2005 Victory Pic...If Interested!

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by onemangang, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. Go to Victory's site for a teaser of one of the 2005 models.
    I think this may me the one they call the Jackhammer, or something like that!
    Looks shhhweeeet from what I can tell!
    After my other post about Vic's you all may not even be interested!

  2. TriggerRider

    TriggerRider Premium Man

    I don't know what 'other' post you speak of ?........but I enjoyed the link, and can't wait to see the pic of an entire bike !
    This might be the 'cruiser I've been dreaming of ! :cool:

  3. Angel Of Death

    Angel Of Death Wrenches/BMWs

    2300ccs something like 150ph141/ftlbs torque

  4. Angel Of Death

    Angel Of Death Wrenches/BMWs

    guess i should have read a little closer, this thread is about Polaris not Triumph, whoops

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