2013: What have you done this week?

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by G29Reload, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    Kicking it off a little early. So, since we're not quite there yet, what are your plans?

    For me, keeping finances in check. Battening down whatever hatches I can.

    The year of course, and the next several are framed by the fact that a socialist demon who believes his own failed policies is going to reinforce the need to keep prepping.

    While we probably should never stop, if the election had turned out differently, I was looking forward to relaxing a little since upon reflection I started getting revved with prepping after Nov 2008. Funny that. I get the funny feeling preps may be consumed before this is all over.

    Again, its financial. More than anything, and keeping the pantry topped off. I havent bought anything that goes boom since 2008 and am pretty much…no, lost all that in a tragic boating accident.

    I would suggest before the year actually ends that you look into renewing any FAK's since apparently that stupid medical equipment tax kicks in on Jan 1 and is alleged to go right down to tongue depressors. So, if you need to get it, get it now. Even though its only a couple percent I am going to strive mightily to avoid paying anything extra to The Beast for the evil scheme.

    And you? Plans for the new year?

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  3. Stevekozak

    Stevekozak Returning video

    Why do people start these early when there is a perfectly good one for THIS YEAR?

  4. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    Well with only 9 days left in the year, and that this is the PREP forum, its um…good to be prepared? Talking about the year ahead...
  5. I'm also trying to get out of debt. I have just under 4K left in student loans to pay off. I just got a promotion at work so I'm going to devote that extra $$ towards paying off my loans.

    Some items I have in mind for 2013 would be a Aimpoint for my AR, another case of .223 once the price comes back down and more camping gear.
  6. Deputydave

    Millennium Member

    My number one goal is to continue to gain knowledge and experience in self-reliance related areas. I'd like to learn how to hunt. I know how to fish, but haven't done so in quite a while. Additionally, I want to expand our garden and begin learning composting.

    Overall I have a level of comfort in the plans we've made for being prepared for the normal crisis situation i.e. hurricanes and such. I also have a level of comfort for man-made situations. The plan isn't perfect, nor is it complete. But we're farther along than a year ago at this time in both skill sets, experience and fundemental planning.

    What have we accomplished over the year? We have BOB's, GHB's and EDC packs. We have stored food. We have a rain barrel system. We have a garden set up and producing. We have multiple ways to make fire, sanitize water, protection from the elements.

    All in all I'd say it is a good start. My goal is self-reliance because dependence is a poor choice for survival. That along with our faith brings peace of mind and heart.
  7. Stevekozak

    Stevekozak Returning video

    I woke up grumpy. I apologise. Carry on. :wavey:
  8. quake

    Millennium Member

    I can say it now, since my boys won't be checking glocktalk between now and Christmas. ("Boys" is a subjective term; they're huge monstrous yeti-things. Our youngest is 6'2" & in a 14 shoe. Freaks are gonna be bigger than me if they don't stop soon... :dunno: )

    Anyway, got my boys pistols this Christmas. A glock 19 for our youngest; he's not really a pistol guy and while he's used & borrowed mine in the past, he's never has had his "own" serious defensive pistol. This seemed a good time to remedy that.

    The older yeti, I got a kahr CM9. He does have a couple decent defensive pistols of his own - a smith 5906 and a bulgarian makarov - but this can serve him better as his ccw piece. He's been using one of my G26's for a while now, so maybe I'll get that back.

    That, and have been working volume at our business. This is historically our slow time of year, but even with adding another employee last month, we're still barely able to keep up with customer requests. Not a heartening thing for the overall economy imo, since our industry (security and video surveillance systems, primarily) tends to pick up when the economy in general drops off. I try to not be the ambulance-chaser or vulture, but when people genuinely need us, they need us. And lately, they need us more than usual.

    Gun shops and security companies - when we're going gangbusters like this, it's not necessarily a good sign for society in general. I would strongly advise against the urge to panic (as so many now are), but I'd definitely recommend taking a good inventory, sorting, organizing, and finding any gaps that need attention. We may - or may not - be close to the time to stop loading up our ships with cargo, but rather start sealing up the watertight doors. Just one redneck's opinion. :dunno:
  9. TangoFoxtrot

    TangoFoxtrot OIF 04-05

    When 2013 gets here I'll let you know.
  10. Well, it seems that between today and the last time I did organized PT ('97) I seem to have gained a couple pounds. So my main prep goal that is "new" is going to be to lose those pounds, and get back more of my aerobic capacity.. The work around the house and woods has kept me in better shape than many my age, but, 1-2 hours a day of pure workout will do much better. May even get back to Mt. Biking regular.. though I doubt I will be as aggressive as I used to be. Chicks dig scars and all.. but I got a keeper already..

    (and yes, I checked with my DR. before starting a new exercise regimen at my "advanced age". he laughed and said no problem..)
  11. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    Another plan for the year ahead is to reinforce a gun room. re-fit doors solid core, real locks, safe within. Make it general safe room hobby room, secure area.
  12. 2013 Guide to Intrinsic Knowledge and Abundant Awesomeness

    1. Secondary PTZ Video System that links to and is controlled solely in my 'Fun Room'
    2. Double Solar Production/Capacity, install transfer switch for 3 rooms and 2 appliances
    3. Install Modified/Anti-Pick pins in all my perimeter doors
    4. Second deep-freezer, filled
    5. Non-Digital Knowledge collection...Books. I have 1.5TB that is completely worthless if it breaks/no power/stolen.
    6. Candles and making them, I have totally put this off but the better half has taken interest...WINNING!
  13. UtahIrishman

    Silver Member

    Mostly financial plans. If things go as planned should be completely free of debt except for the house by the end of next year.
  14. quake

    Millennium Member

    Just something to consider for any future expansions - for the cost of a single PTZ camera, you can often install 4-6 fixed cameras and actually have better coverage. Not always; sometimes a PTZ is better. If it's up on a tower, or watching random things at long/varied distances, etc, there are times that a PTZ is better. But in my experience (doing this every day for near 20 years now), at least 90% of the time, people are actually better-served by a higher number of fixed cameras for the same cost.

    Basically, every time you're panning, tilting, or zooming the camera to look at something, you're inherently and simultaneously panning, tilting, and zooming AWAY from something else.
  15. In 2012 I have my gun preps where they needed to be and completed my bob and ghb.

    In 2013 I plan to work hard in putting back savings and add to long term food storage.
  16. Got those :whistling:

    PTZ portion is actually just a self made servo design I came up with that costs all of about $20 that I can control via my intranet...it's a beautiful thing. In reality there are 3 spots that I would like the ability to manipulate and zoom in to cover something specific. True words though, commercial PTZ's are not a cheap thing to purchase.
  17. I am retired as of December 31.

    It wasn't easy going through things and disposing of them this year. 38 years of work reduced to 1/2 box of papers. Permaplaqued diplomas and licenses digitally photographed and thrown away.

    The equivalent of a packed two car garage of hobbies, preparations, tools, manuals sold, given to charity and the last going to an older brother this morning when he drives down. The cancer society comes next week for the last large item.

    No, it doesn't mean that I am perfect. It reflects an understanding that part of survival preparations are to cull the gear, cull the projects and get rid of things that no longer work for you.
  18. G29Reload

    G29Reload Tread Lightly

    This is on my list for 2013 also. A solar project. Just had to pull wires for a new receptacle in the kitchen, while I was at it pulled a spare line, runs from attic to basement. Gonna pipe in a solar panel and connect up a battery bank.
  19. I've purchased a safe. I had to remove the door frame to get it into the closet. I'll be bolting it down and reinstalling the door frame. It take some work to get it out. I purchased some really basic 9 lumen LED rayovac flashlights from Walmart. Only 4.50 for 2 lights with batteries. In all my flashlights, I realized that everything I have is super bright and sometimes you just need something basic. They will be on our nightstands. Also added to the water collection and bought some more canned foods
  20. LongGun1

    LongGun1 StraightShooter


    Congrats! :thumbsup:
  21. Deputydave

    Millennium Member

    Good post. Physical fitness should be a BIG part of anyone's 'prep plan'. All the preps in the world won't replace physical fitness. Lots of good ways to train out there; Strong lifts 5x5, P90X, Insanity etc. All it takes is commitment.

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