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  1. Recently got a Rockola M1 Carbine since my dad was a tanker in WWII. I also have his 1911.:cool: I want to reload for it and have done a lot of research. Looking for first hand thoughts on either Berry or Extreme 110 gr. bullets. If not then your recommended bullet of choice. I am aware of pull down bullets and powder and may go that way after the holidays. Thanks for your suggestions.

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  3. In my opinion an many others the 110gr soft point is far better than the fmj if you plan on hunting or using it for a SD situation. When I started loading for my carbine I found some rem. soft points for the same price as fmj and bought a bunch. The cost was the same so it was a no brainer, and they are more accurate than store bought.

    Good luck, and have fun with that carbine.

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  4. Even more cost effective than plated Cast bullets,I have been using them for the last thirty five years. SJ 40
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    What NJL said, I just loaded 500 rounds of them over 14.7 gr. of H110. It makes for a good round. Got to order 500 more,
  7. FYI the local LGS had some LilGun and some Speer 110 gr FMJ RN. I loaded up a few @ 4.1 gr and they pretty well duplicate Remington factory loads. Function fine and crony as I said similar to Remington factory 110 gr. May not be my final load But I at least proved proof of concept. lol
    Thanks for the input.
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    4.1gr of what? I suspect you dropped a leading 1...and it's H110 or W296?
  9. njl, It's in my post. The powder was Lil'Gun. According to the Hodgdon published data the starting load for 296, H110 and Lil'Gun are all 14.0 grs. Pressure shown on the Lil'Gun was slightly lower so I tried that.
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    Ah...I missed the LilGun part...but was right that you'd dropped a 1.
  11. Yep, Dropped the 1. Been thinking of too many pistol loads. This was my first "rifle" load.
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    I first loaded 30 Carbine many years ago for both an M1 Carbine and for a Ruger Blackhawk revolver. Back then the maximum load in the Winchester load guide was 14.0 grains of W296 with a 110 grain bullet. That load worked great but created a lot of flash from the revolver. The maximum H-110 load was 15.0 grains and it worked well also and was of course flashy like W296. So then I tried IMR-4227. When got vclose to the maximum load the cases would stick in the Blackhawk's cylinder. Even with 15.0 grains of H-110, the cases would just fall out of the Ruger and the velocity was higher than it was with IMR-4227. My favorite powder for the revolver was Accurate #9. It had little flash and gave good velocity. Years later Hodgdon sold surplus commercial ammunition powder that was called H-116. It was the same as old, discontinued W680 and the factory ammunition load used 16.0 grains of it. Accurate A1680 is a bit slower and I'm not sure I've seen any A1680 load data for 30 Carbine, and it may be too slow. The 15.0 grains of H-110 gave the highest velocities, even from the revolver. I backed off the load to 14.0 grains, which gave very good velocity and maybe extend the case life a bit. It was also easy to empty the Blackhawk cylinder with that load, but I preferred A#9 for the revolver due to the flash with W296 and H-110. I never did try H-4227 but sometimes I wish I had. I didn't really expect it to be much better than IMR-4227, but maybe it would have been. I tried 2400 and maybe HS-7. I knew when the pressure was getting up near max due to sticky cases in the Ruger. Full loads of W296 and H-110 never stuck. A max load of A#9 could get close though. A bit too close for my liking and I backed it off slightly. Velocity was disappointing with IMR-4227, even with the sticky case max load. Ramshot Enforcer is similar to A#9 but I've never tried it in 30 Carbine.

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