200gr 10MM H/C for S/D

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by S3lfmedicated, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. is this ridiculous for EDC, even outside the woods?

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  3. Especially outside the woods.


  4. Yes it is.
  5. Well, maybe if you can get the badguys to line up, and not stand in front of a family member in another room.
  6. The 200 grain 10mm bullets weather fired from a 10mm or a 40 cal pistol penetrate a ton 36" or more. I have seen pigs and deer shot with this load(I did the shooting). It flat stops animals. The wound channel is good size and they always exit. Great for hunting. For in town I think a good hollow point is a better choice. There is a load by Buffalo Bore for a 45 that is a 255 gr load that penetrates a ton and leaves a great wound channel(animals not gel). When I leave the woods I take that mag out and put my xtp's in then put the heavy cast bullets in my spare mag holder on my belt. I don't leave home without them.

    I think I would worry more about the bullets that miss there target than over penetration. Just my thought
  7. i appreciate all the input, i think silverado has a good plan that i will follow, which is to carry 220 HC's as a spare mag on me.
  8. No problem. Heck if you ever forget to take the Hard cast out you still have one of the best bullets there is in the gun!
  9. yea but wouldn't they be less lethal on a human because its going to pass completely through without any expansion?
  10. From what I have seen on live animals is they are very lethal. Deer are not that much different than humans. Maybe tougher.
  11. My experience with killing deer with the 10mm is that flat points do more damage, and penetrate a LOT deeper.
    A hollow point slows the bullet down. And if the bullet is going fast enough the hollow point also equals more damage. But my experience with 180gr 10mm bullets is that the bullet is not going fast enough for that hollow point to do more damage than a flatpoint. The wound is a slightly different shape. But I use the flat point because it has more killing damage. I use hollow points to get the bullet to stop in the target.
    The hollow point also seems to cause animals to go down like they have been punched, it would seem reasonable to call that stopping power.
  12. Now I carry one mag of case hardened for shooting big animals or cars, which ever comes first.
  13. You can wait ages for one and then three come along together!

  14. Exactly. Frank nailed it

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