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.22 Rifles, best in 2 categories

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by BenjiEDF, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. BenjiEDF


    Jun 15, 2012
    I'm interested in experience based testimonies, not if I had X amount of money I'd do this... (I don't really care what your dream gun is). Let's hear it:

    I'd like to evaluate the choices I have made and see what others have to say. Optics or accessories are part of the discussion too.

    Category #1: Extreme Accuracy for bench-rest shooting at 50 and 100 yards.

    I've got a CZ 452 Military Trainer fitting this role now and it's ok. Extremely accurate and awesome iron sights! but I can't have my cake and eat it too, the European stock SUCKS for the cheek weld with a scope. I'm looking for a scoped rifle that can hit a quarter 10/10 at 50 yards all day long and this is the best I've found for the money.

    Category #2: Backpacking or light weight plinking gun, varmint/tactical or whatever floats your boat.

    I've got a 10/22 Takedown fitting this role now and it's ok too. I dislike the stock sights and can't find any aftermarket ones I like that much. Sights are my only major complaint with this gun, trigger sucks... compared to the CZ but that's not a big deal in this category.
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  2. #1 you can't beat one of the Anschutz target rifles. The 50 meter targets 10 ring is less than half an inch. With proper ammo they will hold the x ring which is half that size. Yes consistently shoot 5 shot groups at 50 meters of 1/4 inch.

    #2. My light weight woods .22 rifle is a TC Contender pistol with a 10" octagon barrel and a 4x Leopold scope.

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  3. Check rimfirecentral dot com for all things 10/22
    Invest in a reccommended trigger job and THIS might
    meet your #1 requirements!
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  4. #1. Although I have avoided contracting the bench-rest affliction, I suspect there's a reason Anschutz continues to be the rifle of choice at the highest levels of rimfire competition.

    #2. I prefer a rifle that's faster into action than a take-down. For that reason I never really considered Browning's .22, Marlin's Papoose, or the newest Ruger TD to be ideal. A folding stock and 16" barrel are nearly as compact, and my choice would be a 10/22 receiver with TacSol or Volquartsen lightweight barrel, and a good trigger (I prefer re-worked factory, but there are lots of options up to and including a replacement FCG from Tony Kidd). Folding stocks are available from AGP, Butler Creek, Choate, and Blackhawk.
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  5. For competition you might find a .22 based on the Martini style action to be worth considering.

    As for backpacking, one of the Savage/Stevens rifle/shotgun over-unders might be useful. Various combinations from .22LR/.410 up.

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  6. Bow Commander

    Bow Commander

    Mar 23, 2010
    For #1 I can't recommend a 54 actioned Anschutz enough. I'll let others more experienced with your #2 requirements comment.
  7. jtp0828


    Dec 6, 2012
    #1 I shot was my 1935 marlin 81dl bolt as far as accuracy goes. I love beating the anschults lovers with it, did it today! Will literally do 1 shot holes at 25 yards and 1/4 at 50 bagged.

    But the 10/22 trigger in my opinion can be made into a killing machine with lots of mounting options. I own a plethora of them and all shoot X at 50 yards easy. Good optics is key at that range. I spent 2000+500 for rings...but if you can buy a few bug holes in the X I say do it. Got a few bulls but the standard ugly barrel shoots just about as good! But the trigger HAS to be done. Otherwise it ain't worth it.

    All what you want. Optics are fun...but peeps at that range work just as good. Target aperture, and at 50 groups look the same. Hope that helps

    #2 also goes to the ruger. 4.5-12x50 lrt Leopold and larue rings. Squirrel killer at all ranges and its really light. Also...if your gonna hunt or backpack...look into a .22 target pistol. They are 1/4 the weight of a rifle and some will shoot as well as one at 35 yards +++!!! Much easier for hiking.

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  8. CanMan

    CanMan Silver Member

    Jun 15, 2012
    in flagrante
    #1 Winchester 52D
    Anschutz 54
    Remington 40x

    #2 Ruger 10/22
    CZ 452 American
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  9. mac66

    mac66 Huge Member Millennium Member

    Oct 28, 1999
    Blue Planet
    Tech Sights will transform any plinker, including the take down 10/22, Marlin papoose etc into a tack driver. It is also pretty easy to polish the sear/trigger parts on those rifles to improve the trigger pull.
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  10. Brucev


    Jul 19, 2009
    Re: OP. Category No. 1. I've had extremely good results shooting a Ruger 77/22. It has routinely shot 10 rounds into less than a inch at 50 yds. With selected lots of ammunition it has averaged right at 1.25 inches at 100 yds. Once when I put a 6.5x20 Leupold on top, I shot some groups of 7/8 inch at 100 yds. firing of course from a solid sandbag rest. Currently the rifle has a old steel tube Weaver Wide-View 2x7 power scope mounted. That is a very nice set-up for either the range or the field. As well it is simply a joy to carry and handle.

    Category No. 2. I've almost always just carried a S&W 18-3 for backpacking or hiking. But if one wants to carry a rifle, I'd opt for the 10/22 Takedown, or perhaps a AR-7. Either would be convenient to pack. If simply hiking, I'd lean real hard toward the S&W 18-3 or perhaps a Ruger Mk. II.
  11. Dodciv


    Mar 20, 2013
    #1 - I own some really good 22s but just don't think of them for 100 yard accuracy. You might consider a Volquartsen trigger kit in your 10/22. Or, just a Volquartsen hammer and spring. You can get that for about $35 bucks and can really improve accuracy. My most accurate rimfire is an Anschutz 1502 that I picked up on sale a few years ago for about $500. It's chambered in Hornady .17 Mach 2 and the only rimfire I have that I would try grouping at 100 yards. Those rounds are a little pricey but easier to find than 22LR these days.

    #2- If you really want an accurate and incredibly light weight 22 take a look at the Magnum Research 1722. I bought one specifically for squirrel hunting. It's basically built as a 10/22 and even uses Ruger rotary magazines. Comes with a pretty crummy polymer trigger housing which I did not like and replaced with a metal 10/22 trigger assembly I rebuilt with Volquartsen parts. That gun is a pleasure to shoot and easy to carry all day long.
  12. vikingsoftpaw

    vikingsoftpaw DEPLORABLE ME!

    Aug 29, 2009
    Willoughby, Ohio USA
    #1 Cooper Arms 57-M Western Classic Left hand .22 LR.

    #2 Marlin Model 39.
  13. FloorPoor


    Jan 27, 2013
    #1 Savage Mark II (mine is a BV model and it shoots TIGHT groups, the rifle plus the scope was about $500) It shoots ragged one hole groups at 50 yards with good ammo. At 100 yards it opens up a bit because of the "trans sonic" wobble. I had some plans to experiment with subsonic ammo at 100 yards, but the supply went to crap before I could stock up on various brands.

    #2 Have you thought about custom fitting a low power, long eye relief scope on the barrel of the 10/22 take down? If you have not ever messed with a rifle in the "scout" configuration you should check it out. It makes it very easy to shoot accurately and quickly, and I think the scope would keep it's zero after breakdown/reassembly of the rifle. I almost went this route, but I bought the Savage instead because I already had a 10/22.
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  14. BenjiEDF


    Jun 15, 2012
    I have a leupold scout scope on my Ruger gunsite scout, yeah I love it.

    *Update* I've installed the Williams "ace in the hole" sights on my 10/22 takedown and put 47/50 shots inside a 3" diameter circle at 50 yards benchrested. I'm pretty happy with that :)
    I almost got the tech sights, which I think are probably better quality (at least the rear sight), but I like the idea of having a base included so I can mount a red dot or low power scope later on. For this category I like the idea of iron sights, kind of like the appleseed shoot type marlins etc.

    This target, all but 3 shots in the 9 ring.
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  15. Actually for me #1 is a Custom Ruger 10/22. Not much left Ruger on this one. It has a KIDD 20" Stainless Match Bull Barrel, KIDD Drop in Trigger Kit, Bolt work done (headspace set, firing pin pinned and the rear of the bolt face radiused for smoother cycling with Standard Velocity Target Ammo). The Barreled Action is set in a Nordic Components AR-22 Aluminum Receiver Chassis Kit and to round it out a AR-15 A2 Buttstock & Buffer Tube with DPMS 1" Buttstock Extension, CAA UPG-16 AR-15 Pistol Grip and Model 1 Sales AR-15 Rifle Length Aluminum Free Float Tube rounds out the package. This one will hold a 1" or smaller 5 shot group at 100 yards from the bench as long as I do my part.


    As per #2 it is still a Ruger 10/22. This one started life as a Compact with the Ruger 16 1/4" Barrel. To it I added a Power Custom Target Hammer and Bushings and an Archangel 556 Stock Kit (which I modified the Free Float Tube on). It is quite light weight and carries quite well.


    The kids also love shooting this one at the Indoor Shooting Range.

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