.22 TCM in a Glock 19 / 17

Discussion in 'Lone Wolf Distributors Forum' started by wganz, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. wganz

    Any updates on this that you can share? Still waiting on the .22 TCM ammo?

    IIRC, Sarco advertised that they have some ammo for sale if that helps.

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  3. We got our .22TCM 1911 in , we are just waiting on the shipment of ammo, we ordered a case but it hasn't shown up yet.

  4. Any news on this yet?
  5. Funny enough we haven't even shot the 1911 version that came in.. I'll try to shoot it this week.
  6. Just went out and shot the gun.. lotsa muzzle flash, no real recoil, kinda loud.. pretty cool gun. We'll look into more of the conversions for Glocks. It'd have to be in a large frame glock 20/21 though since its a long cartridge.
  7. wganz

    Any possibility of getting a 153mm or 168mm length barrel to get the max velocity out of it?

    You know that I'm going to have to get G21 now. :faint:
  8. We arent' even sure we are going to do a conversion but if we do we can look at different barrel lengths.
  9. I got a G20, so I am still interested!!!

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