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  1. Nothing really new. Well armscor now makes a bolt action rifle na 22tcm, meh, what for? novelty i suppose. Also they started making 300 blackout rounds.

    Nice volquartsen rifles kay Jethro (160 grand). He also featured a Glock clone (sort of) called the Tara kaso wala pa samples.

    SUPER CHEAP na orig glock 19 mags (flat basepad) kay advance weapon sys P 1,200 lang, i got ten pcs. Get while you can, i know someone who will pakyaw the lot on the last day of the show.

    Interesting Gamo air guns at Hahn, 7 grand for a semiauto .177 pistol that looks like a Beretta, pwede ba bitbitin ito during gun ban?

    Wala pa ring PRVI na 7.62x39, twin pines jacked up the price and now it's selling for 51 at gun show price kasi 60 na daw isa.

    Colt pistols at 88 grand. Geez. I suppose the feel good factor of marketing still counts for a lot for Mr. Deep Pocketz, baffles me even more when both my friends who got a colt required some sort of fiddling to make it go through a 100 rounds without a hiccup.

    Shooters still making really ugly weapons. Who's the market for these things? Mas mahal pa sa Armscor tapos sobrang rough ng pagkakagawa, parang paltik with serial number.

    I swear one of the girls sa may LNL is a trap.

    The stores got a lot of hired hands who they did not seem to have informed that they would be working a gun show...selling guns.

    I estimate that for every 10 people who came to SMX that day 7 were in the gun show hall and only 3 went to the car show hall.

    BDO atm at SMX was reloaded 6 times that day, good work DSAS sales.

    Twin pines seems reluctant to let you touch their stuff, what with that fence and all.

    Lots of bored wives and girlfriends feigning interest.

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  3. what a horrible time
    I had 3 friends in there we never even saw each other sa dami ng tao
    finally found kydex holsters for the p07 and the shadow
    Frontline from israel , 1950p lang sa countermeasures
    May kasabay ako tumingin from the SAF who was wondering if pwede gamitin both sa match at pang duty ang frontline
    Kanina pako nag dryfire to test the holsters, mabilis naman idraw
    If your reading this, buy it
    Cant beat the price pa

    Really liked the remington 887 nitro
    Hope i'll forget all about it during the gunban :)

  4. I was there the first day. Is it me, there were more people or the place was too small? Parang mas organized nung nasa Megamall o mali lang siguro tingin ko. Parking hmmm madali ng konti pero parang pahirapan din. O may mga kasabay kasing ibang events like car show at kung ano man yung isa sa taas.

    Now with the good stuff, anything new or interesting? Ang hirap magikot. Dami pa ring tumitingin ng 1911s. Only thing that caught my attention was the pocket pistol Sigs at PB Dionisio. Imported ammo, konti pa rin as usual.
  5. I experienced the same thing Allegra, I'm just glad that the Filipino's passion for guns and ammo is as strong as it is.

    Now if only the sellers would truly show the same instead of just simply trying to squeeze out as much moolah from us as they can get away with...
  6. a friend who bought a shadow from the last gunshow, di pa rin nakukuha baril hanggang ngayon
    Ingat sa pagbili mga pards
  7. Re: blackout ammo. Armscor is making them? Commercial na? How much was it? Now that is interesting

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  8. Let me guess, he bought the shadow from a store whose names sounds sorta like "Nazi".

    I don't know how they manage to stay in business with the way they (mis)handle sales.

  9. hehe nope
    it's usually a reliable store , I bought a gun from them a year ago
    the name kinda sounds like countermeasures
  10. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    No photos?
  11. i got heaps, but it's just in embarrassing grainy 640x480.

    Just wondering KS, did you get to read my PM of about two months ago? re: Type 56 4 G26
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  12. ah kay counter, one guy there gave me the laugh of the day when he pointed to the sport tactical exclaiming:

    "tactical yan sir, malakas yan!"

    thank you whoever you are.
  13. pigilan nyo ako!!
    must not give in.....


    ( sorry this pic is from google, but it still looks like PB's display ) )
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  14. Nice! May Remington 887 na pala dito, sino po nagdala? PB Dionisio?

    Has anyone seen carrying the Springfield XDM 5.25 by any shop?
  15. PB has it on sale sa remy booth nila plus mga 1100's
  16. Yes thanks again Allegra, went back to have my licenses updated.

    Re: Springfield Armory XDM 5.25, I saw one in Shooters at 64K including processing. Too bad I don't have the dough at the moment.
  17. That's an interesting take on weatherproofing, forget about the water resistant finish let's cover all metal parts in plastic.

    How did it feel in your hands Allegra? Also looks less threatening (sort of) can be mistaken for airsoft lalo na lagyan ng strip of orange electric tape hehehe.
  18. di ko hinawakan ang daming tao, just looked at it
    Went to PB wanting to look at 870's surprising wala but had the 887's instead
    Looks very miami vice
    I assume it shoots just like an 870 , parepareho lang yan
    Shotguns love me hehe

    Kaso it's another gun I dont need
    Probably a pain in the butt to get a ptt for
    Di rin naman kadalas shotgun competitions
    hehe pigilan nyo ako!!
  19. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    Yup, thought I replied it though, my bad. The G26 is no longer with me eh
  20. Kaiser Soze

    Kaiser Soze Notorious

    Yup, thought I replied to it though, my bad. The G26 is no longer with me eh
  21. More pics...

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