1st Grip Reduction and Stipple Job

Discussion in 'The SHOT ShowCase' started by ydduit, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Just finished up my first grip reduction and stipple job. I think it turned out nice. It is amazing how better it feels in the hand.

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  3. That looks great, but you forgot to remove the finger grooves from the front strap.

  4. I figured I will shoot it the way it is and see how it feels and perhaps remove the finger grooves later on.
  5. How did you do it?
  6. Sounds like a good plan. I don't like the grooves on the G17, but they don't bother me at all on my G26. I haven't shot the 19/23 sized pistols enough to have an opinion.
  7. My guess would be a soldering iron. That's pretty good man, looks nice.

    I'm absolutely in love with the stipples from bore sight solutions. The big difference you see between their work and what everyone else does, is a "border" around their stipple, to make it look more like a grip was added on, instead of just poking it with fire. I've tried to emulate it in some practice pieces, to see if I can perform work that good without paying the outragious $150 for a grip stipple :wow:

    This was my first stipple. It's the forend of my mossberg 500c.

  8. I used a little Bernzomatic butane pen torch and heated the hump till it was pliable. I then pressed it against a flat surface to flatten the back of the grip out. I used a fine pointed tip (filed it to a sharp point) on the same torch and just went at it untill I got the finish I wanted
  9. Veedubklown,

    Nice job! I like the border too. I attempted the border at first and soon realized that I couldn't make a straight line:dunno:
  10. It takes a REALLY steady hand and going slow with a very fine tip. I filed my soldering iron down to almost a blade, so I could achieve a straight edge with it. My SO was curious as to why some of our Tupperware dishes and plastic cups now had weird "grips" though. I've messed enough stuff up trying to jump on in, that now I practice on stuff I won't mind throwing away first :rofl:

    I don't feel it's good enough for my glock yet though, but believe when it is, it'll be up in the glock porn thread :cool:

    Got some krylon fusion I'm even going to try and do a bit of a pattern after my stipple. Should come out nice.
  11. Serious question, do people who stipple their guns actually shoot them? That stippling on the grip looks like it would make me bleed after a mag or two.
  12. had you got an HK, it would have felt that way from the get go, and shoot better too.
  13. You perform the stipple, then sand the texture down so it's exactly to the grit that you prefer. No manufacturer can give you a grip that fits you that good. It's like a boxer's mouth piece. Sure it works out of the box, but better when fitted. I use my glock 26 for CCW and IDPA. I use talon grips at the moment, but it likes to grap my cover garment and break concealment. A grip stipple I can achieve the perfect balance of grip texture, while it still allowing my cover garment to work with my weapon, not against it.

    Then I'd feel bad about poking my 1k gun with a soldering iron. At least the fumes would be less toxic because it's more expensive.

    Plus, HK's aren't exactly the pinnacle of grip texture either. Most firearms companies tend to err on the side of the average consumer. I live in the desert, grip texture is essential, because anything next to your body gets wet. Trying to hold a wet gun through recoil and still put all rounds on target is ridiculous.
  14. :tempted:

    man I want to do this to, I'm too worried about jacking it up permenantly
  15. Practice practice practice! I found old printers, cups from good will, whatever loose thick plastic I had in the garage was good enough to attack. Keep your tip clean. Hell get a cheap BB gun and try it.

    DOOO EEEEET!!! You'll love it, it'll be yours, forever. Eff the naysayers who talk about resale value and "your holding it wrong, you bought the wrong gun"
  16. It looks very cool.. I have been practicing on some of my Magpul mags.. Still not there yet though..
  17. Geezer Glide

    Geezer Glide NRA Life Member

    You and I agree on this.
  18. Alcoy

    ydduit, looks very good.

    when you did the above process, did it affect the original finish? i would like to get rid of the hump, but keep the original finish on my glock. i heated the a couple of kydex holsters to change the sight channel and the grip cover; but worried about doing it on a gun. the kydex jobs i did, did not look professional job at all. nothing like yours.

    any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  19. Officer's Match

    Officer's Match S.R.D. v

    Nicely done.
  20. Looks pretty good. Congrats
  21. When you heat it, you want to take it nice and slow...don't let the flame get to close. I did not worry about the factory finish as I planned on stippling but I am told that it is doiable without messing up the finish and factory texture.

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