+3 extensions from MAX100

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by DeltaNu1142, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. I'm having Choate custom make +2's from my 590A1 18.5 that fit flush with the end of the barrel.

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  2. GJG



    apparently lied to again.......

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  3. DeltaNu1142

    DeltaNu1142 Glock talker

    This surprises you?

    I emailed the detective about 2 weeks ago & unfortunately haven't heard anything back. I'm out $65 and far too much time chasing it down.
  4. GJG


    not in the least.....pissed??? oh yeah......not surprised......
  5. mtnfan

    I received my 7 shot mag extension kit from choate and it extends over the barrel. Nice kit but I am looking for flush fit for my 590 A1 18.5 ". Any advice on the custom + 2 ? I am thinking the vang + 1 might be the only option. Please let me know how the custom from choate works out.
  6. mtnfan, send me an email at Boeydafunk@hotmail.com
    interested in a pic of the extension and might be interested in taking yours off of your hands
  7. Still waiting to hear form Choate.
  8. GJG


    lies even when he must know he's in the hot seat.......what a guuy.....
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  9. I've been pretty silent on this, but I'm also in the same situation with Craig Prince, Gun Connection, Max100 whatever you want to call him. (OK, I know, there's a lot more you want to call him lol.) At this point I look at it as a $65 investment in trying to make sure no one else gets burned by this guy.

    Anyway, my timeline...
    I ordered an extention for my 590A1 on June 15th, 2010, with a 2 month delivery time quoted by Craig, still don't have it or a refund.

    I've got the emails of all the excuses & lies, along with the last one, which is similar to emails others of you have posted, sent on Nov 2 2010...

    From: CRAIG PRINCE [mailto:GUNCONNECT@prtcnet.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2010 9:20 AM
    Subject: 590 Short Tube<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" /><o:p></o:p>

    <o:p> </o:p>
    I have your extension ready it's going out on Thursday by First class mail. I will email when it ships. I have not taken anyones money and everyone will get their extension


    7103 HWY 101 N
    GRAY COURT SC 29645<o:p></o:p>

    I haven't heard from him since.

    Courses of action...
    1) Filed a complaint with the BBB. They closed the case with "no response" from business so at least that's on file now.
    2) Filed a complaint with USPS, since I paid with postal money order & maile it. Once a complaint is initiated they don't update you at all.
    3) Forwarded all the info I had to Det. Galarza at the Sherrif's office there.

    There's been a lot of debate as far as Craigs "intent", but the fact is, it's all irrelevent, simply because the actions speak for themselves, he is a blatant liar. He's obviously aware of the situation he created, and yet still has not only defrauded numerous people of their money, but continues to lie about it repeatetively, pathologically.

    I posted here cause I have a few Glocks & like the board, but if anyone on all the other forums where they are a member & this has come up & would like to cross post, feel free. I really don't want to join a bunch of boards just for this.

    If anyone in the same situation would like any other info I'll gladly share what little I have from this.

  10. Just saw this post. I've also been ripped off by Craig. I ordered a Norinco 2+ extension back in April and was told it would take a month to make. He kept telling me he'd ship it out until about June when he stopped responding to my emails. This guy is a POS! Do Not Buy Anything from him!
  11. GJG


    there are enough people scattered around different websites for him to to be considered a Felony Enterprise !!!!!!! seriously.....
  12. nolt

    nolt DONT PANIC!

    anybody gotten anywhere with this?
  13. DeltaNu1142

    DeltaNu1142 Glock talker

    My post count is going up as a result of starting this thread... otherwise... nothing.
  14. GJG


    May you have a very Merry Christmas, Max100
  15. DeltaNu1142

    DeltaNu1142 Glock talker

    ...on our dime. Buy your kids something nice.
  16. I also was a victim of MAXSCAM100. Sent money in May, never received product. I just ended up buying a Choate extension and had it cut down. Now just waiting for DuraCoat.



  17. So, does anyone know of someone who makes & sells these in real life?
    Can we get details? It looks like this is going to be Plan B.
  18. I originally bought a +2 Choate extension for a Mossberg 835. The threads are the same, but the extension will go past the muzzle break. 835 is chambered for 3.5" shells, so automatically it will be longer. I took the extension to a machine shop. The guy cut the extension and made me a cap from aluminum on a CNC lathe. (the cap was supposed to be shorter, but he kinda' messed up the initial cut.)

    The extension came with a different follower and spring. The hi-vis follower was binding up in my tube, so I used the original Mossberg one. Works flawlessly. The spring is going to have be cut. I think I took around 5 inches of the spring. I just kept snipping little by little until I was able to fit 7+1, which is maximum capacity for a Mossberg 590(a1) 18.5 barrel.

    Aluminum can't be blued, so I'm waiting for a painter to DuraCoat/Ceracoat/whateverCoat the whole SG
    Good Luck
  19. I also have a 18.5" barrel on my 590A1, looking for an extension. Anyone know of one that will work?
  20. DeltaNu1142

    DeltaNu1142 Glock talker

    I'd appreciate it if this thread were limited to discussions on the GT user that took everyone's money, rather than general Q&A about mag extensions.

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