When you get to go off post do not go to the hotels in St Robert. Go up to Rolla at a minimum, Springfield is even better.

    Do not HOOK UP with anyone local! The rate for STD's is HIGH! Syph and herpes are 5-6 times the national average. It is not a something you want to take home.

    The Rocking R is the best local club. The rest are SHT! The only strip club worth a darn is the big one up off 44. Don't bother.

    The cabbies will screw you. Make sure you get a group rate, not an individual one. Do not (repeat, do not) stiff a cab driver. If you can't pay, walk.

    Springfield is the best town to go to if you have a free weekend. It's closer than St Louis, and cheaper. If you must go to St Louis do not stay downtown (by the Arch). Stay is the Clayton district. It's a business district and the weekends are their slow time, so you get good rates. The downtown hotels have a major room robbery problem.

    Walmart is the community social center. Everybody goes there. Including your DI's.

    MO is rural. It's also meth central. Be warned. Other things of note include every other driver on the road after 10 pm being drunk, KKK still being active south of post, and stereotypical hillbillies a fact of life.

    Everyone (I mean everyone) local is tied to the military. If you screw up they will let your Commander know. Even off post you will be expected to act appropriately.

    Don't dick with the civilians. Most of them are ex-military. They can make your life miserable.

    Understand that you are going to be the lowest of the low for a long time. Don't worry. You can make it.

    If you get stuck on Post Detail, try to get selected to work at the Motor Pool.

    There are computers available at the post library for your use. They usually don't let you know that. You can surf all you want there.

    The MWR has a good trap and skeet range. When the weather is good you can also get with them for fishing and canoe/float trips on the Big Piney.

    There is a good BBQ / picnic area across from the library by Engineer Loop. It's a good place to have a quiet party away from your DI's.

    Write this down. 596-1927. That's the number for the official dispatch post taxi. You can use it provided you do not go near the barracks, PX, or housing areas. (The trick is to pick a official building near your destination and use that address.) Trainees are NOT told about this. It is much faster than the post bus.

    The second best kept secret is Lake of the Ozarks. You can rent a 3 bedroom cabin there for about $40/a night. There's a marina with boats and jet skis, a general store, swimming, BBQ areas, and a nice resort town(Osage Beach) 15 minutes away. If you really want to live good go there on your free weekends. MWR is your POC.

    Last, don't drink and drive, and don't get stupid drunk within 50 miles of post.

    If you want/need more, PM me.
  15. thanks for your replys everyone, i appreciate this alot.


    Feb 19, 2007
    Hattiesburg MS
    MP Instructor here.
  17. VPR Victor

    VPR Victor

    Feb 10, 2006
    Northern VA
    Good info eisman! I'm thinking about joining the Reserves as a MP after the summer. Best of luck to you Adam!

  18. davidp


    Mar 6, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    thats cool i just got back from fort lostinthewoods in november after osut. i cant wait to go to iraq (just dont tell the girlfriend). just keep your head low and do your best oh by the way i as in foxtrot 795 and if you get stuck in a trailer park dont complain youll have it really nice.
    i was there just as the fight fifth got back from deployment and man could they drink.
  19. RENEA

    RENEA Black Rifle guy

    Mar 9, 2005
    God Bless US Army MP's. :thumbsup:

    I sure miss serving with you guys.
  20. FatBob


    Mar 25, 2004
    I was an MP in the Army as well.

    I was stationed at FLW from 1997-Dec 1999, and then again in Jan 2001-Jul 2003.