3 case ruptures BVAC ammo.

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by BamaBulldawg, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. So I bought 500 rounds of BVAC to shoot in my Delta Elite. Ammo came in a bulk pack loaded in Armscor brass.

    I take it to the range, bang, bang, BOOM! The slide is held back, I felt some particles hit my face and realize I had a case rupture. After inspection I realize I'm fine, the guns fine, my magazine is trashed, but maybe it was a fluke....

    Load a 2nd magazine. Another one ruptures....
    Load it again, same thing.....

    So 3 of the 9 shots out of a 500 round box of ammo explodes. Something ain't right.

    Thinking it might be my gun I load a hotter load, Winchester Silvertip 175gr. And run through 20 rounds with ZERO issues. Definitely an ammo problem, weak brass apparently.

    Has anyone had good or bad experiences with BVAC and their Armscor brass 180gr's?

    I have pics on my iPhone I can email if someone will post for me. Thanks

    Also, I have contacted BVAC so we will see what they do. Currently quality control is deciding on what they want to do. I didn't have the lot number for them because I unload bulk ammo into MTM cases to keep a round count easier.

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  3. wow, that's troubling as i just recently placed an order for 1000 rounds from bvac.

  4. I bought through cheaper than dirt, what about you?
  5. I placed a special order through BVACs outlet store for "full strength" 120fps 180gr JHP ammo.
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  6. _The_Shadow

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    It would be helpful if you could post pictures of the blown brass cases...that would give beter insight into the issue. If you like you could e-mail them to me...

    _shadow_(at)bellsouth.net Just replace the (at) with the @ symbol...

    I can post them here afterwards.
  7. I Looked at the Delta Elite But liked the G 20 much better so i bought the Glock. I'm glad i did this thing has not skipped a beat.

    I have used countless CTD BVAC cartridges and have not had a single problem out of my G20... in fact I think they are a great range cartridge.

    You might want to buy a dependable Glock :dunno:
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  8. here's the pic:

  9. bama, please post up the response you get from bvac!
  10. G33

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    Gun causes bad ammo?

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  11. 10 fan

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    Does it say armscor on it? I have shot 8 or 9000 rounds of the BVAC 180gr. FMJ from CTD (Listed as 1200fps,chronod at 1050) Half the brass is top brass,other has 2 stars with a line in between them. I ordered 1000 rounds from the outlet store ,have shot 300 with no problems at all and it chronod at AV 1197fps. Also friend got 500 of the same and it shot perfect in his new G20,I chrond it at AV 1196 and AV 1199 (10 rounds each) all top brass as with my new batch. :cool:
  12. This is why you don't shoot re manufactured ammo. People just don't get it.
  13. 10 fan

    10 fan 10 fan

    All of the ammo I bought from them is New, Never shoot reloads. At $175 + shipping for 500 at 1200fps why shoot reloads :cool:
  14. The BVAC I used was underpowered, severely so (as someone already stated). They all had Starline brass, new brass.

    Since the 10mm isn't all that proliferated, finding used 10mm brass isn't an easy task. So aside from local reloaders selling at gunshows, more serious reloading mfgrs (need high volume of brass) are unlikely to use them.
  15. I dont think this is remanufactured ammo. BVAC generally gets good reviews from what I've seen. All 500 cases say "Armscor". This was supposed to be 980fps target ammo.

    Like I said before, nothing wrong with the gun, it shoots Winchester silvertips just fine, without even a hint of bulging.

    This ammo is just loaded in cheap brass apparently.

    BVAC wants me to send the ammo back to inspect on their dime. We shall see...


    It clearly states "produced in Montana using reloadable brass, and NEW top quality components."
  16. Yeah, I was thinking this would come in Starline brass so I could reload it. Kind of surprised me to see it loaded in Armscor. Maybe they just reserve the Starline for their 1200fps ammo?
  17. Can a DE fire while "almost" (but not quite) in full battery ? Well lubed ?

    May be a severely underpowered ammo would not cycle the slide entirely, so it didn't come back in full battery a small percentage of the times.

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  18. 10 fan

    10 fan 10 fan

    Does the Starline brass say starline or is it marked with 2 stars with a line between them? Thats what half of what I saved is. :cool:
  19. Yes well lubed and in perfect firing condition, it shot 20 winchester rounds after this happened on the same day without a problem.

    No it can't shoot prior to full lock up, firing pin wouldn't line up with primer until gun is fully locked up. It's not the gun.
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  20. Right. Gotta play charade a little. :)

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  21. Not the gun. I'm saying the ammo has less power to cycle the slide properly, if that is possible.

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