2400 in a mechtech

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  1. has anyone tried it? I know its a little slow for the 10, even with a 6" barrel.
    will the mechtech give it enough room to build up a head of steam with a 200gr or heavier bullet?

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  2. It is possible that it will, but I would be cautious trying it. Have you tried AA#9? That will probably be the hot ticket; fast enough to get going but enough powder (gas!) to keep that bullet accelerating down that long tube. You There are lots of good loads on here as well as factory data to go off of. At 12.5+ you are already at a compressed load with a 200 XTP & AA#9.


    Accurate Arms 3.5 Data (current as of 7/2013)
    Primer: WIN WLP
    Powder: AA #9
    COAL: 1.250
    Bullet: 200 HDY XTP
    Start: 11.3 1,030 FPS
    MAX: 12.5 1,170 FPS (37,000 PSI)

    Most recent Hornady data:

    Powder: AA#9
    COAL: 1.260
    Bullet: 200 HDY XTP
    Start: 9.7 (850 FPS)
    10.3 (900 FPS)
    10.9 (950 FPS)
    11.5 (1000 FPS)
    12.0 (1050 FPS)
    12.6 (1100 FPS)
    MAX 13.2 (1150 FPS)

    Hornady MAX is +0.7 grains higher than AA data, use with caution and work up to this level.

  3. AA#9 is great, its my prefered powder for heavy lead, but its hard to come by around here right now, 2400 is plentiful
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  4. Unfortunately the current powder situation is pretty bad! 2400 is similar in burn rate to AA#9 on the charts, but we all know that there are certain characteristics not explained by relative burn rate. Alliant lists data for 2400 and the 180 gr. GDHP (12.8 max). My guess would be to start around 9.2 grains with the 200 XTP and work up being extremely cautious knowing that you are in uncharted territory.
  5. #9 is a bit faster in practice. That being said, I doubt 2400 will do much for you. I am betting that you will need more case capacity to get enough powder to do anything. I have some, but never saw a reason to use it, as the charge weights for a .41 Mag with a similar weight bullet won't fit in a 10mm case. With a 10mm you tend to be restricted to faster powders, as they are the only ones energy-dense enough to do anything. For the most part, the powders that produce the best velocity in a short barrel are the ones that will produce the best velocity in a long one.
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    Just use a piece of 3/8" brass or aluminum rod, or wooden dowel, with your seating die. Or, spend $50 on a die that does only that.
  7. It's an interesting idea (in a long barrel) but I would definitely err on the side of caution when firing these loads at first. In theory it should be fine but stuff like this has a way of showing us how wrong our theories really are. :)

    Use a dead rest and a string! (or at least a good leather glove and mask!)
  8. There is a guy that posts as Clark on a couple forums that does multiple powder compression stages. He gets twice or more powder in the case than you get by dropping it in. It is doable, just a lot of work and not really something you will find data for. He is the one that welded up a semi-auto barrel to completely remove the feed ramp for more support, as he was running 60k psi + with all the extra powder in the case.

    Just for a data point, I get 300fps gain in a rifle barrel with heavy bullets and a Magnum case w/ a max load of H110. Expect less of a gain with a Mag charge of 2400, and less than that with the amount that will fit in a 10mm case. Using lighter bullets would help those #s, as there would be more room for powder.
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  9. Im going to try to find a pound of AA4100/Enforcer. Its almost as dense and a little slower burning than AA9, should be awesome in the mechtech
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