20SF or Gen4?

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  1. Sold my 20SF to fund a toy I couldn't live without, and now I want to replace it. Should I find another like new SF or wait for the Gen4? I have a 21SF and have wanted another 20SF for parts compatability, but since Glocks don't really tend to wear out, it may be a moot point?

    So, whaddaya recommend?

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  2. I have both the G21SF and the 4th Gen G21, as well as a G20SF.

    I'd hold out for the 4th Gen G20! Shouldn't be TOO much longer?

  3. Do you notice a difference between the Gen 4 21 and the Gen3 sf models?

  4. Wait. What?

    I don't know who told you that but they lied. Flat out. Bald faced. Period.

    Anyway, I read a lot. I have found a whole bunch of places where folks relate problems with their Gen 4 pistols. I'd be inclined to recommend waiting until the manufacturer figures out how to make them work reliably before buying one of them.

    Hope this helps! :wavey:
  5. Okay, lemme reword that.

    Since the reliability of a Glock pistol, particularly the Gen3 series, is so high, the need to limit myself to a 20SF only for the purposes of cannibalizing spare parts from/to my 21SF is really unwarranted, thus allowing the option of selecting a perhaps slightly less compatible Gen4 for my 10mm pistol.

    Mo bettah?

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