30-06 Whitetail Cartridge

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by superspud, Oct 30, 2012.

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    TBO Why so serious?

    Some here use the Barnes all copper bullet, they don't complain about excessive copper.

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    Straight copper with a blue plastic tip (if you get the ballistic tipped instead of hollow point). I haven't noticed any copper fouling. My patches also don't have any of the green color that would indicate copper being left in the bore. They actually shoot A LOT cleaner than the factory loaded Federal Premium Sierra GameKing I used to hunt with. FWIW, I am using IMR 4064 and Federal 210 primers with the Barnes...not sure of that makes any difference with regards to copper fouling.

  3. I've been hunting whitetailed deer in the southeast U.S. for 33 years. Briefly I used a .243 Winchester Model 70. I decided I wanted a little more power/bullet weight so I went to the .30-06 Springfield. I've not used anything else. I have used this round in Ruger and Remington rifles as well as surplus military rifles specifically 1903 and 1903-A3 rifles as well as M-1917 Enfield rifles. I have used this round in M-1 Garand rifles. Results have been superlative.

    Whitetail deer are not heavily boned. Even a large buck will seldom weigh more than 200 lbs. in the southeastern United States. I have used bullets in weights from 150 to 180 grains. I've settled on the 150 and just about ideal. I've not ever had a problem with inadequate penetration using a Remington or Winchester 150 gr. .30-06 load. In fact, I've not ever recovered a bullet as it always goes in one side of the deer and out the other side.

    The last deer I shot was hit just in front of the left hip. The bullet rakes up through the deer and exited out the right front shoulder. The bullet was a plain Jane Remington 150 gr. Pointed Soft-Point (PSP). The distance was 181 paces using a Smith Corona 1903-A3 rifle with the standard iron sights.
  4. When I hunted with 30-06 for deer I really liked the Federal premium loaded with the 165 grain Sierra. It would expand, not explode and go through both sides of the deer at every range I shot. I had bad experiences with the ballistic tips when they first came out with bullets blowing up. Killed the deer but lost a lot of meat. I am a shoulder shooter because I don't like chasing deer. I understand the ballistic tips are tougher now, but I just shy away from them.
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    I guess that it helps to know deer anatomy if one is going to hunt them.
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    went hunting out in west texas over the weekend and wanted to report back to this thread. I was set on a Hornady Interlock 165gr but ended up going with the tried and true Remington Core Lokt in 165. It was considerably less expensive and ive heard decent things about it.

    I assumed spotting duties most of the weekend but decided to take a doe toward the end of the day. We spotted one walking toward the top of a ridge so i sighted it in and fired. I didnt realize exactly how far away it was at the time, i aimed at his head because it was walking but the bullet hit on her front shoulder dropping her immediately.

    as it turns out, it was a little over 300 yards away once we walked it off, i was pretty impressed.

    as most of you have stated, the 30-06 is more than enough caliber to take down a whitetail. most of the guys who were out with us were using a .270. The 165 Core Lokt made a clean entry and exit, didnt really blow any part of the deer apart leaving the meat intact.

    thanks for the help :)
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  7. Zombie Steve

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    We want pics!
  8. Congratulations!! I'm glad everything came together for you!! Awesome!

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  9. superspud

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    no pix unfortunately. was actually a little too excited to even remember to take a pic lol.

    rookie mistake.
  10. SCmasterblaster

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    And I want to use my 12-ga Mossberg M500 with slugs. :cool:
  11. What does everyone think about 30-06 loaded with 125Gr Hollow points loaded to about 3100 fps.

    I've got some land that I have access to opened up to rifle hunting and I am curious if that would be a good white tail load. It seems like it be plenty of power, but I am alittle concerned about it doing to much damage to meat. I figured I would check with you guys
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    Sounds like a good load for wood chucks, coyote and other varmints. I think the bullet will come apart very quickly on a deer. I think it would make quite a mess and not penetrate well.
  13. If a deer is standing broadside to you, shoot it just an inch or two behind the shoulder. You want to get close to that shoulder, but not hit it. Too far back and you got guts and a wounded deer with a lot of tracking all day and the next day. Hit that shoulder and you are going to ruin meat.

    Up and down (meaning vertically), your shot would ideally be below the middle of the body, about 2/3 the way down from the top of the deer's back. But a center hit vertically would be fine, too.

    Just do NOT do a center hit left and right (meaning horizontally). The bullet will be too far back of the vitals. Instead, very important to get as CLOSE to the shoulder as you can without actually hitting the shoulder.

    What you want, in my opinion, is for both lungs to be blown through. You want a hole through one side of the ribcage near the shoulder, and out the other side of the ribcage near the shoulder. When you gut the deer, the stomach and intestines will be intact, and the lung area be a bloody mess. And all the shoulder meat will be untouched.

    If you hit the heart, great, but that sits just a tad low and forward, kinda partially blocked by the shoulder and elbow. When I say "shoulder", I'm including the shoulder bone that goes all the way down to the elbow.

    When the deer isn't directly broadside to you, it gets harder. You have to change your point of aim so the bullet draws a line through th inside of what I've described.

    Personally, I say just wait for the perfect broadside shot. Bowhunting teaches you that.

    I'm not sure why anyone takes crazy ass shots at deer. I guess they are so desparate to shoot. Hunt the darn thing, get it into that perfect broadside position, then place your well aimed shot.
  14. dkf


    For deer you are better off with a bonded pointed soft point with that weight bullet.
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  15. OK that is sort of what I was thinking. I've got a bunch of corelokt, fusion, and hand loaded sp, and sierra game kings in different weights between 150-180 grains
  16. SCmasterblaster

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    So true!
  17. That's the thing about those Core Lokt bullets. They just plain work, and usually cost less than some of the latest and greatest you see advertised all over the place.
  18. my .30-06 is the Remington 760 that was my dad's before his passing...

    for decades, his 'standard' load was the Remington Core-Lokt 150gr pointed soft point; when his shoulder couldn't take the recoil in later years, I had a Limbsaver recoil pad fitted and switched him over to Remington Core-Lokt 'Managed Recoil' 125gr pointed soft points...less perceived recoil than 150gr .30-30 in the Marlin 336 I owned at the time

    if I use his rifle, I will stick with the Managed Recoil ammo since the rifle likes it alot :cool:
  19. And you still got more velocity than an AK :)
  20. unfortunately I can't find the original mags to my dad's Remington 760 (and the replacements I ordered @ 2 weeks ago haven't arrived yet), so if I go out for PA's firearm season I'll be toting my Savage 111G in .25-06 and the load I've got sighted in for it is Winchester Super-X 90gr positive expansion point: http://www.winchester.com/Products/...-X-rifle/Pages/default.aspx?c=25-06+Remington (a bit light, but I stocked up and have 7 boxes of it -- and I'm on a tight budget right now to stay afloat)

    the alternative is using my Benelli Nova 12ga pump thumper (using the 2 beads on the rib for aiming) shooting Brenneke K.O slugs: http://www.brennekeusa.com/cms/ko.html

    or Brenneke Tactical Home Defense slugs: http://www.brennekeusa.com/cms/l_tactical_home_defense.html

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