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Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by saki1611, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. saki1611

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    Here's mine!

    On going...




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  3. wow ganda

  4. Nice mount
  5. WOW!!!

    no comp?! 9 o 40?

    hataw na bro! and see u in Match Vids...
  6. saki1611

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    It's a 9mm, pero yun slide is G22 though nagdadalawang isip ako kung yun caspian slide ko ang gamitin, barrel is a drop-in, threaded lonewolf conversion 40 to 9mm. wala pa comp, bayaran ko muna yun may ari ng mount. :supergrin:
  7. Tumutulo laway ng isang tao dyan!!! Bili na!!!! :rofl:
  8. Ans,meron nagtitinda ng caspian slide dyan sa inyo, meron din kkm barrel
  9. saki1611

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  10. saki1611

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  11. Not a project. Gun purchase for 2012.

    Walther PPQ in 40SW


    With my other polymers.


  12. ess, san mo nabili ang ppq? basa ko sa reviews super ganda trigger nya for a striker fired gun....kamusta trigger nya? compared to a glock w/ 4.5 connector? thanks!
  13. US location ko.

    Trigger pull weight of PPQ (stock) is 6-6.5 lbs (measured with RCBS trigger pull scale). My Glock 22 is 4-4.5 lbs modified DIY with 3.5 connector, some spring changes (could not remember now) and 25 cents trigger job. Trigger feel is almost the same despite the difference in the scale but trigger break on the PPQ is much better, very crisp and predictable.
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  14. oh i thought local ka......thanks for the feedback!
  15. my project this year.....para maka practice cheap hehe.

  16. I wish they sell the upper w/ mag only. I'm sure A LOT of Armscor owners will be interested with getting a kit
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  17. Update.

    Re: Trigger.
    PPQ have longer pretravel, heavier trigger pull on scale, crispier trigger break, shorter trigger reset compared to Glock.

    After spending 2 range sessions with the PPQ, here is my impression.
    The trigger pull is significanly heavier on PPQ. The longer pretravel, trigger break and reset difference are not noticeable. Although the trigger reset of PPQ on paper is faster, the trigger reset of Glock is fast enough that the determining factor in how fast the follow up shot is how fast you can reacquire the sight/ target picture after the muzzle flip/ recoil. Over all I still like the trigger on my DIY Glock 22 trigger just because it is lighter. I hope somebody could post a DIY trigger job on PPQ to at least 4lbs or better.

    I think the biggest plus for the PPQ is the ergonomic. With Glock, my middle finger would hurt even with just 50 rounds. Not the case with PPQ. PPQ is a natural pointer especially for those who are use to 1911. With Glock, I have to tilt my wrist downward. Grip is slimmer. I also like the slide release (I can release the slide while maintainng my grip). The HK style magazine release is not a problem for me but can be an issue to others.

    The only con to PPQ are the lack of OEM and aftermarket parts and cost of the magazine.

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