2nd Gen Glocks at Rogers Cabelas.

Discussion in 'North Star Glockers' started by Devils7, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. HI!

    Was at Cabelas in Rogers a few days ago. Looking around in the gun museum. Came across a 2nd gen G21(AWE) and 2 G20(BRC). Terrible prices on them, Way too expensive. I must say the G21 looked nice. Thought I would give a heads up if someone is interested out there.
  2. just curious what were the prices?

    If you're looking for used Glocks in the Metro take a look at Streichers in Golden Valley.

  3. Prices were around 499 and upward.

    I been to Streichers myself. I was curious can they sell the refurbished glocks. I know they can not sell the new factory ones because glock has a deal with them that they can only sell to LEO.
  4. Streichers can only sell new Glocks to LE, but they can sell used to anyone who wants one. I'm not sure about factory refurbished.
  5. Another update.......G21 must have sold. They have plenty of 2nd gen G17 and G22, one 2nd gen G23. Also they had a 2nd gen G19(BCM###).

    G20 are 519 and 569.

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