2013 Noveske Area 2 MG Championship

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    The 2013 Noveske Area 2 Multi-Gun Championship is slated for April 4-7 at Colorado Rifle Club (Byers, CO). This will be a USPSA Level 3 match using Time-Plus scoring. There will be 10 stages and 420 rounds for a match fee of $150!

    This is a shooters match. We don't do flying or flipping clays so you can always verify your scores. We don't make you do circus tricks either. It is a relaxed atmosphere, but we also try to do everything possible so that all shooters can complete the match without dumbing down the challenges. About the only thing we won't test is your rifle skills past 200 yards. It is our way of trying to balance environmental conditions while also letting you still shoot with whoever you want. But don't think the rifle shooting will be easy!

    Competitors will shoot 5 stages on each of two 1/2 days, over 3 days. A Friday/Saturday and a Saturday/Sunday option will be available. Match will be scheduled to conclude by 3pm on Sunday.

    There will be 4 stages with 3 guns, 4 stages with 2 guns and 2 stages with 1 gun with about 40 to 50 rounds per stage. Figure 150 rounds of each gun. Shotgun about 100 birdshot, 25 buckshot and 25 slugs. Max shotgun round count on a stage will be 30. Max distance for slugs will be 75 yards. Max distance for rifle will be 200 yards. The stages won't be long, but they will be challenging and fun like last year. We don't use stage guns, we don't use flying clays, and we shoot slugs standing up. Yes, you will shoot out of a car, but not a tiny one.

    One of the 3 gun stages will be used as the shoot-off stage. The 5 division winners will be eligible for the shoot-off plus high overall category winners regardless of division. If that does not come up to 10, or one or more does not want to shoot, we will fill the shoot-off by random draw. One run for each competitor with the winner being the closest to their time without going faster. Prizes for winner and runner-up separate from the prize table. There will be a separate prize table for each recognized division.

    The Noveske staff will be at the match, which, for some of you will be worth coming to the match alone. MagPul is also going to be involved as are many other great sponsors.

    If you like choices, having fun, and challenges focused on shooting, this is your match. MATCH WEBSITE

    PS. If you missed it last year...here are some things kind of unique to our match.

    ■You will shoot the GT Windmill with 6 clays

    ■You will be shooting the shotgun out of a mid-sized SUV, buck, slugs and birdshot

    ■You will be shooting ClayOreos with rifle

    ■You will be shooting rifle off of 35+" tires from 150 to 175 yards or so

    ■You will be able to transition back and forth between firearms on at least one stage

    ■You will have to decide which firearm is best for some targets on several stages

    ■You will have some shotgun targets that may be easier with full choke or buckshot

    ■You will have the chance to make the shootoff even if you are not a top pro

    ■You will be smiling when you complete our stages.
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  3. waktasz

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    Sounds great. Could you do me a favor and do all that but make it closer to the east coast? Thanks :) !

  4. MarkCO

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    We'll let you start on the Eastern most side of the range. :supergrin:
  5. MarkCO

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    The match staff of the 2013 Noveske Area 2 Multi-Gun Championship would like to express our deepest sorrow at the loss of John Noveske. His contribution to the shooting industry and our sport of Multi-Gun will not be forgotten
  6. MarkCO

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    Stages are complete, squadding matrix up on USPSA.org. Will have some clinics Friday.

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