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  1. Where has all of the 25-35 Winchester ammo gone? Is it that popular?

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  2. SCmasterblaster

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    Just what is it?

    I just looked it up in Wiki. It is a medium-powered rifle cartridge.

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  3. smokeross

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    I have it all. Goes with the half dozen .25-35 rifles I own. Also have the dies, a pile of brass, and hundreds of bullets. Shot my first deer with a .25-35 in a Winchester carbine in 1966.
    The .25-35's look nice right next to the .219 Zipper.
  4. SCmasterblaster

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    What a rich gun culture we have here in the USA, despite who we elect as POTUS.
  5. The .25-35 killed one of the largest Grizzly Bears ever found in the continental US.
    For that reason alone, a Winchester 94 in .25-35 is on my "must-own" list!
  6. The ammo seems to be unavailable at the moment; just wondered if anybody knew where it was in stock.
  7. Some S&B which is quality ammo.



    "Boutique" ammo company


    This is a cartridge that would definatly be a good one to setup to reload for. The ammo companies make runs once in a blue moon.
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  8. Thanks dkf

    I looked at ammotogo a few days ago and they didn't have any in stock at that time........off to go order some.
  9. SCmasterblaster

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    said that it took seven rounds 0f .25-35 to down the grizzly bear. :shocked:
  10. I will avoid hunting bears
  11. SCmasterblaster

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    Good idea. The article didn't say if the big bear charged the shooter of not.
  12. I shoot 25-35. I would not use against a grizzly even out of something belt fed. It is a good cartridge to reload. Its ineffeciency makes it interesting, that along with the accuracy.
  13. SCmasterblaster

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    Heh heh heh heh,

    belt-fed .25-35! :cool:

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