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30-S extended slide release?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by tager, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. tager


    Feb 4, 2010
    Having a difficult time finding an extended slide release for a (2013 build) 30-S.

    Anybody know the proper (Glock) extended slide release for the 30-S ?

    In looking at the stock (non extended) 30-S release it looks very close to the ones removed from my G-19 & G-22 but it is very slightly different in how it clears the .45 case.

    Also the stamped number on the back of the 30-S slide release lever (30783) is definitely different than the numbers stamped on the back of the G-19 & G-22 stock release.
  2. Hondo341


    May 10, 2013
    I see where glockmeister has one. You can see it in their "essential kit". Seems like you could get the slide stop only.

  3. In official Glock "speak", we are talking about a "Slide Stop Lever" or an "Extended Slide Stop Lever."

    The most recent Glock parts list I have access to (Rev 62 / April 2013) does not list a regular or extended slide stop lever for the 30S - in other words that part list does not address the 30S at all. It does cover the Gen 3 30 / 30SF and the Gen 4 30 for the regular versions, but nothing for an extended part.

    Not all Glock pistols have an extended slide stop lever available in the Glock parts world. For instance, the Glock 36 does not. But fortunately, a Glock 19 extended one that has had the "tab" that is activated by the bullets in the mag modified to have a better fit with the 45ACP bullet nose works like a champ.

    Hope you find something that works - I really like an extended slide stop lever on Glocks.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2013
  4. tager


    Feb 4, 2010
    Morning NewportNewsMike

    Official Glock talk is a-- "Slide Stop Lever & Spring Extended".

    So I called Glock this morning & had a good talk with Tec Support. Glock's (official) response was/is that Glock offers NO extended "Slide Stop Lever & Spring Extended" for the 30-S.

    Couldn't get any other info out of them except that both the 7496 & 1034 could cause a malfunction under some conditions with some bullets.

    I don't have a 1034 here but do have a couple of 7496. The 7496 does fit but looks very slightly different on the tab that the magazine contact & pushes up.

    The 7496 does easily clear my normal 185 & 200 grain hollow points & flat nose bullets but is mighty close to the 230 grain military ball. In fact if I push the magazine over to the left as far as possible I can just get some (very slight) bullet contact between the 230 grain bullet & that tab.

    I see Tango Down says their extended release will work in the 30-S but I have no idea if that has been fully tested or just a "will fit" situation.

    I'm not sure what I am going to do here, I do have some choices. I might try a 1034 just to see if that gives me more bullet clearance. Other option is to just grind a little off the tab on the 7496.

    I really like the Glock extended on my other Glocks so the Tango Down design doesn't do much for me.

    Other choice is to just leave the stock 30-S standard lever in the gun as that narrower 36 slide actually makes the stock one accessible & usable as a slide release (without gloves on though).
  5. These pictures are not directly related to your 30S quest: they show how a Glock 19 lever had its "tab" re-shaped to function very nicely in a Glock 36. But the concept is the same.

    The photos show a regular (not extended) lever, but I used the same process on an extended lever for this same gun. It took two attempts to get the tab just the way it needed to be - first time through I stopped a little soon and still had some pre-mature (i.e. mag not empty yet) slide lock backs. But once I got it right, I have over 600 or more rounds without any problem.


  6. tager


    Feb 4, 2010
    Afternoon NewportNewsMike

    Thanks of the feedback.

    That was kind on my plan--to seat a 230 grain ball to max OAL + just a bit, then modify (grind) the extended lever tab to just clear the bullet with the mag held all the away to the left.

    I seldom shoot 230 gr ball but don't want to have the thing going into early slide lock-back should I ever have to shoot some 230 gr ball that runs to the long side of nominal.
  7. tager


    Feb 4, 2010
    Afternoon Mellow45


    That Vickers Tactical is about (or is) the same as the Tango Down (I think they developed it together).

    In any case, I want the rearward extension so I can flip it with my thumb without altering my grip.

    On the 30-S, that uses the narrower 36 slide so the stock slide release effectively sticks out farther so that part is pretty good, it's the rearward tab that I want.
  8. mrsig

    mrsig mrsig

    Jul 17, 2011
    I ordered an extended slide stop lever from Glockmeister last week and tried to install it on my 30S. First of all it did not fit well and it was very difficult to get the pin back thru. After an hour or so on working with it I did get the pin thru but the lever did not fit flush against the frame and listed to the inside. When I re seaded the slide I manually had to push the lever to the left so the slide would slide past it. Then when trying to rack it it locked back both with a mag insertrd and also without the mag. Finally reinstalled the factory original.

    Called Glockmeister CS and he went and talked to their gunsmithing dept and came back and told me that they may have to engineer this part as it as there is a different lever for the 36 and a different one for the 30SF and no one is quite sure if either is the correct one . Mine was for all glock double stack .45's SF which is the part they told me was the correct one when I called before ordering. I guess this gun is neither fish nor fowl.

    Any one else experienced anything different?
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2013
  9. scosgt


    May 25, 2011
    Awright lets cut through the BS.
    The 30S is a G36 slide on a G30 SF frame. Period.
    The Extended stop for the G30 fits and functions perfectly.
    I know, I put one on.
    You don't need a 30s specific part, all the frame parts are 30SF parts. Period.
    Just get the one for the G30, which indeed does exist. I don't recall what I ordered, it may be the standard three pin stop.
  10. tager


    Feb 4, 2010
    Afternoon mrsig

    I have kind of given up on an extended release for my 30-S.

    I really didn't need the extended one to RELEASE the slide as the 30-S has a narrower slide so the stock release sticks out past the edge of the slide & I could get my thumb on it to release.

    I originally wanted the extended to make it easier to lock the slide back but the more I use the original the better I am getting at locking it back in one smooth motion.
  11. scosgt


    May 25, 2011