.308 semi-auto rifle. Help me choose.

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by pokersamurai, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. LMT ar-10 is a little more expensive but is an amazing rifle, but you can't go wrong with the M1A standard length or shorty.

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    Colt used the SP moniker for a year or so, now they're back to using LE like they have for the last several years. It has nothing to do with you, just how Colt lables their rifles. Look at Colt's current on-line catalog for confirmation.

  3. +1 on this, great rifles and a little handier than the standard M1A
  4. I was unaware of this information and thanks. I wonder why they are back to using the LE marks for these. That will be fine with me as it will match my other Colt LE. :cool:
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    I say LaRue OBR 7.62. My best friend has an FNAR and it is far from a tack driver. It averages 1.5" groups at 100yds with GMM. The OBR is a reliable, sub MOA .308.

    Edit: both wear Leupold 6.5-20 MK4s.

    I can't speak on that particular M1 but I have the Super Match and it is really accurate and REALLY heavy.
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    SCAR 17S has my vote. Mine quickly became my favorite rifle. Light, accurate, reliable, and ergonomical - no other gun offers all of these in the same package. It is almost like having a 7.62 in a 5.56 form factor.
  7. You guys are torturing me with your SCAR 17 talk. I originally wanted to purchase the SCAR, however, none of my local shops have them and the ones I've found online go for $3000+ delivered. Also from what my dealer told me the .308 SCAR magazines are harder to find than the Holy Grail. But you just cant argue with the SCAR's performance and style.:supergrin:
  8. I'm tired or looking for a 17S so I am having a Christensen Arms 308 made for me, instead.

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  9. Look into Larue or LWRC
  10. You can get the SCAR 17, or you can get something that isn't as good.

    I have owned all of the common 7.62x51 battle rifles at one time or another. My SCAR 17s is the top of the food chain.
  11. Springfield Armory M1A Loaded by all means.


    It is one helluva an accurate rifle.
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    My 17S was 2734 total (for everything). I bought it 3 weeks ago. I since easily obtained 5 spare magazines, while they cost more than retail, I didn't pay an excessive amount for them. They are out there if you look hard enough.
  13. Here is something that is totally off the board.

    This is my 1993 KMC (now KAC) SR-25 Match/Mk11 Mod 0


    With the 24" Obermeyer barrel, this easily shoots .5MOA @100 yds. It is, by far, the most accurate rifle I have.
  14. Between the FN and the M1A, I would highly urge you to get the full sized M1A. Classic lines. Easy take down, maintenance is a breeze, new military mags are commonly available for much cheaper than the FN.

    Just like jrs93accord said, one helluva accurate rifle. :)


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